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Press 9 to Reach Customer Care in Tata DOCOMO [TV Ad]


Tata DOCOMO, is the Brand Which always works to Keep things Simple giving a higher priority to its Customers. We Can Always Evaluate the performance of a Telecom Operator by Keeping Customer Care as a Measure. The Kind of Response you receive for your Query, how fast and accurate you get the information, how easily you can reach the Customer Care at Anytime. All These Reflects The Kind of Service the Operator Offers for you….

Tata DOCOMO has gone one step Ahead by Introducing a New Method to Reach Customer Care,, If you are a DOCOMO User, and if you are messed up with some issue, all you need to Remember is a Single Digit ‘9’
.You Can Reach Customer Care Just by Dialing the Number 9 from your Handset.

Here is The Animated TV Ad by Tata DOCOMO with Message Why go through multiple levels to get help? Press 9 to talk to our customer care. Only fair, isn’t it?

[I Like the Sound when it Jumps :)]

To Check how the Service Works I Conducted a Small Experiment on my DOCOMO Phone. I was wondered how this could happen with a Single Digit! I dialed 9 from My Phone, Initially I was disappointed as i had assigned the digit ‘9’ for Speed Dial for some Number. After Switching Off The Speed Dial, I dialed 9…It Worked Like Charm, My Cell Started Displaying “Calling Customer Care” . By then I came to Know by Default Docomo has Added “Customer Care” number 121 in its SIM Card Memory. I Still didn’t give Up!!, I deleted the “Customer Care” contact from address book and then dialed 9… Surprise!, I was redirected to 121 which is Customer Care Number for Tata DOCOMO!! [Nice Work DOCOMO :)]

After The Welcome Message, I Pressed 9 during the Call, and I heard “Please Wait, while we Transfer the Call”!! Cool!! This Works like Charm!
Conclusion: No Need to Press That and This to Speak to an Operator, all you need to do is Remember the Digit “9” in Tata DOCOMO!


Wanna party with the IPL stars??? Tata Docomo *141#


IPL matches witness a lot of drama with some exceptional wins, some tear shedding, awesome wickets and mind-blowing strokes. Everyone gets to watch these moments but only the rare ones get to share the scene beyond the field with the cricketers.

Tata DOCOMO bridges this gap for their consumers and brings to them a chance to party with IPL cricketers every day. The IPL cricketing action ends at 11 pm every day, but the excitement continues @ Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL Nights. What jazzes up the Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL party scene is our cricketers, some foot-thumping music by DJs, celebrities and much more. Tata DOCOMO & MTV lend their distinctive touch to IPL, to make it even more exciting than it already is.

All you have to do is purchase a Tata DOCOMO Daily Pack and answer few simple questions. To check out all the available plans and more details, visit ‘tatadocomo.com/daily-plans.aspx’. Answering the contest question correctly may give you a chance to win passes for about 40 parties across India at Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL Nights. The winners are chosen through a lucky draw. Consumers may join parties at Delhi, Jaipur, Mohali, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chennai and Kolkata. DO remember that the contest ends on 18th April 2010 and only subscribers with a local connection of the represented state are eligible to participate in the contest for that state. So get ready to groove to the tunes and party with your favourite cricket stars. To check out more details visit ‘tatadocomo.com/party-with-ipl-stars.aspx

Choose your Daily plan. Win your chance!!!


Tata DOCOMO CREATE gets Musical


Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform has gained momentum in recent times and respects the power of ‘DO’. Through this platform, TATA DOCOMO wishes to felicitate the individual prowess by the way of opening up its brand to people and asking them to co-create it through this platform.

Tata DOCOMO has now extended this platform to establish a groundbreaking association with their consumers through “Music”. This platform invites talented individuals across India to play with the brand signature tune element of Tata DOCOMO and create various renditions. The participants can re-create, re-compose or remix the Tata DOCOMO brand signature tune into a 30-60 second tune. The result has been a true boon to music lovers. The platform has received over-whelming response so far and the spirit of the ‘DO’ers who believe in their music skills and have the confidence to participate in the CREATE Music contest is admirable.

Recently a music band named “Aurko” from Bangalore, impressed the judges with their creative skills and got an opportunity to perform on the popular show “Music ka Maha Muqabla” at Star Plus. Their entry had come through the CREATE Music platform’s association with ArtistAloud.com. This opportunity was a massive encouragement for other aspiring musicians in India, who might be presented with similar opportunities to showcase their talent through this platform. To hear Aurko’s winning performance, visit ‘create.tatadocomo.com/music.aspx’

Very few brands in India engage with consumers actively and in actual allow them to co-create their brand. Tata DOCOMO is proving to be an exception. Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform is India’s first (World’s first too, possibly) to actually employ user-generated creative messaging in their brand communication.

