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Steve sells. Even after death.

He’s a genius, he of course is. He’s smart-ass. He’s got millions of people loving him. He founded Apple, he redefined touch, he gave a new meaning to ‘i’. He’s Jobs. Steve Jobs. Nope, I’m not gay.

Reports say Steve Jobs made a sensation in the internet after his death – 10000 tweets per second. No wonder that’s a record.

Apart from that, his biographies have shooted up by a whopping 48,000% in Amazon. I can feel the dropping of your job. Er, jaw, I mean.

Preoders of Steve Jobs' bio shoot up

<image credit: thenextweb>

You don’t need to comment. You don’t need to share this article. Just say “rest in peace” and think of him for a moment. That’s all I’m gonna ask from you. Thank you!



Comic Craze: Steve Jobs next on the line!

Steve Jobs is going to become a comic star. Yes every other kid on the planet is going to know him now. The comic books publisher “Bluewater Productions” had already released earlier a comic book character based on Mark Zuckerberg. It sold out very quickly.


Now its Steve Jobs turn. Although the publisher didn’t give any superhero name to him, the book has been titled as “Steve Jobs: The co-founder of Apple”. It is a 32 page comic book unlike Mark Zuckerberg’s lengthy 48 page comic book, this book will definitely catch millions of eyes.


The book consists of a biography of the legend in a comical illustration. According to Bluewater Productions President Darren Davis:

“His innovations command front page news, speculation on his health affects the stock market. Not bad for a college dropout, I’m surprised it took us this long to publish a proper, balanced biography of him.”

Perhaps this Stevey comic craze has hit every other comic book publisher. A similar biography of Steve Jobs is all set to be published by yet another technik, CNN king-pin and also a former TIME whiz “Walter Isaacson” called as iSteve: The Book of Jobs which is supposed to release on March 6,2012. But that’s a bit late in queue.

The book by Bluewater Publications is already available for pre-order at Amazon and is tagged at just $3.99. Grab your copy right now. Other famous titles published by Bluewater Productions include “Sarah Palin”, “Adam West”, “Angelina Jolie” and also the famous popstar “Lady Gaga”.

Slice a comment to let us know what you think about this comic craze. Are you a Comic book fanatic like our Sheldon Cooper or are you not intrigued by Comic books at all? Let us know.

Free iPhone covers from Steve Jobs


Are you one of those iPhone 4 users facing a reception problem?? Chill because Steve Jobs is handing out free iPhone 4 covers for you. In a press conference, Jobs conceded that the iPhone is not without minor hiccups and that about .55% of all iPhone users may face this problem.

He explained that the poor cell reception is caused due to the contact made by the skin with the antenna. The antenna runs around the border of the phone and the user will have to make contact with it in order to receive calls. He also said that this can be solved by using the iPhone covers and this would eliminate the skin to antenna contact.

iPhone is not the only phone prone to such problems as even rival models Blackberry and HTC have to put up with such complaints.

So, hurry and grab your free iPhone cover 😛


Who is the best CEO of them all??


‘Mirror Mirror on the wall…Who is the best CEO of them all?”

And instead of the reflection in the mirror, the Harvard Business Review answered “Steve Jobs”!

Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in 1985 but the same company brought him back as their CEO a decade later. Apple was in a very bad shape when he took over but under his able leadership, Apple soon bounced back and the rest is history. In fact, sources say that Jobs’s return to Apple delivered a whopping 3188 percent industry – adjusted return!! And Apple’s market value has increased by $150 billion. No wonder he is named as the best CEO

The ranking compared 1999 CEO’s in the world who assumed office between 1995 – 2007. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Jack Welsh & Warren Buffet were thus excluded from this ranking. The performance of the CEO’s were tracked until the end of their tenure or September 2009, whichever was later.

Yin Jong-Yong of Samsung was ranked 2nd in the list. John Chambers of CISCO(4), Jeff Bazos of Amazon(7), Margaret Whitman of EBay(8) and Eric Schmidt of Google(9) were the others who found their way into the ranking. Our very own Mukesh Ambani was ranked 5th in the list and is the only Indian in the top 50 CEO’s