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Remembering the First TV Commercial by Tata DICOR


This one has been my all time favorite. It simply captures the essence of TATA DICOR. It inspires you to stand out from the crowd and be the one who people would love to follow. It wants you to make a mark of your self on everyone.

The part -1 advertisement asks everyone to mention things which they would love to do if given a break from normal life. At first you would say they are crazy people and see that they are trying to make a statement in reality show when they are about to get kicked out. A decent married man (assumption) says he wants to quit Monday morning. If he quits who is going to take care of his dependents. The CEO/MD (assumption) wants to chase the rain and the lady wants to go around the world for a year. Finally, the best one comes; this guy does not even know what he wants (majority of people).

Let me dive into subtle details of the advertisement. The guy says he wants to quit Monday morning with so many people around and right after that a spider with a cob web is shown. There are so many typical strings attached to our lives. The successful businessman says he wants to chase the rain. Who would do that? A young man who has so much time to while away would do that with no care attitude towards life. However he cannot do that, because he is into a successful business man shoes and he does not have time to do such things.
Right after that you see a beautiful scene of a leaf in a rain. Do we have time to see such scenes anymore? The lady says she wants to go around world and then you see she is pregnant. What does this mean? Does she not want to become mother of a cute little baby? It actually goes on to make statement on how much mechanical and scheduled our lives are! Instead of carrying a baby she wants to go around the world for one whole year. Finally the favorite one is reserved for the last. Everyone says about their favorite things which they would make it as a past time. This guy simply does not know what he wants in his life give so much time to think about. That is when the car comes into picture with a boom and thud music in the background. This one truly creates a mark and asks you to ‘RECLAIM YOUR LIFE’


Free Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut with Tata DOCOMO BuddyNet


Are you a facebook addict?

Do you love micro-blogging on twitter?

Are you always on orkut??

Do you have a profile on linkedin and Nimbuzz?

If you have answered “yes” to all the questions above, try the next one.
Does your mobile bill burn a huge hole in your pocket??

Yes?? 🙂

Then, jump into the TATA DOCOMO’s Buddynet bandwagon! So, now you can chat endlesslly with your buddies, update your facebook status at the drop of a hat, send out tweets, poke somebody and so on and so forth. All free of cost!! You no longer have to worry about your increasing mobile bills. All you have to do is to register for TATA docomo’s buddynet and you’re done.

How To Register for Tata DOCOMO’s BuddyNet to Use Free Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gtalk on Your Mobile?? (How to Activate BuddyNet Social Network sites Plan [GPRS])

Just Sign Up for “BuddyNet” Here. >>SignUp

The Buddynet schemes don’t end here. You can talk to your buddies at 1p/6 sec for local calls & 1p/2s for STD calls. You can also use your balance to gift recharge to other DOCOMO customers and also share your talktime with your buddies!!

Here is The Promotional Video for BuddyNet on Tata DOCOMO (buddynet Ad)

So, get ready to DO a lot lot MORE with TATA DOCOMO!


Unlimited GPRS Plans in TATA DOCOMO 15 Rs and 95 Rs Pack.


Tata Docomo has freshly Launched new GPRS EDGE plans offering unlimited Internet Access.

docomo gprs plans

Presently There are 2 plans offering unlimited Data Access
Rs.15 GPRS Pack:
The Rs.15 special GPRS pack allows unlimited internet access for upto 3 days.

How to Activate 15 Rs GPRS Pack?
Select DOCOMO internet APN on your handsets after downloading the GPRS settings from Tata DOCOMO. call Customer Care to get the GPRS Settings.

Rs.95 GPRS Pack:
This special GPRS pack allowing unlimited internet access for up-to 30 days.

How to activate Rs 95 GPRS Pack?
Select DOCOMO Internet APN on your handset after downloading the GPRS settings.

95 GPRS pack in Tata docomo allows you to download unlimited data through out the month, that is upto 30 days! What’s More?

Now Using Internet on your Mobile is More Cheaper Than Ever!

For More Information on Unlimited GPRS plans in Tata docomo and other FAQ’s Visit The Official Website here

15 Rs GPRS plan in Tata docomo More Details>>
95 Rs GPRS plan in Tata docomo More Details>>