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Nokia Launches Feed Reader Application – Nokia Reader

You say Android Rocks or iOS is the best, But Symbian till-date is the most used mobile Operationg System. Nokia Beta labs have been impressing us by releasing some interesting products like Swype, Pixelpipe and more.

What’s hot? Google recently launched Google Reader for Android and Symbian users, since then, have been burning out in Jealousy. 😛
Here’s an answer to them, Thanks to the Nokia betalabs.

Nokia Reader – RSS Reader for Nokia Phones

I’d give it a 3 out of 5. Though there are many flaws and bugs in the app as it is still in Beta version. There are two major drawbacks that I’d like to list:

  1. Syncing with Google Reader not possible [Which is something that almost any other feed reader has.]
  2. Full feed is not shown – Just the summarry is seen.

Though this application has been subject to many criticism, I give it a thumbs up for at least giving it a shot launching a feed reader application. Do share your views in the comments.

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Nokia Symbian 4 Screenshots Hits Web | Symbian^4 UI First Impressions


We Had written about Nokia Choosing MeeGo as it’s Next Platform for Upcoming Phones.. Though MeeGo has made news it is confined only for High end devices.. The Current Symbian^4 Shall Operate on altleast some of it devices in start of the year 2011..

The Nokia Developer Wiki has Posted the Screenshots of Nokia Symbian^4 UI which looks like below

Find More at Nokia Blog

These are the First Ever Real Screenshots of Symbian^4 UI which has hit the Web… What is Your First Impression upon seeing The First Ever Symbian^4 Screenshots?? (Hard to Say, Still Give a Try)