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Nachofoto’s Realtime Image Search is a Great tool for Bloggers


We all Know about Google Image Search, which has over millions of millions of Images indexed there! and of course there is no second thought about calling it “Best Image Search Engine”.
Here is a New Kid on the block “Nachofoto“, which could Threaten even the Famous Google Image Search!

The BEST Reason why you have to try Nachofoto is It Indexes the Images in Real-time and remember you could get the Most Fresh Copy of the Image which you wished to have.

Think about an Image Search Engine which Constantly updates the Photos in the Real-Time! Yes, Just like You search for Real-Time Tweets on Web (Twitter way) . Nachofoto Indexes Images which are found on web at Real-Time.

Good Tool for Bloggers

Bloggers will always be busy searching for the New Events and Happenings, Everyday and everytime. Most of the Bloggers have a motto “The Faster you deliver the news, the Greater you gain trust of your Readers“. A Quick Post on Recent happenings can always do the Trick.. Post Creation is NOT an Easy job, and more than that getting the Right Image for the Post is a challenge.

Nachofoto serves as the solution . Nachofoto helps in fetching you the Images which is most current. More Over, it Lists out the Current Trending topics and Updates the Images in Real-Time, which helps the News Makers to get most out of it. A Very Powerful Online Resource!

Screenshot of Homepage of Nachofoto listing the Current Images (with Trending Topics) in Timeline.

Nachofoto: Visit

Have you tried Nachofoto? What tool do you use to get Images for your blog? Hope this Article has helped you.. If You like this post, Subscribe our Articles on Reader.. Your Comments are appreciated.


Drag and Drop Photos on Wave – Google Wave SlideShow


You Have So Many Images on Your PC and You wish to Share these Photos to Your Friends in a Very Easy and Fast Way.
Here is a Quick Solution, Using Google Wave.

Google Wave Account.

I recommend you to Use Google Chrome Browser for Better Way to access Wave. Just Enable Google Gears on Your Web Browser, Enabling Google Gears allows You to Drag the Images on your Desktop to The Browser Just on Mouse Movement.

Dragging Photos

Say No to Traditional way of Uploading Photos. Enabling Google Gears Eliminates These Three Steps:

  • Click on The Add file button
  • Selecting The Required Path
  • Clicking on Upload button.

It’s all about Dragging and Dropping on Google Wave! Thanks to Google Gears.

What Next?  How Could You Play These Images as a SlideShow on Google Wave?

Once You have Finished Dragging and Dropping The Photos on Wave. You Could See a Button on Right Bottom “Files” Click on View ¬†SlideShow

view tab

Once You Click on View Slideshow Button You could See a Full Length Enlarged Screen with a Black  Background Covering The Entire Browser Where Your Photos are Played. You Could Slide on different Pictures. Here is a Screenshot Which Shows Google Wave SlideShow

Google Wave Slide Show


You Can Even Copy This Wave to New Wave . Share This Wave to Your Friends by Adding Contacts in wave!

Simple Isn’t It? Have You Enabled Google Gears on Your Computer?