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Nachofoto’s Realtime Image Search is a Great tool for Bloggers


We all Know about Google Image Search, which has over millions of millions of Images indexed there! and of course there is no second thought about calling it “Best Image Search Engine”.
Here is a New Kid on the block “Nachofoto“, which could Threaten even the Famous Google Image Search!

The BEST Reason why you have to try Nachofoto is It Indexes the Images in Real-time and remember you could get the Most Fresh Copy of the Image which you wished to have.

Think about an Image Search Engine which Constantly updates the Photos in the Real-Time! Yes, Just like You search for Real-Time Tweets on Web (Twitter way) . Nachofoto Indexes Images which are found on web at Real-Time.

Good Tool for Bloggers

Bloggers will always be busy searching for the New Events and Happenings, Everyday and everytime. Most of the Bloggers have a motto “The Faster you deliver the news, the Greater you gain trust of your Readers“. A Quick Post on Recent happenings can always do the Trick.. Post Creation is NOT an Easy job, and more than that getting the Right Image for the Post is a challenge.

Nachofoto serves as the solution . Nachofoto helps in fetching you the Images which is most current. More Over, it Lists out the Current Trending topics and Updates the Images in Real-Time, which helps the News Makers to get most out of it. A Very Powerful Online Resource!

Screenshot of Homepage of Nachofoto listing the Current Images (with Trending Topics) in Timeline.

Nachofoto: Visit

Have you tried Nachofoto? What tool do you use to get Images for your blog? Hope this Article has helped you.. If You like this post, Subscribe our Articles on Reader.. Your Comments are appreciated.


Greedy Google Ties up with Twitter to Take on Bing


After Microsoft Bing Officially Launching Real-Time Search Collaborating with Twitter, Search Engine Giant GOOGLE has Made one more breakthrough by showing its happiness in saying even they have made a deal with Twitter.

google twitter

An hour ago Chaaps published a Post, RT Via Bing! Twitter Integration with Bing Makes Tweet life Exciting! how Bing has made news by integrating Twitter. The Bing’s Twitter which is in Beta is available at

Considering Bing’s Twitter Launch as a Major Threat, Google within few hours has made a quick deal with twitter and officially announces it on Google Blog.


Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience writes

At Google, our goal is to create the most comprehensive, relevant and fast search in the world. In the past few years, an entirely new type of data has emerged — real-time updates like those on Twitter have appeared not only as a way for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings, but also as an interesting source of data about what is happening right now in regard to a particular topic.

Given this new type of information and its value to search, we are very excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results. We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data, and we look forward to having a product that showcases how tweets can make search better in the coming months. That way, the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation, say, snow conditions at your favorite ski resort, you’ll find tweets from other users who are there and sharing the latest and greatest information.


I think The Google was Not well Prepared with this unexpected surprises. The Bing’s real-time search with twitter announcement might have resulted in Great Shocker to GOOGLE…
Without giving any Chances, Google has Officially Made that clear even @google is available on your Google Search! Greedy Google is Ready for Everything!

Soon to divert The Bing’s Twitter Issue,Google Announces Social Search [read the Article on Mashable]

The ‘REAL’ Search Engine War Now Begins! of course we can Sit Back and Enjoy…

Link: Twitter Real Time Search on Bing

Waiting for Your Responses. What would be The Future of Twitter on Bing eventually on Google? How Google is Maintaining Monopoly over everything? Do you think Google is Greedy?


RT Via Bing! Twitter Integration with Bing Makes Tweet life Exciting!


No News Can be Bigger Than This..
Bing and Twitter Ties up with a deal.

What is bing-twitter deal?
Now You can Browse your Favorite topics, RT Tweets, Check for the Trending topics, you Can Know What’s hot and What’s Not. Everything directly from Bing Search Engine. Yes. Yes. Yes. You are Not Dreaming! It’s True.

Yes, We Can Says Bing
Twitter on Bing!

Bing has said a big YES to Real time Search by Collaborating with twitter. Bing is Now Shining.This Innovative move by bing has created Breakthrough, Trust Me, The Topic “Bing’s Twitter” gonna Trend and Trend and stay on Top Trending Topics atleast for a week!


How was your Real Time Search Life before?
You are an Enthusiastic, And You want to keep in touch with what world is talking about, What is popular at this point of time?
You want to Know Honest Reviews for a Movie. The Lively News, Just as Raw and Very Raw.

The News with Freshness, will always makes you more Fresh!
And Soon you want something exciting and fresh, you would have definitely visited Twitter! especially The Twitter Search!

Twitter Trending Topics is Just a Reflection of People’s Mind across the world. Twitter says you all… Twitter makes you feel you are one among the all!

This Particular URL had Made your Life a Real Life.


search.twitter.com The Magical URL for everyone.

How is your Real-Time Search Life Now?

With The announcement of Bing’s Integration with Twitter, Rather Bing’s Twitter, The Web has done a Big Salute to Real-Time Searches knowing how important it is to feature a Real-time search within the Web Search.

Now Making your Name to appear in Popular Web Search engines Like Bing is as simple as you drink water!

You want to say to the World, Good Morning Bing! and U gonna Tweet the same. That’s it! Now You are exposed to the whole world just in a fraction of second. The person who is looking to know “What is Bing” will discover your Tweet as worth as any other Popular Seach Results for What is Bing. This is Nothing but Power of Real-Time Search!

Say bye bye to search.twitter.com and Start your Fresh Real enthusiastic life with http://bing.com/twitter. In Short You Must be Thankful to Search Giants like bing who catches your Tweet just in a point in time and Publishes it to the whole world.. Don’t you feel High?? Definitely are you not feeling That you are as Popular as a Celebrity [JOY]!

What is The First Impression you would get when I say Twitter Searches are integrated with Bing? Imagine.. picture youself how it would look! Okay Just as Below!
Big Big Trending Topics Tag Cloud Spreaded all Through The Home Page! and Each Topic showing you some popular Tweets from Popular People!

bing twitter

There is Still More Exciting Things to talk about Bing-Twitter!
Retweet or RT.
Haven’t Heard Before? You will be learning soon..
RT is nothing but Sharing a Favorite tweet of yours to your Friends and followers by giving credits to the owner of tweet(who shared it).

Why RT?
Now you can directly RT Via Bing. As Simple as That. You liked a Tweet for your queried keyword and you want to share it to your world..
RT option in bing’s Twitter’s Tweet could make your Sharing Life Still Easier! Look at The Screenshot below how you could share your Real-Time Search Result

RT via bing

You can Even Play and Pause the Tweets with trending topics which are just Popped on in a second.

All The Best Bing! You Have Done What Other’s Couldn’t do!

Leave your Real Comments about This Recent Mega Move by bing, Integrating Real Time Searches within!

Please Note: Since The Real-Time Twitter Search is enabled in US. you are required to change your Country preferences to US.
However, in Non-US countries you can see the Current Trending topics in twitter at bing.com/twitter and Results.