The last day of the CREATE Music Contest for the Online platform is 31st of March, 2010. To participate in the CREATE Music Contest or listen/vote for the numerous entries that have been submitted till date, visit ‘create.tatadocomo.com/music.aspx’. The winners might have the opportunity to have their tunes showcased by Tata DOCOMO through Television, Online platforms and other such public mediums.


Free Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut with Tata DOCOMO BuddyNet


Are you a facebook addict?

Do you love micro-blogging on twitter?

Are you always on orkut??

Do you have a profile on linkedin and Nimbuzz?

If you have answered “yes” to all the questions above, try the next one.
Does your mobile bill burn a huge hole in your pocket??

Yes?? 🙂

Then, jump into the TATA DOCOMO’s Buddynet bandwagon! So, now you can chat endlesslly with your buddies, update your facebook status at the drop of a hat, send out tweets, poke somebody and so on and so forth. All free of cost!! You no longer have to worry about your increasing mobile bills. All you have to do is to register for TATA docomo’s buddynet and you’re done.

How To Register for Tata DOCOMO’s BuddyNet to Use Free Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gtalk on Your Mobile?? (How to Activate BuddyNet Social Network sites Plan [GPRS])

Just Sign Up for “BuddyNet” Here. >>SignUp

The Buddynet schemes don’t end here. You can talk to your buddies at 1p/6 sec for local calls & 1p/2s for STD calls. You can also use your balance to gift recharge to other DOCOMO customers and also share your talktime with your buddies!!

Here is The Promotional Video for BuddyNet on Tata DOCOMO (buddynet Ad)

So, get ready to DO a lot lot MORE with TATA DOCOMO!


Tata Docomo Train Ad. Friendship Express. Why Walk Alone?


Tata Docomo is emerging as a one more stable Cellular network in India. Tata Docomo ads have been Extensively put up in between Recent ODI series of India-Australia.
friendship express

Tata Docomo has Released a brand New advertisement with The Title Tata docomo Friendship Express where a group of people from different customs, different place, different ages will be travelling together and it’s all about how the tune Do Dooo Do which makes a magic over there!
The Caption at the end of Advertisement Why Walk Alone When you can dance together has made me to write the post!
Yes, Unity Rocks!


Advertisement Title: Tata Docomo Friendship Express
Advertisement Theme: People Travelling in Train called Friendship Express who never looked friendly eachother and how they start a conversation with the help of docomo’s motto and tune
Advertisement Length: 60 seconds
Caption: Why Walk alone when we can dance together?

Watch Tata Docomo Train ad. Friendship Express Ad Here.

Advertisement Description:


kids playing
It’s a hilly Region, with a cool green grass everywhere, Kids Playing along with the grazing sheeps.. The Train Friendship Express which passes on the way, The kids running towards the train inviting the train and expressing joy for it.

Scene 2:
A young Boy who observers the kids who are playing outside from Train Friendship Express, waves towards the kids and shows happiness for them with a Sweet Laugh…

Scene 3:
A Man Reading a book stares at the young man as he was noisy with his laugh, and few gonna look at him very differently including a young lady with Newspaper..

Scene 4:


And a few more responses for this act…And finally the young man disappointingly mentions the name of Train Friendship Express and thinks how suitable the name fits for the train.

Scene 5:

The Train Passes Through The Tunnel

tunnel train

Scene 6:

Another boy who is Sitting at the back whispers quite a loudly, Do Doo Do …. standing up alone! definitely, hats off to this man who initialized the tune..Do Doo Do.. which sounds similar to Trains Typical Sound (Chuku Buku)….

Here we Go! Gradually People Joins Do Doo Do Tune adding their own words and giving a Different twist while pronouncing Do Doo Do.
One after the After, It Looks as if something is going to happen in a few minutes…. here is how the Tune Proceeds
Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do Dooo Do

Scene 7:

Everything needs a Change! The Tune Do Doo Do Takes a new dimension with the addition of some more words!
Da Da Ma Ma
Ka Ka Da Da
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ca Da
Do Ma Ca Do
Attracting More and More Listeners

While The Humming Sound Do Doo Do Do Doo Do goes in Cores!
And They Keep it Repeating for 2 Times..

