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Another Good Move By Blogger: Mobile Templates

Google is getting really serious about its service Blogger. Blogger is coming with a major update every couple of months – Highly customizable themes, analytics, social sharing and more…


Now when I logged in to my Blogger (in draft) dashboard after a long time, I found something popping out and asking me If I want to switch on the Mobile templates for my blogger or not.

Show mobile templateAnd let me tell you, the mobile template feature is really impressive and works faster than expected. The Blogger In Draft blog, says, the highlighting features of Mobile templates in blogger are:

  • Preview: You can preview the mobile template right from your PC. Just go to:

http://yourblogname.blogspot.com/?m=1 – Don’t forget to change ‘yourblogname’ with your blog’s name.

  • Automatic redirection to the mobile view when accessed from a smartphone. [Only if opted ‘yes’ for mobile templates]
  • There are Six different templates for mobile. However, you don’t have the chance to choose one as per your wish – it is fixed according to which template you have running in the Desktop version of your blog.
  • Mobile ads: Adsense support. You know what? Money on the move!
  • You are also capable of viewing multimedia content like videos and you’re also able to comment.

Good move, Blogger! But I still am in love with posterous. 😛

Have your say by dropping by your comments. You might also like to spend two minutes giving a feedback about mobile templates in Blogger to the Blogger team.