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Internet giants want you to share your stories with them


Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Google, Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook stories is comparatively much popular, probably, because of blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch etc. while Google Stories and Twitter Tales go in a more silent and sultry way.

1. Google Stories – Share your success

Google stories
Google stories

The giant comes leads the way. Spend a couple of minute in narrating your stories and get featured in Google’s official blog.
The stories feature is live in Google since 9th of August.

Link:  Submit your Success Story
Via: Google Official Blog

2. Twitter Tales

Twitter tales
Twitter tales

Twitter behind google. Twitter launched Twitter Tales in August 17th, 2010. This might have been pretty much a hit, if at all users were able to fill up a form as in Google, But twitter wanted users to email their Twitter tales to tales@twitter.com. I wonder why?

Mail to: tales@twitter.com
Via: Twitter Blog

3. Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories
Facebook Stories

Last but not the least – Here comes the hero. Facebook launched stories on July 21st and it is the one of it’s kind in the whole web. They started this as a remark of reaching the milestone of 500 million users.

Link: Facebook App | stories.facebook.com
Via: Facebook blog

Are you aware of this feature up and running in any other giant website? Do let us know in the form of comments.