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Pinterest is out. Start grabbing invites and get into the social network

Pinterest Invites Giveaway: Grab one and join in the fun on the newest Social Network

Pinterest is a Social Network which was recently announced. Today we are handing out Pinterest invites for you exclusively. If you want to join in the newest social network, please make a request in the comments section.

Pinterest has been trending a lot lately. You wouldn’t have heard but Pinterest is a great way to start promoting to your business online these days. I have tried it and i am telling you this with some positive experience. Once you have an invite, logging in, is a piece of cake. There are also login option from Facebook and Twitter so that you can connect and follow your Facebook friends on Pinterest.com right away!

Making friends on Pinterest is real easy. Its just like subscribing to someone, only here you get subscribed to their pinboards.

Pinboards are nothing but a collection of pins on your favorite topic. You find something you like, pin it with a name and description, and hang it on a particular board. When your friends will come to visit your profile they will see all your pinboards stacked neatly like in a room.

Pinboards on Pinterest.com

Perhaps that’s why they have named it as Pinterest. Pinboards adds a little decor to your profile, just like paintings and posts add life to your bedroom. Isn’t it a remarkable idea?

To make it easy for you to pin stuff, web developers are now adding Pin it button to their sites. If you are a website owner, please make use of the latest Pin it buttons and add them to your posts to start collecting that extra traffic. We will soon come out with a tutorial on how to add a Pin it button to your site.

Apart from pinning stuff, you can also post that pin to Facebook and Twitter with the help of the respective buttons available beside the pins. If you want to share a post publicly there is also an option for embedding that particular pin. A replica of that pin will be created with a source link attached to that particular pin on Pinterest.com.

Want to recommend a pin to someone in particular? You can do that easily by clicking on a pin and typing @ followed by whom you want to recommend.

A pin as seen on Pinterest.com

If you are excited enough, please comment to receive an invite to enter Pinterest.com. Just be quick enough because we have a limited invites left right now. Happy Pinning 🙂

Klout and Google+

Bump up your Klout score: Add Google+ to your Klout network

Klout, believed to be the most popular influence measurer of your social activities on the web has got a new addition in its network. Its the brand new Google+. Yes the Klout team now has officially added Google+ which will make your Klout scores boom even higher.

Klout announced in their official blog post,

Our mission here at Klout is to help you understand and leverage your influence. As we add more networks we can more accurately measure your influence. Today, we are excited to announce that Google+ is now a part of the Klout Score!

Klout now integrates Google+ officially

I was very much excited for Google+ becoming a part of Klout and i had already connected my Google+ account back in September itself. But Google+ was not officially integrated into Klout. But since its integration with Klout i have seen a major increase in my Klout score.

My Klout score previously was at 43 and now it is 55. Check it out yourself at my official Klout profile. I have now earned the Specialist rank and it feels good. You can also boast if you have achieved higher Klout scores since the addition of Google+ by sharing it on your social networks. Higher Klout scores means higher influence level and higher influence level means people are definitely gonna wanna notice you.

Even if you don’t connect your Google+ profile with Klout, you will not be penalized for not doing so, as the Klout team said. Similarly people will not see a drop in their Klout score if they have connected their Google+ account but their activity on the social network is 0. You will always see a score bump as and when you connect more networks. Unless you are a fraud there’s no reason for you to worry if you experience a drop in your Klout score.

So if you haven’t yet connected Google+ to your Klout profile, its time to do so! Because i have seen a bump in my Klout score, have you?

[Source: Official Klout Blog]

Microsoft Socl releasing shortly

Microsoft Socl: A sneak peek at Microsoft's very own Social Network

Remember how we told you earlier that Microsoft was quietly developing its own social network named Tulalip. Well the name has been changed but the story remains true. Yes now we have more pics and a sneak peek arranged for you, of this very secret project by Microsoft.

Microsoft Socl news feed

Screenshot credit: The Verge

Luckily Thomas Houston, the community Manager at The Verge got a hands-on chance to try out this new social network. He further said Microsoft Socl basically is a social network which is built on HTML5 and works on the idea known as Tagging. When you post a status update, your friends will have the ability to like, comment or tag it. All the topics you tag can be categorised in a box known as Tagged Interests.

Apart from doing a status update, you can also perform a search from the Social Search box which is visible to your followers. The search is obviously powered by Bing. Your friends can also choose to respond to your search by giving answers.

Microsoft Socl social search box

The social network is similar to Twitter’s Following/Follower idea. If you want a particular friend’s updates you can follow him and all his activities

can be then seen in your feed. Multiple feeds can be created just like the idea behind Google+ Circles.

Microsoft Socl also includes a Video Party feature just like Google+’s Hangouts. It includes a chat option as well and you can watch videos with your family and friends.