And the tune will be heard through out the train!

Scene 8:

Finally, The Young Boy Instructs Everyone to Mute Their New Found Tune for a while, Just To Know how people would react to sudden silence! Nice Test, Isn’t it??
Well, The People in Train, Seemed like they missed something but they couldn’t come out of their egos to express that…

Scene 9:
A Cute Girl, Who genuinely missed this sweet do doo do tune, opens her mouth and starts humming Do Doo Do
docomo child

Wow! That’s it! The Founder Team of this Tune, Feels happy that the tune reached into girl’s heart! Yes, Why Not they starts singing the song once again!

Scene 10:
The Tune now turns into a New Shape, People starts adding their own words and Starts Singing it with their own passion!
Really, The word DOCOMO suits a lot!
With a Naughty Sleepy Voice DO CO MOOOO O

With Extra Classical Musical Touch
Oye Aa aaO O O O O O
Oye Aa aaO O O O OOOOO
a Group of people gonna say Oye aa O…. The other group O O O O O O
a group of people gonna say Oye aa O… The other group O O O O OOO


Scene 11:
Now Everthing is Perfect for Friendship Express Train, People Happily Starts Singing their favorite docomo tune(a teamwork tune) and they dance together! the caption is well suited to the ad
Why Walk Alone when we can dance together pops out out from your Screen with DOCOMO Logo!

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Lyrics of Tata Docomo Train Friendship Express Ad:

Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do Dooo Do
Da Da Ma Ma
Ka Ka Da Da
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ca Da
Do Ma Ca Do

Oye Aa aaO O O O O O
Oye Aa aaO O O O OOOOO

Did You Enjoy Watching This Advertisement? Do You believe in the word Unity is Strength? Share Your Experiences!
Lets Dance Together!


Tata Docomo launches the first Android-powered Samsung mobile phone



Tata Docomo is Making News These Days. After The Launch of GPRS services with 95 and 15 Rs Pack, Tata Docomo has Now launched a new product Samsung Galaxy(I7500) exclusively. Samsung Galaxy is The First ever Android Powered Mobile.

Tata Docomo Announces the launch of the first ever Android powered Samsung mobile phone with built in Google Mobile Services – Samsung Galaxy (I7500) – in India exclusively on TATA DOCOMO..

tata docomo android

About Samsung Galaxy:

Features of Samsung Galaxy:

Stylish slim design (11.9mm)

5 Mega Pixel Camera with Power LED

3.2″ HVGA 16M AMOLED display

8GB + micro SD(upto 32gb)

1500mAh Battery

USB v2.0 High Speed

Bluetooth 2.1

Android OS

In addition to This , It supports Many Other Cool applications like

Android Market
Google Maps
Google Talk

Thus, Having a Mobile with Android operating System allows you to access many of the google mobile services like youtube, google maps, gmail.

Tata docomo has exclusively launched this product- Samsung Galaxy.

More Details at Tata Docomo Official website


Unlimited GPRS Plans in TATA DOCOMO 15 Rs and 95 Rs Pack.


Tata Docomo has freshly Launched new GPRS EDGE plans offering unlimited Internet Access.

docomo gprs plans

Presently There are 2 plans offering unlimited Data Access
Rs.15 GPRS Pack:
The Rs.15 special GPRS pack allows unlimited internet access for upto 3 days.

How to Activate 15 Rs GPRS Pack?
Select DOCOMO internet APN on your handsets after downloading the GPRS settings from Tata DOCOMO. call Customer Care to get the GPRS Settings.

Rs.95 GPRS Pack:
This special GPRS pack allowing unlimited internet access for up-to 30 days.

How to activate Rs 95 GPRS Pack?
Select DOCOMO Internet APN on your handset after downloading the GPRS settings.

95 GPRS pack in Tata docomo allows you to download unlimited data through out the month, that is upto 30 days! What’s More?

Now Using Internet on your Mobile is More Cheaper Than Ever!

For More Information on Unlimited GPRS plans in Tata docomo and other FAQ’s Visit The Official Website here

15 Rs GPRS plan in Tata docomo More Details>>
95 Rs GPRS plan in Tata docomo More Details>>


Diet SMS in Tata Docomo- Is It Worth Using?


Tata Docomo Launches a New Service called Diet SMS.
It Sounds Great When you say Diet SMS.
Is it Not?
Lets Go In Depth, Today, We Will Be Discussing What exactly is a diet SMS?

