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5 Applications to Scan QR Codes from Mobile


QR Code ? What does This Mean? QR Codes are two-dimensional Matrix code which looks something like this.

QR Code for Chaaps.com
QR Code for Chaaps.com
qr code for Business Card
QR Code for My Business Card

You can See QR Codes on Printed Materials which gives information on particular product. QR Stands for Quick Response. Just Like Bar Codes, QR Codes hold the Information like Business Cards, Links, Phone Number, Messages etc… You Can Read QR Codes by Scanning it from your Mobile Camera. You Need an Application to do decode QR Codes, Some Phones comes with Built in 2D Code Reader where it allows you to Scan

Here are few Applications which helps you to decode QR Codes…

1. i-nigma

Download From Mobile Browser here
Download to your Computer here and Transfer to Mobile


Download via Mobile Browser

3.UpCode reader

Install via mobile browser

4.Semacode reader

Download via mobile browser: Here
Download to Computer

5.QuickMark reader

Download to Computer and Transfer

If You have Installed The Apps Successfully , You Must be able to decode above QR Code…

Create your Own QR Code for your Website, Or for your Business Cards by Using This QR Code Generators
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