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Social Media’s Big, Grown Up Future

by NehaAugust 13, 2016

Social Media’s Big, Grown Up Future 2016 is, allegedly, a breakthrough year for social media. We’ve seen more activity on social media sites than ever before. And now the technology is even influencing the course of democracy itself. Just look at how Donald Trump has used it to his advantage over the last 14 months […]

Pinterest Invites Giveaway: Grab one and join in the fun on the newest Social Network

by AnonymousFebruary 11, 2012
Pinterest is out. Start grabbing invites and get into the social network

Pinterest is a Social Network which was recently announced. Today we are handing out Pinterest invites for you exclusively. If you want to join in the newest social network, please make a request in the comments section. Pinterest has been trending a lot lately. You wouldn’t have heard but Pinterest is a great way to […]

Bump up your Klout score: Add Google+ to your Klout network

by AnonymousNovember 27, 2011
Klout and Google+

Klout, believed to be the most popular influence measurer of your social activities on the web has got a new addition in its network. Its the brand new Google+. Yes the Klout team now has officially added Google+ which will make your Klout scores boom even higher. Klout announced in their official blog post, Our […]

Microsoft Socl: A sneak peek at Microsoft's very own Social Network

by AnonymousNovember 17, 2011
Microsoft Socl releasing shortly

Remember how we told you earlier that Microsoft was quietly developing its own social network named Tulalip. Well the name has been changed but the story remains true. Yes now we have more pics and a sneak peek arranged for you, of this very secret project by Microsoft. Screenshot credit: The Verge Luckily Thomas Houston, […]

Facebook joins hands with eBay to drive future e-Commerce

by AnonymousNovember 7, 2011
facebook earns revenue with the new xcommerce system

The world’s top social networking platform Facebook and online vendor cheap viagra canada eBay have joined hands together for what is called a new social shopping experience. For the project, eBay will integrate Facebook Open Graph 2.0 functionality into its international e-commerce systems. X.commerce, a new business platform under eBay is to materialize the new […]

Unthink: A new social network to take on the bigger chums

by AnonymousNovember 1, 2011
UNTHINK - yet another social network

Unthink is the newest social network launched by the UNTHINK Corporation which is a Tech based company in US. It plans to eliminate popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, at least that’s what is depicted in the video they have launched to promote their social network. By the time Google+ had been […]

Take advantage of Facebook's new timeline to know who unfriended you

by AnonymousSeptember 25, 2011
How to know who unfriended you on Facebook

With the release of the new Facebook timeline feature you must be pretty excited to use Facebook. But there are many other improvements yet to launch on the most popular social network. One of the most needed feature we all were looking for is how to get notified when someone unfriends you. Although not available […]

Facebook adds Subscribe button. Subscribe to anyone and get updates!

by AnonymousSeptember 17, 2011
Facebook Subscribe button

Facebook recently introduced a new Subscribe button on their social network. Just a week ago Facebook had introduced new privacy features and now it is in full swing in making new additions to their interface. This Subscribe button that Facebook has launched recently behaves very similar to Twitter’s Follow button. At least that’s what folks at CNET have […]

Facebook 3 New Changes 2011: Better Privacy, Unwanted tagging, Past Post Visibility

by AnonymousSeptember 4, 2011
Facebook new features 2011

Facebook has recently rolled out new changes to its interface in 2011. These 3 new changes consists of Better Privacy control when sharing posts, Remove unwanted tags of you, Change the visibility of your post after it has been published. These changes hit to me just today, perhaps Facebook is going alphabetically in releasing its […]