Before That, Here is A Quick Note on Tata Docomo’s New Way of Call Charges.

Tata Docomo Now Boasts of being The First Operator to Launch Second Wise Pulse Calculation for Calls. What is This All About?
Pay for What You Use is The Motto of Tata Docomo.
Speak for 1 second and Pay 1 Paise.
Speak for 2 seconds and Pay 2 Paise
Speak for 59 seconds and Pay 59 Paise. Like Wise.. Pay For Each Second you Use, Rather Than Traditional way of paying for every minute.

Now Coming to The Topic of Diet SMS,

Diet SMS :
What is a Diet SMS?
Sounds Crazy? , Tata Docomo People are Crazy People. They are Strictly bound to their Rules, Pay for What you Use.
Have You Ever Thought, Paying For Each Character Which You Text for your Friends?
If you’ve Not, Tata Docomo Has Already Made it Reality! Now Tata Docomo Encourages you to Text as Small as Possible. It Charges For Each Character You Send.

There may be Thousands of Questions in your Mind Now. Here is The List of FAQs which may be Helpful for you! Have a Look at it-

What is diet-sms?
‘diet-sms’, the SMS service that allows you to send really short SMS at just 1 paisa per character and no charge for spaces between words This unique service, one of the first of its kind changes the paradigm in the way Indian mobile customers pay for SMS.

How can I send diet-sms?

There are 3 ways of sending a diet-sms To send a diet-sms, a customer has to:
Go to the SIM-based menu on the phone (called Dive-in Now), scroll to the diet-sms option under the English Language menu, open it and send the SMS; or

TATA DOCOMO has also launched a phone application which can be downloaded from TATA DOCOMO ‘Dive In’ wap portal, or by simply sending a SMS “diet” to 54321. Using this diet-sms application, the customer can send short text messages easily; or

TATA DOCOMO customers can also send a diet-sms using the normal SMS menu. They need to type the mobile number followed by a space followed by the message and sms this to the short code 52208

How does it differ from Normal P2P SMS?

It is same as normal P2P sms but in this diet-sms, you are charged 1 paisa per character and no charge for spaces between words. Diet-sms service is for message upto 15 characters.

Is it available on DSTK SIM menu?
Yes! It is available on Dive in Now menu under English menu. It is not pre burned in the menu but is being pushed over the air to all SIM cards that do not have the menu.

Can we download the application through wap?
Yes you can download application from the Dive in WAP portal or to get the exact link just SMS diet to 54321 (toll free)

What are the charges for the same?
It is 1 paisa/Character and no charges for Spacing.

Is the normal P2P SMS offer applicable on diet-sms as well?
The diet-sms has no offers linked to it

How many character we can type through diet-sms?
We can type upto 15 characters.

Is there a charge for downloading the application through WAP?
No charges for downloading the application. If the application is downloaded while the customer is in a Non-TATA DOCOMO network, data charges will apply.

What are the charges if I send STD Message?
Charges are same as 1 paisa/character.

Can I send International sms also?
No, it is available only sending to India mobile numbers.

What will be the charges if I use the same in Roaming?
Please do not use diet-sms while roaming outside of TATA DOCOMO networks since normal roaming SMS charges get levied over and above charges for the diet-sms.

How many maximum characters can be used in nano sms?
It’s a maximum of 15 characters. Thus maximum charging done is 15 paise

Can u give some short sms text?
Yes. A few example of the same are: How are U, Whr U, Whn u cming, Ok, K, Yes, See U, Bye, Come soon, Gud, Pls Call, Will Call, In mtng.

If I download the application will I get some predefined short text?
The diet-sms application which the customer downloads also contains a bank of most common short SMS as templates. Customers can select the diet-sms from the template and click send

Do we charge to customer if number entered is incorrect?
The charging will happen.

What is the impact of interconnect charges on the charges of diet-sms?
Currently there is no impact. As and when there is an impact of interconnect charges on SMS, we will keep our customers informed.

It’s The Time to Finish This Post..
Do You Think it is worth Using Tata Docomo’s Diet SMS??

You may be interested in watching Tata Docomo Advertisements.

Tata DOCOMO advertisements are beautiful

Care To Share Your Views on Diet SMS launched by Tata Docomo!