Microsoft Socl video party feature

The social network is still under development and has not been released to the public yet. As soon as there are invites available we will be the first one to report it. Subscribe to Chaaps now for further updates on this topic.

I don’t think Microsoft Socl will pose as a challenge to Facebook or Google+ because it still has a long way to go but i bet i want to try it out first before it gets shut down (pun intended). Share your thoughts with us. What do you think the future of Microsoft Socl will be, can it stand against the major social networks like Facebook and Google+?

Source: The Verge


facebook earns revenue with the new xcommerce system

Facebook joins hands with eBay to drive future e-Commerce


The world’s top social networking platform Facebook and online vendor

eBay have joined hands together for what is called a new social shopping experience. For the project, eBay will integrate Facebook Open Graph 2.0 functionality into its international e-commerce systems. X.commerce, a new business platform under eBay is to materialize the new social shopping experience.

ebay joined hands with facebook to drive e-commerce

eBay’s X.commerce project is exclusively meant to bring together inclusive set of products and services for more effective promotion. The eBay Facebook deal will increase the reach of eBay products to millions of new customers via Facebook.

the introduction of ebay's xcommerce industry

Facebook is growing sporadically. The world’s largest social media site is about to surpass the coveted 800 million mark in number of users. For eBay and its associates like PayPal and Magento, comprehensive Facebook integration of its e-commerce solutions will be a great advantage. e-Bay and Facebook announced the new social e-commerce deal at Innovate, eBay’s developers conference in San Francisco.

According to X.commerce vice president Matthew Mengerink, eBay has over 850,000 developers and over $60 billion annual transactions. The online vendor is also with 25 million sellers and about 100 million consumers across the globe. Integration with the world’s largest social media site will certainly boost up the businesses of eBay, and at the same time, people will get more social ways to purchase, recommend, and review products and services.

ebay employee explaining xcommerce tactics

Until now, Facebookers could just like a product or brand. With the eBay social shopping applications, there will be more capabilities that you can buy, want, recommend or review the products. This type of incorporation will bring more products to the consumers, who are often glued to social networking on Facebook. The very idea behind the proposed social shopping experience is to let merchants, the manufacturers, show off their products on social media sites, which millions of Internet users visit every day to meet their friends, peers and family members and to share updates with them.

ebay - the world leader in commerce

Better social media integration of products revives word-of-mouth marketing. Users have the options both to buy and share a product with their friends, colleagues and facility family members. After collecting a product, you can again review it and tell your friends whether they have to buy it or not. “This takes word-of-mouth marketing and puts a bullhorn to it,” said Katie Mitic, Facebook’s director of platform and mobile marketing in her keynote address at the eBay’s developers conference.

Social networking is here to help brands and companies promote their products and services. eBay is a world leader in e-commerce. Its agreement with Facebook for a new social shopping experience, in fact, brings more products, brands and their reviews to the consumers. For the companies, both Facebook and eBay and its associates including X.commerce, it is the better way to boost their businesses with brisk sales, consumer-centric product reviews, and analysis. A new shopping ecosystem will come into existence thanks to the eBay and Facebook integration for e-business.


Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on topics like style, fashion accessories. Beside this she is fond of gadgets and automobiles. She loves travelling and exploring new places.


UNTHINK - yet another social network

Unthink: A new social network to take on the bigger chums


Unthink is the newest social network launched by the UNTHINK Corporation which is a Tech based company in US. It plans to eliminate popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, at least that’s what is depicted in the video they have launched to promote their social network.

By the time Google+ had been launched, people were already sure that many more social networks will be launched later. The fight to become the most popular social network had become the new challenge for these companies. Thus now they have the notion “keep on creating new social networks and keep on attracting new people”.

UNTHINK facebook and google+

This is what the new social network Unthink has done. They literally criticized Facebook and Google+ in their promotional video just to attract more visitors to join their social network. And the shocking fact is that it actually worked.

An Unthink employee was quoted saying,

“We received hundreds of thousands of visitors almost immediately upon launch, we are incredibly grateful to the public for its enthusiastic response.”

A teenage girl is seen in the video who goes on saying, “But i never knew that i h’d be part of a damn puppet show, that you thought you could own me” and further condemns people to stop being part of such social networks and to try on something new and free. She finally says the F word. Yes she definitely does. Here is how she says it,

“This is MY TURF, MY WORLD, MY STORY to write, MY TURN to lead, I am finally breaking free. Common world lets write our own story, Its FU time, UNTHINK”

Considering how stupid and funny this promotional video sounds i am putting it for you guys to watch it. Please make sure you comment and tell us if you will be a part of yet another social network. By the end of this sentence i actually forgot the name of the social network too (pun intended).

