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Leaked reports of Sony Xperia Z4


Leaked reports of Sony Xperia Z4 :


Sony has recently been the target of a large-scale cyber-attack in which, among other things, the script for the upcoming James Bond film “Spectre” has been stolen by criminal hackers. In the wake of the attack but is also an e-mail from George Leon, his character Sony’s executive vice president of consumer marketing that arrives to the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Michael Lynton to the public, along with a whole series of renderings of new products. In said e-mail it means taking that the Sony Xperia Z4 will be shown in the Bond film and the filmmakers have to know in advance how the device and the remuneration will look for product placement.


The renderings are for the final design but only partially revealing – while quite impressive the new Xperia Z4 presented with an apparently high-gloss chrome frame on one of the images is mapped to other images, a somewhat different sort of device, with large numbers, their meaning not immediately apparent. There the speech that partly visible rear also seems this time not made of glass, but a soft material is also “Hardness + Softness” to exist – a first for Sony, because at the high end smartphones, the Japanese company previously relied always on a rear glass optics.


On top of that you can see where it apparently is wearable devices on another rendering multiple bracelets. Unlike the Sony smart watches but these look more like Activity Tracker and less like traditional wrist watches – so really in a spy movie bracelets because of the bright colors will fit not. New information on the specifications of the Xperia Z4 does not exist by the leak unfortunately – of course the film industry cares little about the technical performance of a prop. So far, however, suggested that both Qualcomm  Snapdragon 810 Octa-core SoC and the new Sony IMX230 camera sensor will be used in the new smartphone. Having said that with the device expected to fly down town soon,only time will tell how things will end up



Sony Playstation Vita – A new PSP for gamers

Sony just announced its Playstation Vita at the E3 2011 held yesterday. A new PSP device for gamers which has been codenamed NGP. The PSP has been named “Vita” meaning “Life” in latin. Sony is having positive feelings about this gadget as it already breaks Nintendo 3DS specs.


Sony had already been discussing about NGP a few months back but we were not clear as to what it housed under that hood. But now we are all sure that this new kid will create a serious competition against its top contenders. Sony Playstation Vita runs on ARM Cortex A9 (4 core) CPU, fires up a mighty SGX543MP4+ GPU, has a 5″ OLED touchscreen display, six-axis motion sensing system, front and rear facing cameras, two joysticks and to top it all off, has a touchpad on the rear too! With these specs around gamers will be so excited to get their hands dirty with its slick gameplay and also i totally forgot to say R.I.P Nintendo 3DS. Of course for a great gameplay you’ll need fast wireless internet you could help this with the asus best wireless router for gaming, and play at amazing speeds.


According to an article in the UK newspaper Mirror,

The device will allow gamers to be connected with one other over mobile phone networks and wi-fi hotspots, and use GPS location-tracking technology. It will also enable gamers to play against people using PlayStation 3 consoles over the internet-based PlayStation Network.

CNET announced that the device will also offer a social-networking component called Near that lets gamers play against friends with Vitas nearby.

SONY also gave a demo of some of their famous gaming titles including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ruin, ModNation RacersLittleBigPlanet and Street Fighter x Tekken. Regarding the pricing, the PSVITA is tagged at $249 for Wi-Fi only and $299 for the 3G/Wi-Fi version. Playstation Vita is all set to release by the end of 2011. engadget managed to get a hands-on at the E3, take a look over here.


Time for your comment! Will you buy this neat gaming device or are too busy checking out other cool gadgets, let us know?



SONY hacked again! Target:Sony Ericsson Canada

Apparently this time Sony Ericsson Canadian store was their target. In the beginning SONY PLAYSTATION network was hacked, then Sony managed to bring it online then it got hacked again. After that incident Sony Music Entertainment got hacked and now it is the unfortunate Sony Ericsson Canada to take the hit!


Hits are increasing day by day and many of Sony networks are becoming potential targets. HACK SONY has become the new trend, whoever wants to show off his hacking skills should manage to hack any SONY’s site and will become the next VIP in the market, according to an article at The Hacker News.

Reports on CNET, suggests that a data breach struck many artists websites which were under Sony Entertainment Greece this Sunday. About 8,500 records containing e-mail addresses, telephone nos., Usernames and Passwords were swiped off the sites. Many of you might not be knowing LulzSec, it is a hacker group who were behind the abomination of FOX.com. Yes, these are the same guys who cracked Sony Ericsson Japanese sites. The Hack attack was performed through a SQL injection. LulzSec also announced on its official Twitter account that they were the one who took it down. Take a look at the database structure of SONY, LulzSec had posted this at pastebin.com.


The latest attack being the Sony Ericsson’s Canadian store. Engadget broke this news just today and we are here to look at what they had to say about it. According to the post, 2000 eshop customers data was taken. Thank god, there were no reports of any credit card fraud. This being the 10th attack on SONY, we dont know when these series of constant security breaches are ever going to stop.


