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The Four R’s of Twitter that Can Make you A Superstar!

Twitter’s emerging and so is the confusion among the beginners. People in twitter often end up trying ultra-complicated methods to get twitter success – replies, retweets and followers, to be precise. How do we get all the success in super-simple methods?

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You might already be knowing that what you yield is what you sow – so, is the case wit the twitter crop. Do the good, expect the better.

The four R’s of twitter

  • Read: Read the tweets in your timeline, at least for a while in a day. Then react. Then the result, will come.
  • React:
    • Reply: Make an acquaintance, catch a friend, accompany them in their tough times – in twitter as well. Make them smile, they’ll make you smile too. Make sure you don’t reply with a link to an acquaintance so that they might suspect a spam bot in you.
    • Retweet: Holy tweet, this is divine! Retweeting is a great way to turn the tweeter’s eyes towards you. But make sure that you retweet only what your followers also like. Say for example someone tweets about cricket, I shouldn’t retweet it for most of my followers hate the game of cricket.
  • Result: Guess what!? If you have did all the above steps perfect, you’ll get back the same – exactly the same.

Let me know your views and do let me know what strategies you use to be a twitter superstar : Leave a comment.

Re-Tweet to get yourself tweeted


Since the time, fashion of RT’s ( Retweets ) has started, you must have noticed one thing now and then. Whenever you retweet your followers tweets they revert back by retweeting your tweets. Fair enough, you tweet my thing and i will appreciate it by tweeting your’s. It’s just plain give and take.

Retweet 001

However, one thing that i dont like about it is that those who follow
this rule dont actually value the tweets. One thing that i want to ask all those reading this post is, ‘Do you retweet others tweet just
because of doing so or you do because they are of some value ? ‘What I personally think and do is only give value to others tweets by tweeting only those tweets which have some value and not just for the sake of doing it !
In my opinion tweeters who follow such a senseless practice are single minded and are only concerned about themselves. Also, such a mindset forces a person to be active on twitter and keep a watch on other tweets. And by ‘active’ i mean tweeting and retweeting.

Whats even more sadening is that more and more twitter users are following this trend. It is like a thumb rule for many of them.

Before concluding this post i would request all those twitter users
who are in the habit of following such a practice to please value the tweets of others and to retweet only those tweets that you think are of some value rather than retweeting blindly and for the sake of doing it or ‘impressing‘ your followers !

Hope you enjoyed reading the post, dont forget to leave a comment stating your view. I am keenly looking forward to your opinion.