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Norton Safe Web For Facebook


So i am one of the many Norton users that was asked to use the 2011 beta version of the Norton Anti-Virus Client. While checking it out and looking at its new features i found something that should be used by all of us.

While going to scan my computer with the anti-virus client something was different. I noticed a new option “Facebook Wall Scan”.

Facebook has millions of links posted on there users walls a day. And about about 17% of them are not good links, as in it may leave to a phishing site, porn may be posted to your FB wall (has happened to people in the past!), and not to mention websites that download virus or spyware to your computer.

Well it appears Norton has stepped and finally created a Facebook Application that is required by all. Also don’t worry you don’t need to be a Norton user at this time to use the Application. Its free and anyone can use it (http://apps.facebook.com/nortonsafeweb/)

The application is easy and simple to use. All it does is exract posts from your facebook friends live stream, and it indicates sites that are safe, and not safe.

After testing out this here are my results:

Keep in mind this application is new and you may find a couple of issues alone the way. Also go check out the app and come back here with your results.