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StumbleUpon gets a new design…everybody goes home happy!

Many of you might know the name of the most popular link discovery service. For people who don’t, read the title of this post! See how you discovered it? That’s what StumbleUpon is all about, discovering your favorite content on the web.

The good news for Stumble-oholics is that StumbleUpon’s cialis interface has been redesigned from scratch this time and as the developers of SU are saying, its pretty slick alright!

Stumbleupon unveils a new design

First things first, the logo is pretty neat. Its like a water faucet…only better! Goodbye to the good’ol green-white StumbleUpon logo, this one is all orange, attention grabbing.

The second thing is your StumbleUpon profile page. Isn’t it nice graphics? There’s a saying, A Picture is worth a 1000 words and StumbleUpon has promised to just do that and keep the essential stuff to the eyes. When you hover over the images, the pics go into the gray mode, that’s what is called as a Call to action interface.

The next big thing is the StumbleUpon Bar, the contraption with which you can stumble sites. The SU Team have further enhanced this bar by keeping the bar restricted to the buttons which are useful to you and has gotten rid of the unwanted buttons which made it more crowded. The Bar is bigger than before. There’s also an addition of the Explore Bar with which you can stumble your interests almost immediately.

The Verge explains us that we can also bounce from interest to interest, which is good because you will easily get bored if you start landing on pages pertaining to the same topics.

the smart new stumblebar

According to StumbleUpon, there are around 20 million users registering in a single month and also the stumbles made in a month crosses the 1.2 billion mark, which is great because i am one amongst those awesome stumblers.

So if you haven’t tried StumbleUpon i guess you are missing a lot of action, try it today and tell us what was your experience!

How To: Block a Particular Website in StumbleUpon?

If you are aware of the immense power of Social Bookmarking sites, then an introduction to StumbleUpon is surely a no-brainer.
However, if you don’t know much about StumbleUpon: Hear it, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site which beloved for the backlinks it gives and steady growth in traffic of that blog/website.

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Blocking a particular Blog/Website from StumbleUpon

  • You are probably used to the Thumbs down aka dislike in the StumbleUpon toolbar.
  • Next to that, there is located a small drop down button.
  • Click that, and you can see four options under the list.
  • The first option, Not for Me is the default. It is checked when you directly click on the ‘Thumbs Down’ button.
Blocking a website in Stumble Upon
Blocking a website in Stumble Upon

When you click on:

  1. Not for me: This signifies to StumbleUpon that the category just isn’t for you. But this doesn’t block the whole website from you. Let’s say, you say “Not for me” on an article about Ipad, written in mashable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to see an article about Twitter, from the same Mashable – It may also happen to be the very next post! 😉
  2. Report Spam: Blocks website permanently to you. Also after certain number of people have reported the website for spam, It maybe removed from the StumbleUpon directory and the user who submitted will also be banned.
  3. Duplicate Content: Need not block content. Once certain number of complaints are filed, the same action listed above is performed.
  4. Block Website: Blocks the whole website/blog only from you.

I hope this small tip could help you in some way. I’m looking forward to hear from you through comments!