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Simple Answers to Random Questions: KGB, ChaCha, or Real Advice?


I feel lethargic thinking about he amount of time people invested to gather information before the Internet. They actually had to leave their comfortable home and go search for data. Libraries, speaking to people, interviewing, pounding the pavement, etc.

Obviously, research is still done this way, and God forbid there ever be a day without books or communication, but for quick info these methods are seldom. Now, just plug your query into Google, and voila, information.

However, this has created an even lazier species. When you Google something, you are provided with an almost infantine amount of links and a plethora of information. Must we filter through all of this?

Luckily, there are websites that you can just submit your question and get answers. These search engines combine human brain-power and technology. Ask one of these websites a question and they will furbish you an answer.

Now these sites employ “experts” in the relative field, who are probably just Googling your question and providing you with a summary of what Google said. However, that is not a problem.

Now the accuracy COULD be questionable, and its not recommend you research your business model like this. However, if you need information about what blue tooth will work with your phone and still transmit your mp3s you may be in luck.

Instead of searching on Google, and being overwhelmed with paid ads, or SEO tight web-pages, just let these sites do the work for you. For a fee, ChaCha and KGB can transmit your answer to your cell via text message, or Real Advice will furbish you a free email answer.

The world at your finger tips, that’s what I’m talking about! Information needed = Answer provided. And to think, Charles Darwin had to go all the way to the Galapagos..