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Salman Khan says HI to Prachi Desai in New Wheel Advertisement


I didn’t believe this until I actually saw it! When a friend of mine mentioned that the latest Wheel detergent ad features Salman Khan, I was like, “”You crazy??? Why will Salman Khan endorse a detergent?”

But alas, I was proved wrong! After endorsing a particular soft drink brand, telling us to wear branded clothes , Sallu now tells us why we should all be buying Wheel detergent powder!

Sallu is ably supported by co-star, Prachi Desai – who plays the role of the dutiful wife with the “oh-my-detergent-is-horrible” look on her face. Of course, she is irritated that her mud-color detergent is ruining her clothes and is visible upset. Then, comes our dear Sallu, trying to cheer her up. But she will have none of it. And then comes the true saviour – Wheel!!! Our dear Sallu, throws the old detergent out of the window and hands over the newone to Prachi (btw, she now gives the “I-dont-think-this-will-work” look )
But surprise, surprise!! The clothes are stain-free, dust free and also get a shiny look (I’m sure even brand new clothes wont have that glossy look – the power of graphics u see :P) And now, Prachi & Sallu do a little jig and are eventually mesmerized by the sweet flowery fragrance that the clothes are emitting.

After watching this ad, the one thought that came to my mind was, “Sallu, Are you so desperately in need of some cash that you agreed to pose for a detergent ad”? This comes as a complete departure from the macho image that he had built up over all these years. Is he trying to impress the average Indian housewife so that she watches “Veer”?? Or is he so deep in debt that he had to resort to doing such ads to payback the moneylenders?

Hmm….I think its the latter 🙂


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