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Two new IPL teams Kochi and Pune


Well we all love the IPL, don’t we. To add to the fun two more IPL teams have been added so we can see more parts of India battle it out. The holy grail of IPL t20 is fun fun fun and exhilarating fun pushing to the edge of your seat and make you bite the remaining nails off your fingers.

Pune which is also getting quite some recognition as place for IT,business with promising infrastructure. Sahara Adventure Sport bagged Pune for a Whooping Rs.1,702 crore . Well we can be sure that the returns will be more but that shows how much money is involved in this sports entertainment domain.

Kochi not only famous for coconuts and the brains but business minded people who like to make it to top from start to finish in no time. Kochi team was bought by Rendezvous Sports for Rs.1,333 crores though it may be less than the pune team. Do not underestimate them and keep a watch folks. Still Ahmedabad, Nagpur are waiting to be bought 🙂 with a base price of $255 million if u can shell out well u might end up with one team :).With that the next iplt20 will have 94 matches battling it out by 10 teams. Man, is it gonna stretch ? Well we may never know. They might change the match format . Let us wait and watch on that 🙂

Well, Is Lalit modi a happy man Now:)?