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Send Merry Christmas Cards and Holiday Wishes to Your Facebook Friends

It’s time to make merry and share the joy with friends on this Christmas. One good gift that anyone would enjoy is wishing them whole heartedly. Now send christmas cards and holiday wishes to your facebook friends easily in just two steps.

Christmas gifts

Wish your friends a Merry Christmas by posting christmas cards directly to your friends’ walls on facebook. There are many applications for christmas but the most popular applications we’ve seen are listed below

All you need to do is Click on the application link, allow it to access your account, select your gifts and send it to your facebook friends. Simple and Easy ? Now Go ahead ..

1. Christmas Wishes

2. Christmas Cards by Kari

3. Send A Christmas Card

4. Christmas Cards!

God is Love ,
Christmas is all about love ,
Christmas is thus about God and Love.

Teach your children the True Meaning of Christmas!

** Merry Christmas to All **

Santa on Twitter?


So today i was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be great if Santa was on twitter. Well i thought long and hard, and searched, and searched, for hours on twitter finding the official twitter account.


Well i gave up on searching and decided to call the north poll to ask Santa’s little helpers a question. Well i was hold for awhile (typical) but you got give them le-way for the hard work they do. So after an hour someone answers. Yay i said to my self.

So after having a brief conversation on what i want for Christmas i asked the golden question. “Elf, does Santa have twitter?”, The elf answered “sorry, but no”. This nearly broke my heart. But than the elf said “but we the elve’s have twitter”. This made me jump up and down with joy.

After exchanging information with the Elf, i finally followed them. So now i am enjoying the beauty of the Elve’s profile pic. And having them tweet the big count down for Christmas.

So i continued talking to the Elf, and the Elf gave me a little secret. “We may have some giveaways”.

So now we can all enjoy following the elve’s. Don’t worry i shall let you know there username.

To follow the elves follow them at @thenorthpoll or http://www.twitter.com/thenorthpoll

Also make sure you send them a tweet telling them what you want for Christmas.

Happy Holidays