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Parking Made Easy with Open Spot for Android & TakeMySpot for iPhone

Here is An Application Which Solves the Hectic Problem of Parking your Vehicles. We all Suffer From One Common Syndrome when we Go Out: “Where do I find Space to Park my Car?”.. Sources Report that in a Busy City of US, it takes around 30 to 40 Minutes to Find an Empty Parking Slot!

In an Effort to Make Things Easy, And to Find the Empty Parking Spots, There is an Application for Both Android and iPhones..

Open Spot

Open Spot is an Application for Android. Open Spot works by letting people who are leaving parking spots share their spots with people who are searching for parking.

Download Open Spot from Android Market


TakeMySpot is a Similar App as That of Open Spot.. TakeMySpot is for Iphone and is available in Apple App Store..

TakeMySpot has got Over 10,000 Users in Just 12 Days

Download TakeMySpot App from App Store

We Came Across a Funny and Straigh Comment by One of the TakeMySpot User..

Except you’re letting people know when you’re leaving your car unattended with the exact make/model, they know you have an iPhone which means you have a ton of money, probably a computer and you’re also a dumbass because you leave your car unlocked because you have a stupid app that let’s people know when you’re leaving your valuables unattended.
Great app for finding parking spots though!
To the developers: Keep up the good work!
To the users: I will be monitoring your whereabouts carefully. Take care

PS: Open Spot is Available for US, Canada and Netherlands Only

What do You Think of Applications like Open Spot and TakeMySpot? How Much Productive and Safe are These Apps! Think About Spammers (Griefers) who Could Mark Spots Just-Like-That!