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EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac: Review


It is always a pleasure to review softwares from EaseUS. EaseUS is a pioneer when it comes to data recovery softwares.  While there are plenty of recovery softwares in the market, EaseUS recovery software has gained natural trust from its users because of the design and ease-of-use which it offers. Today, we will be reviewing the all new EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac.

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac

Follow these steps to recover lost/deleted Mac data using EaseUS:

Step 1: Once you have completed the installation. You can launch EaseUS Mac data recovery program from the Applications tab.  You will have to choose the required file types that you wish to recover.

Step 2:  You might have multiple storage devices / partitions attached.  In order to recover the lost data, please specify the right location/drive. Remember, EaseUS is  also capable to recover data from external devices like USB Pendrives, Memory card, External HDD etc.  Kindly make sure that you have righty connected these devices before you proceed to next step.  Additionally you can check the status of data protection by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Even for Mac).


Step 3:   In this step we will list out the various options available for you in this recovery software. First and foremost, search for lost or deleted files – You can do this in 2 ways – By making use of “quick scan” or  “deep scan” option.  While the quick scan option is little bit quick and works neatly under urgent situations, the Deep scan functionality does a pretty effective job in finding the deleted or totally inaccessible data. Deep scan option can be used when there is a crisis-like situation where you are completely out of hand to recover the lost data. Please note that Deep scan might take some additional time as it hunts down every nuke and corner of your disk for the anomaly and finds it recover the same.

Step 4:  Last but not the least, this is a pretty important final step. The EaseUS Data Recovery software provides an option to filter all those files that have been found in the previous step. You can clearly preview all the recoverable Mac files and get everything recovered in a very faster way.

Supported devices

While we know, the EaseUS Data recovery software gets the job done. Let us have a look at the supported devices:

  • Mac Notebook and Desktop
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • Memory Card
  • USB Drive
  • Digital Camera
  • iPod / MP3 / MP4 player
  • SD cardCF/XD/MMC card
  • Camcorder

System Requirements

The Mac version of EaseUS Data Recovery software runs on following versions of Mac.

  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Please note that this recovery software requires a computer of atleast 1Ghz processor speed and space of 32Mb for installation of the software.

Currently, The Ease US Data Recovery software supports following filesystem types: APFS, HFS+, HFS X, FAT (FAT16, FAT32), exFAT and NTFS.

Our Verdict

To summarize the latest Ease US Data Recovery software provides a trustable end-to-end solution for any type of mac data recovery. The software is easy to use and has been designed exclusively for recovering the data under panic circumstances. If you are someone who has lost very important files of yours like documents, music, videos etc, the EaseUS Data recovery software is clearly a saviour for you. Our review of this software is positive and we suggest everyone to choose this amazing product by EaseUS for recovering the data. You can download the data recovery software by EaseUS from here.

What’s New in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Version 11.0?


What’s New in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Version 11.0?

In this article we will discuss about the latest features available in one of the industry’s best data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, a software program which is exclusively available to protect and recover data even during catastrophic conditions like hardware failure, corrupted disks etc.

The all new Easeus Data Recovery Wizard has now been upgraded to latest version 11.0 :

  • The latest software update brings in a new  updated interface which makes the entire data recovery process easier than the earlier one’s.
  • The version 11.0 of Easeus Data Recovery now gets an improved  scanning process which you can use it to track the lost data very effectively and efficiently.
  • In this version you can also optimize file filtering function after scanning for easy recovery.
  • The updated Easeus Data recovery software now  gets new language addition: Turkish and Arabic.


We can break the functionalities of EaseUS data recovery software into 3 parts:

Data recovery software

Data is something which is very important and crucial – especially the files that are stored on your personal computer/devices. When we say data – we are referring to those important pictures, files,  movies, documents,  music, virtually everything that can accessed through a computer device. What do you do when your system fails and you are in the verge of losing all the data, you would probably search for free data recovery software isn’t it?  EaseUS software is one stop recovery solution for all  the queries for data recovery software free.

Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files

Imagine a scenario when you want to recover the files that are in the Trash or Recycle bin.  The proprietary technology of EaseUS Data Recovery Software free handles this situation pretty well. All you are required to do is select the option to recover the recycle bin. Once the process starts you should be able to see all the files which were originally deleted or those files which was removed by you unintentionally.  This software’s ability to recover deleted files is just amazing and we are very impressed with how the product is engineered and built keeping all the aspects of data recovery in mind.

EaeUS Data Recovery Software

Memory Card / Hard Drive Recovery

Are you someone who uses storage extensions for your mobile, camera or computers? What we mean by storage extension is products like USB devices, memory cards and external hard drives.

If you are an avid photographer, you will know the pain of losing all those important photos which you captured during an important event like birthdays, parties, travel, trips, long rides etc. Generally all these wonderful captures are recorded on extension devices like memory cards. Good news is this software can even scan for external storage devices like memory cards , USB sticks, external hard drives and can efficiently bring back your files with ease without much of an hassle. All you need to do is to select the scan option to recover the data in memory card.

You can watch the below video to understand and  use the recovery software. Please watch it below:

Still not convinced by this software? You might want to try their latest EaseUS Data Recovery software which is absolutely free!

