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Check Whether Your Name is in Google Sponsored Links! Thanks Facebook


I was Reading The Article by Techcrunch In India, Facebook Uses Google AdWords To Leapfrog Orkut

TechCrunch had Reported That in India, Names Appearing in Sponsored Links by Google for every Query you Make in Google.co.in…

I was Very Much Stunned and was curious to know How Can one’s name appear in Google Adwords’ sponsored Links Section…Immediately Googled my Name Chethan Thimmappa.

Yup! It was True! My Name in The Top and Hot spot of Google’s Sponsored links Section! The Title “Chethan Thimmappa” , with Body being Find Chethan Thimmappa
on Facebook. Sign up now!
with the link “Facebook.com”.

There is no much Reason to get Surprised, Even your Name is in Sponsored links by Google…. Just give it a Try

Google Search for “Harsh Agarwal”

Google Search for “Nandini Rajagopalan”

Google Search for “Ankesh Kothari”

Why is your Name Under Sponsored links Section?
It’s all about Social Networking Site Wars.. How Much ever Facebook has tried, It has failed to dominate in India because of huge rivalry by ORKUT, the Google Product.

Facebook has gone to Extreme Step by Purchasing Every Name in its database for Google Adwords campaign, So Next time whoever searches for you in Google will be welcomed with your Facebook profile!

How Much Effective?
The question is how much effective is Facebook’s Strategy of displaying profile name and giving facebook profile link when you search for a particular Name in Google..

It is definitely effective as Orkut is Private and no content of Orkut is Indexed by Google. Orkut Never Indexes your Profile Openly and is not available to Search Engines… Making Use of this Fact, Facebook has Made a brave Move by campaigning your Name across India (which is absolutely free for you!)

How Much will Facebook pay for Google adwords?
Just Imagine how much would facebook pay for google for every Click you make on sponsored links for your Name.. A Single Click which you make on Google Sponsored Links is Valued at 5$ to 50$ and even More depending on Campaigner’s Budget. And I wonder how google has approved these ads as this may be a Real-Threat for its own Social Networking Site ORKUT…

Thanks TechCrunch for this Wonderful Discovery!
Let Me Know, What do You Think. Are Your Names appearing in Sponsored Links (Free Campaign :))?