Many Hackathon’s have been arranged such as TechCrunch’s NYC Hackathon and Change.org’s HACK FOR CHANGE to curb the illegal breaches by bringing in good security specialists who will find security loopholes and fix them at the earliest. If you think you are a good coder and believe you have what it takes to be an ethical hacker and can perform a top-rated hack then go to hackforchange.com and sign up now!


Now its time drop in a comment and share your views of what you think about Sony’s plight! Will the company has what it takes to go on or will it soon become history?


Sony Playstation Network back online


Sony’s Playstation network which was hacked recently is back online but only in a select few countries. Restoration will soon be done to other countries. Sony had said that the planted file in the hack attack was named ‘Anonymous’ possibly done by the hacker group at Anonymous.


Although ‘Anonymous’ consisting of highly professional experienced hackers denied that the hack was from their end and claims to not have been involved in any kind of such act but according to their official blog at Anonops.blogspot.com they say that the group as a whole was not a part of such fraud but the individual members may have been. Source to the article right here.
That being said many of Sony’s customers want to already cancel their service and demand a refund. Sony inspite of getting sued due to this gigantic data breach and lossage of several customers credit card information, are still keeping quite.


Ashamed of their unsecure network environment, Sony decided to instead put a smile on their customers faces by giving them a free 30-day Playstation Plus membership, 30 days of free Qriocity service and unlimited music to its customers and also a free software of some sort as announced by Sony’s VP, Kaz Harzai from the official HQ at Japan on 1st May. Well that, we dont want Sony!


According to the latest news at engadget, Sony has begun its restoration services and currently only North America has been fully restored. Other nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, UK and Ireland have partially been restored. I think Asian countries will be the last one to receive its treasured services. Meanwhile our friends at Japan are unwilling to co-operate with Sony and will resume its PSN services only when their demands are met. Their demands being, unless and until Sony takes all its preventive measures and ensures us that further such attacks wont happen again we will not turn PSN back on. They also said that the “company promised” counter-hacking measures have not yet been fulfilled. Other issues being unclear, we will try to bring you the latest updates, as soon as they are released by engadget people at Japan. Reports here.

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Sony Playstation Live Hacked

Sony has recently had a press release saying “We have discovered that between April 17 and April 19, 2011, certain PlayStation Network and Qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network”.

According to Channel 10 Australia over 22 million accounts have been compromised. The data obtained by the unknown hackers have obtain the 22 million users credit card details, address, date of birth, complete playstation profiles, email address, usernames, passwords, security questions with answers, billing preferences, purchase history, IP address, and more.

Sony says they are “Engaged an outside, recognized security firm to conduct a full and complete investigation into what happened”. The security breach has caused Sony to take down the Playstation network, and Qriocity temporarily.

The company has adviesed the security breach had taken place on April 17th & 19th 2011.

Sony has advised they are re-building there security precautions and software to prevent this from happening again.

The questions is, why hasn’t sony advised us early? Why advise us over 10 days later? How secure is there systems?

We will update this article when we get updates 🙂

~~~ Updated Thursday April 28th 4:30pm ~~~

Sony has released that ll 77.5+ million accounts have been compromised. There is also reports of people credit cards being maxed out..

Source = Channel 10 Australia & ABC Australia

Sony’s atracTable is all set to Release


Sony’s atracTable interactive surface console that debuted last year is finally ready for consumers, ready to go head-to-head (or table-to-table?) with the Microsoft Surface this June.

If you haven’t heard, the atracTable is a 35-inch wide surface space with an HD display that is controlled by gestures. Motion input is detected by dual built-in Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras, both creating 3D images and allowing the user to control the panel. Along with gestures, the system can even determine the user’s age, sex and emotions. Sounds almost dangerous.

The futuristic wonder was built in partnership with Atracsys. To get a better look at the atracTable’s magical powers, check out the video from the Vision 2009 event last year.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m guessing that a gadget that looks like something that could control a spaceship probably won’t be cheap. (For reference, the Microsoft Surface starts at $12,500 for the commercial edition, before all the necessary add-ons like installation.)


No More Floppy disks from 2011 says Sony


It is The time to say RIP Floppy! Sony decides to end its Floppy Business forever with effect from the year 2011.

The First Floppy was Introduced in the year 1971 by IBM. Sony was The Firm to Introduce the First Ever 3.5 inch (9cm) Floppy in 1981. “We are Stopping the production of The thirty year Old Storage device(floppy) from 2011” said an Employee of Sony.

The Death of floppy started when Apple decided not to have a floppy drive in its G3 iMac computer in the Year 1998.

The Other Giants like Dell in the year 2003, had stopped the support for floppy drives.. PC World, the Computer Store stopped selling Floppy in 2007. The First Manufacturer of 3.5 Inch Floppy now decides to Stop its production by 2011. Not Surprisingly, Floppy’s Fate is due to the effect of Online Storage and USB Portable devices.

When did you last use a Floppy Disk ! :)? Let us Know, by Commenting below