What is your take on EaseUS Data Recovery Software? Would you consider using it? Let us know by commenting below.

Download IE9. Microsoft Releases IE9 platform preview

Microsoft seem to be quite busy these day. After continues criticism for ie6,ie7,ie8 they will be, in a few months gonna come out with IE9. They couldn’t wait till their development team could come up with a proper build so the team decided to showcase the platform preview to the masses,

Well you can download the platform preview from



If you are expecting to start browsing in IE9 . Forget it . Its just a  rudimentary platform preview and  it doesn’t even have navigation :).

What IE9 promises

  • Best html5 rendering
  • hardware accelerated performance
  • Better java engine

The IE9 claims to have the best java processing engine. It is said to use Chakra engine to process the java code.Not only that the team claim to use different core of a processor if your computer has to process the page.Thus making it faster that others.

We all have seen sites which shows what html5 can offer.The question now is which browser is gonna render is faster. IE9 according to IE9 is gonna render the page faster than any other browser.

Well wat can i say ?? I have downloaded the preview and seen it .Its nice but its kinda slow.Well not sure if the release build gonna be any better but will sure wait for it. Will i stop using firefox or chrome ??? Hmmm i don think so . and btw opera has one of the best html 5 rendering capabilities.

Google Buzz – Do you like it???

The latest topic in tech town is Google’s Buzz service. With the popularity of Orkut decreasing day by day and stiff challenges from competitors like Facebook & MySpace, Google would not want to make any more mistakes now. And looks like Google is ready to compete with the microblogging world too. Google’s Buzz service seems to be an open challenge to highly popular microblogging site, “Twitter”.

Buzz was launched about a week back and is already gaining popularity among the net savvy. But, I have my own reservations about it. Of course, the best part of Buzz is that it is integrated into gmail. Thats good news because you don’t have to build your friends network right from the scratch. And you don’t have to bother to follow anybody either. You can automatically receive updates from all your gmail contacts. And you can even share pictures and videos too.

But what are the minuses with Buzz??? If you’re a businessman using an official gmail id, then I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate receiving Buzz messages in your inbox. And you would hate it when hundreds of your official contacts end up following you on Buzz.

Being a great admirer of Google and their innovative strategies, I’m naturally disappointed with Google Buzz. I’ve always expected something “new” from the software giants. But lets face it folks – Buzz is a rip-off of twitter. Providing support for multimedia, giving it a new look or integrating it with gmail does not make Buzz any way better than twitter. Google should have tried to come out with a new path-breaking concept and we all know that they are best at doing that!

So, in conclusion, Buzz seems to be a last minute contigency plan by Google to make sure that they remain in the competitive social networking market. Hope that Google comes out with something bigger, better and innovative next time

[REVIEW] Phir Mile Sur – A Disappointment

The much hyped “new” version of the old classic “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara…” was finally aired today amidst a lot of high expectations. Did it live up to it? My answer would be a big NO! I was terribly disappointed to see my favourite song being ruptured indignantly 🙁

Mile Sur started on a promising note with A R Rahman playing on his continuum keyboard.Soon Amitabh Bachhan lent his voice to the opening verses of the song. So far…so good. But as the song progressed, I discovered that it was nothing more than a mere showcase of Bollywood’s leading men and ladies. Aishwarya Rai with her hubby, Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Shahrukh Khan,Salman Khan and you have Deepika Padukone in the midst wearing an itsy-bitsy outfit and a plastic expression on her face. Deepika…are you posing for a soap ad???

And thats not all! Aamir Khan still seems to be in his Taare Zameen Par mood and his bit looks like a cross between “Aati Kya Khandala” and “Bum Bum Bole”! Shahrukh gives his typical hand-stretched pose and when Shahid Kapur croons Mile Sur with a mike in his hand, I threw up my hands in despair!! Of course, there are many regional actors who do their bit. The makers must have suddenly realized that there was too much of bollywood and so they have managed to cramp a lot of sportspersons towards the end of the song. Finally India’s armed forces are depicted at the end of the song. Its ironical that the most deserving of them all gets the least screen space! Isn’t it??

I feel that the original purpose of the song has been defeated in the new version. The old one focused more on national integrity and was also showcased the various regions in India and their cultural affinities. You had a coorgi family signing “nanna Dhwani ye ninna Dhwaniya…” , a elephant mahout singing in malayalam, tribals from Nagaland in their traditional attire and so on and so forth. So, the message “Unity in Diversity” was crystal clear.

Unfortunately, in the new one, you have Salman & Priyanka singing with physically challenged children and Mahesh Babu comforting the old. I agree that it is a noble cause but what is this doing in a video on National Integration? I’m sure the makers could have made an entirely different video if they wanted to deliver a “Save the girl child” or ” Support the Old and forsaken” message.

Of course, I do agree that the new song has been shot well and choreographed well. The musicians have definitely given their best. But there is a “certain thing” that seems to be missing in the new version.
I really wish that the makers of the song had concentrated more on preserving the beauty of the original. But instead, the final product is all glamour and glitz, Bollywood-ish and evokes little interest in the viewer.