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iPhone’s Tiger Text Application gives Privacy Rights back to Sender


This is a Guest Article by Brandon Gerson from NYC

With the recent launch of the Tiger Text Application for the iPhone (Blackberry and Droid soon to follow), texters can now rest assured that their text messages will only be read by intended parties. This new app allows the text message’s sender to give the message a lifespan, ranging from one minute, to multiple days. After the recipient opens the message, a timer begins a countdown, deleting the message from both parties’ phones and the server upon expiration. Like a modern day Mission Impossible, the messages self destruct, and cease to exist in a matter of moments, keeping the text message confidential.

Most bloggers are relating the application to Tiger Wood’s infidelity. They refer to the scandalous text messages he sent his mistresses, and claim that this product would have saved his tail. Ironically, this app would have prevented his messages from leaking to his wife or the press, but the application is named after the animals which are notoriously difficult to track. As convenient as this app may be for cheaters, Tiger Text keeps all of the text messages sent between users private, regardless of their motive.

I cannot recall a time when I have sent a text message that I wanted retransmitted…but it happens. Whether it is a business idea, a drunken text, spreading gossip, or just a friendly chat, I would prefer my point be understood by the recipient, and the message not passed on.

The Internet has created limitless global communication, and with the social media phenomenon and new startups as strong as ever, the ability share information has never been easier.

With privacy rights constantly being challenged by free speech on the Internet, I am glad that there is finally an application that will prevent my text messages from ever going public.

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