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One Similarity between Blogging and Math that You Must be Aware Of

You read it right! Well, don’t say me Blogging and math is similar because both deal with Money, income, tax and stuff. 😛
It’s neither correct if you say the former is as difficult as the latter, too.

Well, make a note.

Blogging and Math are similar, Formulas is the key

Each successful Blog has a formula behind the screen, which is serving them as a driving force.

Formulas is the key, in the field of Blogging

The Chaaps Formula

The formula that runs the Chaaps blog is:

Spot, Notice, Attack

  1. Spot: Spot a blog that is way ahead of you [At least around a difference of Alexa rank 10k to 15k]
  2. Notice: Notify the person who runs your target blog, so that he also tries to go ahead. Hence, you’ll have a better competition and hence improve.
  3. Attack: Do you think I’ll advice you to work hard? No, smart work is the key to success. Make the most of twitter and Facebook and concentrate on SEO. Well, meanwhile don’t forget to add content with consistent frequency.

What’s your formula? Share with us by commenting. We guarantee, nobody will steal your confidential formula! 🙂

SEO Site Tools: The Chrome extension that gives Pin-and-Point information about any website

SEO Site Tools is a Google Chrome extension that shows you the On-Page/External metrics, Social Media info, PR/ numbering on Yahoo, Bing, Google Search Engine Result Pages [SERPs]. It also shows up WMT, YSE and GA with metrics. Read on to know more about the extension in detail:

Searching all information about a website in just a click
Searching all information about a website in just a click

External Page Data

External page data
External page data

<View full size image>

1. Alexa Rank

  • Backlinks
  • Popularity (Rank)
  • 6 Months traffic chart

2. Google

  • Page Rank
  • Indexed pages
  • Page cache date

3. Yahoo!

  • Indexed pages
  • Page links
  • Domain links

4. Bing

  • Indexed pages
  • Page Cache date

5. SEOMoz linkscape

  • Page links
  • Page authority
  • Domain authority
  • Domain Rank

6. Miscellaneous websites such as…
Compete, Dmoz, Majestic SEO, SEM Rush and Quanticast.

Page Elements

Page elements
Page elements

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  • HTML and CSS validation [by W3C]
  • Canonical URLs
  • Page headers
  • Image tags with alt info.

Social Media Reactions

Social media reactions
Social media reactions

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  • Facebook Shares, Comments and likes
  • Digg: Page digg info, Domain diggs
  • Twitter: Recent tweets, total tweet count
  • del.icio.us bookmarks and tags
  • Google buzz shares
  • StumbleUpon views
  • Reddit points

Domain and Server info

Domain and server info
Domain and server info

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  • Server Software
  • Hosting Company
  • WhoIs information
  • IP Geolocation [With map]
  • DNS information
  • Other sites on same IP
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml detection



<View full size image>

This is the best part of this extension as far as my opinion is concerned. Based on the information gathered from the above sites/services SEO Site tools gives you around 11 suggestions. Suggestions include:

  1. Link quality
  2. Titled tag
  3. Meta description
  4. Keyword tags
  5. Image alt tags
  6. Canonical link tag
  7. GZip compression
  8. Page size
  9. Stopwords in title
  10. Text phone number
  11. URL length

Liked SEO Site tools? Then why wait? Go get SEO Site tools!
Link: SEO Site tools

You can also view the official video by the developers of SEO Site Tools:

Share your thoughts about this extension! 🙂

Google Webmaster Tools revamped with more Functionalities and Stats


Google Webmaster is the One Stop for all your Search Engine related Needs for your website.

Google Webmaster Tools has rolled out new features recently. Some of the Features being,

1. Capability of adding/removing Owners to Site
2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Search Engine Queries
3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs)

Let’s Discuss it one by One…

Capability of adding/removing Owners to Website
Earlier Google Webmaster Tools allowed only 1 administrator per website, and it sounded bit weired as there was a need for More than one person to handle bigger websites. Now Google has rolled out the feature of adding more owners for a single website. Check out the Option in the homepage

To add a New User to Your Webmaster tools. Click on “Add User” and enter their email id (Google Account)

2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Top Search Queries
This feature is not entirely new. Earlier the No of Impressions vs Clickthrough for the particular query made was not listed. Now with the Introduction of this feature one could easily know the Percentage of Clickthroughs for impressions. This could easily help you to get an idea on SERPs of your pages. (That is How likely your search results are clicked per query, and how much you rank for the keyword)

You Could see the above stats in your Dashboard of selected site. Expand it to View Complete Details.

3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs)
Stats when represented in a graphical manner helps in understanding your website’s Search Engine Traffic in better way.. Provides more Perfect Insights with the feel of “Google Analytics”. Here is how the Graphs looks in webmasters (Impressions vs Clickthroughs)..

To See Graphical Stats for your Webpage Expand “Your site on the web” >> “Top Search Queries” in your Webmaster Panel.

That’s it..

Every New Feature which Google adds to webmaster tools benefits Publishers in knowing their site better and provides More Control over the Site.