Source: ZDNet


How to know who unfriended you on Facebook

Take advantage of Facebook's new timeline to know who unfriended you


With the release of the new Facebook timeline feature you must be pretty excited to use Facebook. But there are many other improvements yet to launch on the most popular social network. One of the most needed feature we all were looking for is how to get notified when someone unfriends you.

Although not available as a notification, there is a small tip for you to find out who unfriended you in a particular year with the Facebook’s new timeline! This feature is only available for the users who have activated the new Timeline. If you want a tutorial on how to activate it, proceed to this link.

Now talking about the

unfriend feature, just have a glance about these three simple steps discussed below and find out how easy it is to know who that jerk was, who was foolish enough to unfriend YOU!

  • Click a particular year in your Timeline and look for a Friends box.
  • Now click on the “Made X new friends” link. Now a popup box will open up showing all the friends you made in that year.
  • Scroll down the list. If you come across a Add Friend button in front of your Friend’s name. That denotes that he/she has already unfriended you.

Facebook Timeline Unfriend feature

We are also waiting for Facebook to release a feature which notifies you in real time when someone unfriends you, but till then this should solve your problem.

If you are looking for a browser extension which notifies you of the same then we had better suggest you to go with Mashable‘s recommended Better Facebook. Its quick to integrate, has a lot of other useful features and is free too!

Did you like this tutorial? Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts about the new Facebook timeline.

Source: Buzzfeed


Facebook Subscribe button

Facebook adds Subscribe button. Subscribe to anyone and get updates!


Facebook recently introduced a new Subscribe button on their social network. Just a week ago Facebook had introduced new privacy features and now it is in full swing in making new additions to their interface.

This Subscribe button that Facebook has launched recently behaves very similar to Twitter’s Follow button. At least that’s what folks at CNET have to say.

How it Works:

Facebook Subscribers tab

When you Follow a user on Twitter you will see all his latest tweets in your timeline. Same is the concept with Facebook’s Subscribe button. By subscribing to someone on Facebook you will immediately start seeing his updates in your News Feed. Of course you can also choose if you only want to see his important updates and not all of them.

What’s the perk?

The one unique feature which i found in this button is that you can also Subscribe to the updates of a person who is not your friend. It also works vice versa. If you want you can also share your updates to others by turning on the Allow Subscribers feature on their Subscriptions page. Ain’t it neat?

So tell us if you enjoyed this feature by dropping in a comment. How many people have you subscribed to yet?

Source: Facebook


Facebook new features 2011

Facebook 3 New Changes 2011: Better Privacy, Unwanted tagging, Past Post Visibility


Facebook has recently rolled out new changes to its interface in 2011. These 3 new changes consists of Better Privacy control when sharing posts, Remove unwanted tags of you, Change the visibility of your post after it has been published.

These changes hit to me just today, perhaps Facebook is going alphabetically in releasing its new changes. So lets get down and review these changes one by one. In addition you can also add location to your posts and tag people who you were with then.

FIRST CHANGE: Post status updates to a specific group of people.

While posting a status on Facebook, you now have the option to choose whom you want it to see. Just press the small gears icon in the lower right corner of the status box. While posting an update, choose from Public (Everybody), Friends (Your Friends only), Custom (Specific People only). Now your status message is seen only by the people who are eligible to see it.

Facebook new feature 2011 better privacy control

No need to worry if you did a mistake in selecting the visible persons. You can change it even after you have published a post. Just select the gears icon and change it back again.

SECOND CHANGE: Get rid of unwanted Photo tags.

This is the feature lot of people were concerned about on Facebook. So how to get rid of them, here’s what you have to do.

Go to Privacy Settings and then click on Custom box.

Facebook new feature 2011 remove tagging

Now click Edit Settings in front of How Tags Work feature.

Facebook new feature 2011 remove tagging 2

Next click on Profile Review and turn it on.

Facebook new feature 2011 remove tagging 3

That’s it. Now whenever any of your Friends tags you in a Photo, you have got to approve them before they start displaying on your profile. As soon as a Friend tags you will receive a notification. After you click it you will be taken to the Wall tab where a sub-tab called Pending Posts will appear which will help you Approve or Disapprove the Photo tags. Easy isn’t it?

THIRD CHANGE: Change the visibility of your older posts.

Many a times we think whether to make this status Public or Private and later go with Public anyway. Facebook has now released a nice feature wherein you can change all of your older posts visibility to only your Friends. Don’t worry you wont need to sit the whole night and change the visibility for every specific post.

Facebook new feature 2011 manage post post visibility

 Just flyover to the Privacy Settings and click Manage Past Post Visibility where it says Limit the Audience for Past Posts. Then click on Confirm. That’s it, you are done.

NOTE: This feature cannot be undone. After you have clicked on Confirm there is no way back!

If you are looking to learn more about these features or see a short video tutorial by Facebook go here.

