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What is Fb.com all about? [Rumor]

And yes, the breaking news all o’er the web is that Facebook acquired the domain fb.com, earlier today. But what was puzzling me is not why Facebook took this domain, but I wonder what is fb.com going to be used for?

Facebook's newly bought domain fb.com
Facebook's newly bought domain fb.com

What I’ve Spotted

I made a status update which you can find at http://www.facebook.com/murugappan.meiyappan/posts/168365589853827

When I replace ‘facebook.com’ with ‘fb.com’, again it redirects to the same status update. [See: http://www.fb.com/murugappan.meiyappan/posts/168365589853827]

I suppose, let me say I wish fb.com can be used as a URL shortener to point permalinks just like each article is given it’s unique URL in StumbleUpon’s su.pr.

What they say

Mashable said this may be intended for E-mail address for facebook employees similar to Yahoo! using yahoo-inc.com for their employees. Some say it is only for internal use, some say it will be made public in few weeks. Some say it is a good move, some say this move wasn’t as necessary.

Well, this rumor’s hitting nine walls and Facebook freaks have started to go psychic at it. We are looking forward to hear from facebook about this. Also, we’d love to hear from you on this news through your comments. 🙂