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Pinterest is out. Start grabbing invites and get into the social network

Pinterest Invites Giveaway: Grab one and join in the fun on the newest Social Network

Pinterest is a Social Network which was recently announced. Today we are handing out Pinterest invites for you exclusively. If you want to join in the newest social network, please make a request in the comments section.

Pinterest has been trending a lot lately. You wouldn’t have heard but Pinterest is a great way to start promoting to your business online these days. I have tried it and i am telling you this with some positive experience. Once you have an invite, logging in, is a piece of cake. There are also login option from Facebook and Twitter so that you can connect and follow your Facebook friends on Pinterest.com right away!

Making friends on Pinterest is real easy. Its just like subscribing to someone, only here you get subscribed to their pinboards.

Pinboards are nothing but a collection of pins on your favorite topic. You find something you like, pin it with a name and description, and hang it on a particular board. When your friends will come to visit your profile they will see all your pinboards stacked neatly like in a room.

Pinboards on Pinterest.com

Perhaps that’s why they have named it as Pinterest. Pinboards adds a little decor to your profile, just like paintings and posts add life to your bedroom. Isn’t it a remarkable idea?

To make it easy for you to pin stuff, web developers are now adding Pin it button to their sites. If you are a website owner, please make use of the latest Pin it buttons and add them to your posts to start collecting that extra traffic. We will soon come out with a tutorial on how to add a Pin it button to your site.

Apart from pinning stuff, you can also post that pin to Facebook and Twitter with the help of the respective buttons available beside the pins. If you want to share a post publicly there is also an option for embedding that particular pin. A replica of that pin will be created with a source link attached to that particular pin on Pinterest.com.

Want to recommend a pin to someone in particular? You can do that easily by clicking on a pin and typing @ followed by whom you want to recommend.

A pin as seen on Pinterest.com

If you are excited enough, please comment to receive an invite to enter Pinterest.com. Just be quick enough because we have a limited invites left right now. Happy Pinning 🙂

Touristlink - A social network for travelers

Touristlink is a new Social Network for Travelers

Touristlink is a social network which has been launched just recently to allow you to connect with travelers across the world and explore new places. Touristlink comes very handy when you end up in a new city with your wife and don’t know where to start from.

A look inside Touristlink

The unique feature of this social network is that you can see which destinations, your friends have recommended in your place, thereby adding a personal touch to it. There’s also a rating system of Thumbs Up and Thumbs down, with the help of this you can easily identify which places are definitely worth a visit by the number of likes it has received. You can also share your favorite destinations with your friends.

According to Mashable, users can add hotel owners as their friends too and share your experiences with them. To ensure no spammers are logging in, Touristlink separately identifies the Travel experts, thereby giving you genuine reviews of places all time. If you found a place interesting you can also pass comments and suggest it to your fellow travelers.

With Touristlink you can also plan your trip completely by consulting a local tour guide which the social network recommends you. By doing so, you can make your journey systematic and give it a more pleasant ending. Apart from suggesting, the travel network also offers you the best deals. You can pick a deal that’s in your budget and start booking. Making bookings will require you to pay a nominal fee.

Touristlink is totally free. You can sign up with Facebook and log in right away. Even if you are not a Travel junkie as such, Touristlink surely does a good job in finding you beautiful places.

Klout and Google+

Bump up your Klout score: Add Google+ to your Klout network

Klout, believed to be the most popular influence measurer of your social activities on the web has got a new addition in its network. Its the brand new Google+. Yes the Klout team now has officially added Google+ which will make your Klout scores boom even higher.

Klout announced in their official blog post,

Our mission here at Klout is to help you understand and leverage your influence. As we add more networks we can more accurately measure your influence. Today, we are excited to announce that Google+ is now a part of the Klout Score!

Klout now integrates Google+ officially

I was very much excited for Google+ becoming a part of Klout and i had already connected my Google+ account back in September itself. But Google+ was not officially integrated into Klout. But since its integration with Klout i have seen a major increase in my Klout score.

My Klout score previously was at 43 and now it is 55. Check it out yourself at my official Klout profile. I have now earned the Specialist rank and it feels good. You can also boast if you have achieved higher Klout scores since the addition of Google+ by sharing it on your social networks. Higher Klout scores means higher influence level and higher influence level means people are definitely gonna wanna notice you.

Even if you don’t connect your Google+ profile with Klout, you will not be penalized for not doing so, as the Klout team said. Similarly people will not see a drop in their Klout score if they have connected their Google+ account but their activity on the social network is 0. You will always see a score bump as and when you connect more networks. Unless you are a fraud there’s no reason for you to worry if you experience a drop in your Klout score.

So if you haven’t yet connected Google+ to your Klout profile, its time to do so! Because i have seen a bump in my Klout score, have you?

[Source: Official Klout Blog]

UNTHINK - yet another social network

Unthink: A new social network to take on the bigger chums


Unthink is the newest social network launched by the UNTHINK Corporation which is a Tech based company in US. It plans to eliminate popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, at least that’s what is depicted in the video they have launched to promote their social network.

By the time Google+ had been launched, people were already sure that many more social networks will be launched later. The fight to become the most popular social network had become the new challenge for these companies. Thus now they have the notion “keep on creating new social networks and keep on attracting new people”.

UNTHINK facebook and google+

This is what the new social network Unthink has done. They literally criticized Facebook and Google+ in their promotional video just to attract more visitors to join their social network. And the shocking fact is that it actually worked.

An Unthink employee was quoted saying,

“We received hundreds of thousands of visitors almost immediately upon launch, we are incredibly grateful to the public for its enthusiastic response.”

A teenage girl is seen in the video who goes on saying, “But i never knew that i h’d be part of a damn puppet show, that you thought you could own me” and further condemns people to stop being part of such social networks and to try on something new and free. She finally says the F word. Yes she definitely does. Here is how she says it,

“This is MY TURF, MY WORLD, MY STORY to write, MY TURN to lead, I am finally breaking free. Common world lets write our own story, Its FU time, UNTHINK”

Considering how stupid and funny this promotional video sounds i am putting it for you guys to watch it. Please make sure you comment and tell us if you will be a part of yet another social network. By the end of this sentence i actually forgot the name of the social network too (pun intended).

Source: ZDNet


Hardcore Social Network Addict? Commit Web 2.0 Suicide


These days social networking has become so addictive that a guy wakes up in the morning and updates his twitter account. Mom says “Son your breakfast is ready.” And the reply is “Wait mom let me update my status first!”. Some of the highly addictive networking sites such as Facebook, myspace, twitter and linkedIn have captured the people’s mind and have dragged them  into a virtual world.

I recently found out a website which is gaining popularity as the days pass called a Suicide Machine. The website starts with an amazing tag line of  “Meet Your Real Neighbors again!”. Basically what it does is that It takes your networking ID’s and deletes all of them and its faster than manual.

Suicide Machine

After reading the testimonials you will find that how many people have actually been benefited by it. According to its stats it had unfriended 115,353 friends and 259,248 tweets have been removed since its launch.”   Now that’s a large number for a new site.

After reading this post I wanna ask you! Are you ready for the Ultimate Web 2.0 Suicide. Tell us in the comments. 🙂