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Google Reshapes Sitelinks Layout


What are Site Links?
Sitelinks are Useful Links to a Site’s Interior Pages..Not every site have sitelinks. Google generates these links automatically depending on the popularity of the links.

As You Can see, The Earlier Sitelinks displayed by Google had a format where in addition to The Search Result(Title, Desc and Link) we used to see 4 or Upto 8 exclusively Generated links for the Sites sometimes even a SearchBox!!

The All New Google Sitelinks

To Make Things still easy and Reachable, Google has introduced a New layout for its Generated Sitelinks…The All New Sitelinks layout comes with Three Levels almost covering 33% of your Computer Screen and Taking the Place of 3 Search Results.. With The New Look of Google Sitelinks, WebSite’s Content is Exposed in a Better and Efficient way..
Let’s have a look at new Sitelinks for digg

As You Can See.. There is an Extra Object added in the center, which we call It as Subtitle … The Subtitle Link comes with a small 70 character description… Following this, there is place for 12 Sitelinks which forms Three Separate Columns.. The Last link generally being Even More >>

It is Important to Notice the SubTitle link Present in the Center indicating the Most Visited/Popular/High PR link among all the Available Sitelinks.. The Center Link with Desrciption is available for some of the Popular sites like digg, flickr, yahoo and other Big Sites.. However, The Current no of 8 Sitelinks appearing in 2 columns is now increased to 12 links which fits in 3 columns.. which shall Improve your Site’s Visibility exposing more and more Popular Links to your Users…

PS: Sitelinks layout are Subject to Change and depends on Browser factor… The New Sitelinks might be under Testing and appears in Google Chrome Browser… If You cannot see new Layout of Sitelinks, you might want to wait for some more days…