So these were the new Facebook changes in 2011 which we got to see. Comment if you liked this story and please share your views of how you feel about these new features with us. We would like to hear from each one of you. Do you like em?

via CNET


Facebook Ad Tips – Create and Grow a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Gathering a good number of likes on your companies or business’s facebook fan page can be a daunting task. Furthermore this is only the beginning to getting exposure for whatever it is you are creating a campaign for. After this, you will need to narrow down and filter those that are really ready to try your product or service.  If you are stranded on how to accentuate traffic to your facebook page, no worries. This is what this article is about.  So, let’s look at some of the avenues that you can explore to drive traffic to your web page and run a productive Like campaign

1) Utilize the Tag feature

Facebook website has a very easy way to help you tag photos and links. Employ this important tool for your fan page. However you need to do this very tactfully lest you appear as just another person trying to sell something. Creatively chosen words will help you get around this.

2)Use the Suggest to Friends feature

This is another helpful feature that you can use. As alluded in the first point, creativity is key. How you structure your words to divert them to your page will determine the like that you will get. Structure your sentences informatively and interestingly.

3)Incorporate Contests, Giveaways, Promotions

You will rarely go without getting a considerable number of Likes with this approach. People tend to try out if the free offers you are trying are for free. Be sure that the freebies you are offering are worthy. Also ensure that your visitors like your page before getting the free offer. Employ monitoring tools for your offer just keep a marker on how much you giving out and evaluate what response it’s getting you.

4)Link your Facebook and twitter account

Twitter is another top ranking social site whose platform you can utilize. You can increase you fan potential by linking your facebook account to twitter. This makes you twitter followers fans on facebook and you fans followers. This also follows that your facebook posts will automatically appear on twitter with an accompanying link Cool!!

5)Utilize accompanying facebook social plug-ins.

This is another helpful tool that can accumulate likes from your website. These plug-ins are tagged to your facebook page but appear as a like box on your website. In this way, visitors do not even have to visit your page. These plug-ins are customizable such that you can have it show the most recent posts and what other fans are saying. If your website attracts huge traffic, this plug-in can significantly increase your like numbers

6)Use Personal profile as Your Page

This requires caution as you are using your personal profile to comment and like your product or those for the company you are working for. It does extend your interests to other people and hence their feedback on what you are advocating. This is an avenue that can get you new fans but rather unexploited for lack of knowledge or tact.

7)Advertize with Facebook Ads

This is a primary and effective way of acquiring fans. You can even target a specific location when you what your ads to run and also target a specific age group or gender for your product. What you need is a simple self explanatory image and relevant accompanying text. Always include a like link at the bottom in case your viewers don’t click to your site.

Facebook is a global affordable platform where you can get your products known Harness its potential and increase your sales as well as our product’s recommendation. It will not happen overnight. Patience and persistence is required. Remember that it is not practice that makes perfect but it is perfect practice that does. Have fun as you apply these tips.



5 Social Media Optimization Tips for Newbies


The world “Social” means that people are involved, and whenever there is people intervention, there will be some rules, guidelines, ethics and must follow tips. Social Media has also some rules etc that should be followed in order to use it in effective way. Social Media plays very important role in our lifes.  From a doctor to accountant, students to teachers, businesses to companies it plays important role in every one’s life. However the real benefits from social media websites will only start if used in proper way.

The following tips will help you to get maximum benefits from social media websites.

1. About

    Who are you, why you are using Social Media websites, what you want to get etc… You must provide all these information in your profile, so that everyone can know that who you are. Make it clear for the readers that what is your goal.

    2. Information

      Are you providing information to the world, What people think about you, Are you beneficial to the world.  Such questions are also important and you should provide quality information to your network if you are using SM sites form your business promotion or for building network.

      3. Timing

        How often you use social media in your daily life. Are you daily user or just for the time being.  If you want to get maximum benefits from Social Media websites, then you will have to spend a regular time in order to build a strong network for your business promotion.

        4. Interaction

          Listen to your friends, learn and interact with your friends. It will enlarge your network and build strong relationship with your existing network. Relationship Marketing works great in these social media websites.

          5. Don’t Force

            If you are affiliate Marketer, then don’t force your friends for buying your products. Convince them and make them feel that the product you are selling is useful. Don’t spam your network, provide meaning full, legit, healthy and informative information to your network.

            This post is written by Mark, who manages the online marketing for Fortepromo Promotional products, a Minnesota-based promotional stress balls company, for over three years.


            Download Free Yellow Social Media Icon Set by Nicholas Francis


            You Can Share Everything and Anything in just a Click of a Button! All Thanks to Social Media Services like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit etc. You could always Enhance the Rate of Sharing of your Content by Attracting your Users with Powerful, Nicely designed Social Media Icons..

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            This Icons are Available at different dimensions from 32×32 pixels to 150×150 pixels.

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