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Have You Tried Bing Visual Search?


The era of Visual Search has just arrived! And no….its not the mighty Google this time!!
Surprising?? Microsoft has just overtaken Google by introducing Bing Visual Search.

Visual Search allows you to actually search by a ‘picture‘. Wondering how this is useful?? Simple…I’m sure all of us would have seen a particular celebrity on television, but would have forgotten his/her name. But at the same time, we know how he/she exactly looks like. This is where Bing helps us. Bing provides us visual information structured into galleries from which we can zero in on what we are looking for.

bing world leaders Visual search

Bing currently supports popular celebrities, world leaders, dog breeds, cars , handbags, laptops, books and many more categories. The user interface is very well designed and intuitive. Personally, I think the image transitions are just brilliant! Thanks to SilverLight 🙂

Currently, Visual Search is in its Beta and supported only for US.

Using Visual Search:

Steps You Need to follow To use Bing Visual Search
1. Log onto bing
2. Right click on Country option (here “India”) on the top right corner of bing homepage.

Chane india to US English Country  preferences

3.This leads you to a second page that allows you to change your country preferences. Select Unites States – English.
list of countries bing

After Selecting United States- English, It must Look like This at Right Top..

us bing

4.Now, Click on the link Visual Search in the left hand side of the page

visual search bing

Now, you’re ready to use Visual Search!!

Visual Search may not make Microsoft’s bing the winner in the search engine race, but its a definite indication that the its creators are moving in the right direction. What Say? Share with Us by leaving a Comment.