How to Check Balance? Reliance GSM| Tata Docomo| Aircel| Airtel| BSNL| Vodafone| Idea| BSNL


How To Check Balance? The Basic Question Which Troubles you when you switch from one cellular network provider to other.
With The Increased number of cellular network providers each
day, more People struggling to check balance in their mobile account, This Post has tried to cover information about your mobile network provider in India.

Reliance GSM

Reliance GSM

How to check Balance in Reliance GSM?
How to check Balance on Reliance GSM Mobile?
Dial *367# From Your Reliance Mobile to Check Account Balance.
Customer Care Number for Reliance GSM Mobile: Dial *333

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo

How to Check Balance in Tata Docomo?
How to Check Balance on Tata Docomo?
To Know Account Balance information dial *111# from your Tata Docomo Mobile.
Get Interactive Voice Call Balance Announcement by dialling 12525 from your Tata Docomo Mobile.


How to Check Balance in Aircel?
How to Check Balance on Aircel?
To Check your Balance in Aircel, Dial *125# from your Aircel Mobile.
For Voice Announcement of your balance, Dial 123
Customer Care Support Dial 121.


How to Check Balance in Idea?
How to Check Balance on Idea?
To Check Account Balance in your Idea Mobile Dial *130# from Your Idea Mobile.
Customer Care Number for Idea: 98*** 12345
[Replace *** with respective Phone Number Series]


How to Check Balance in Airtel?
How to Check Balance on Airtel?
To Check Balance in Airtel Dial *123# from Your Airtel mobile.
Customer Care Support for Airtel: 121


How to check balance in Vodafone?
How to check balance on Vodafone?
To Check Balance from your Vodafone Mobile Dial *111# .
Happy to Help Customer Care Support: 111


How to Check Balance in BSNL?
How to Check Balance on BSNL?
To Check Balance Dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile.

For the list of apps to check balance on your phone check this article: Top USSD Apps to check balance on your phone


Tata DOCOMO advertisements are beautiful


Do The New
Do The New The DOCOMO logo is a trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC. (Japan) in India

What’s New? Tata Docomo’s Excellent TV commercials are in The News Now! Tata docomo has Released Various TV advertisements. The Advertisements are Super Cool. The Videos involve the movement of Objects present in Logo. These Cartoon objects Present in The logo of Docomo dance, walk , sit, stand and does all super cute actions to form different patterns which is very much impressive. The Caption of DOCOMO is DO THE NEW. Currently There are 5 Videos of Tata DOCOMO with Various Avatar.
Tata Docomo Balance
Tata Docomo Cat
Tata Docomo Over Water
Tata Docomo SeeSaw
Tata Docomo Squash

Also It has released Ringtones for Mobile. Currently There are 5 Ringtones which are Available.
Tata Docomo Concert 20s
Tata Docomo Inspire 20s
Tata Docomo Mischief 20s
Tata Docomo Soft 20s
Raga Docomo 60s

Here I am Embedding The YouTube Videos of Tata Docomo TV advertisements. Make Sure, You have the latest Flash Player Installed to watch The Docomo tv ads directly in This Site.

Watch all The Tata docomo Tv Ads.
Video 1:
Tata Docomo Balance

Get More Information on Pattern Formation and other Explanation of The Video Tata DOCOMO balance ad here

Video 2:
Tata Docomo Cat

See The Explanation about The Video Tata Docomo Cat ad Here.

Video 3:
Tata Docomo Over Water

Know More about Tata Docomo TV ad Over Water ad Here

Video 4:
Tata Docomo SeeSaw

SeeSaw Pattern Explanation as shown in The Video is Here

Video 5:
Tata Docomo Squash

Know More about Squash Formation in The ad Tata DOCOMO Squash Here

You Can Also Download all These Docomo videos and Ringtones directly From The Official Website of TATA DOCOMO

Download The Video Tata Docomo Balance
Download The Video Tata Docomo Cat
Download The Video Tata Docomo Over Water
Download The Video Tata Docomo SeeSaw
Download The Video Tata Docomo Squash

All The Files are in Zip Format, Unzip and Play The Video.

Also Download The Ringtones of Docomo for Your Mobile

Download the Ringtone Tata Docomo Concert 20s for your Mobile
Download the Ringtone Tata Docomo Inspire 20s for your Mobile
Download the Ringtone Tata Docomo Mishief 20s for your Mobile
Download the Ringtone Tata Docomo Soft 20s for your Mobile
Download the Ringtone Raga Docomo 60s for your Mobile