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Start with a Click- Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography and blogging shall come in hand in hand. An year back at chaaps, we kick started with a photography article Top 30+ Flickr Tools to Enhance your Flickr Journey, and today, we have a new member in our crew, Karan Chadha who is passionate with photography and his first article here covers All photography tips for wanna-be photographers! Few important tips for the beginners who really wish to click.

1. Do not go for a professional camera in the beginning.

The love for photography starts when you start clicking. The passion arises if you start clicking few pictures. Bang on..!!! Its possible to get good pictures through a point and shoot camera. The more you click, the more you learn about your camera. You may upgrade to the kind of camera you want, later.

2. Click Click Click

No photography course can improve you as much as you are yourself. All you need to do is to click and click as much as you can. Keep a camera with you and whenever you get time. start clicking.And you never know, you might take advantage of some unexpected opportunities.

3. Shortlist the areas of your interest. As a passion too!

Even if you wish to click pictures and you cannot take your camera around, you need to shortlist your areas of interest. You can choose whatever you wish to click. Street, Portraits, Landscape, Light and whatever you wish to click. Make sure you do a research and note all the important information you observed.

4. Do not go for a perfect shot every time.

The more you click, the more you learn. It happens many times that people cant find subjects in their surrounding. But remember, it takes a deal to live your passion. And you need to stand up and see your surroundings to get your shots. You never know that you might find interesting! Light patterns or lovely macro shots in your veranda. eh.! Often a simple subject makes a best shot.

5. Never ending process.

The more you learn, the more you can learn. The best thing about photography is that its a never ending learning and experience. You can find your source of information everywhere. Look through the eyes of the photographer and you will experience a completely new world.

6. Search the internet.

It’s not just about clicking, but also seeing the work of other people. Taking inspirations and tips from internet and everywhere. You can browse through websites like flickr or deviant art or also facebook to see the work of other photographers.

7. Free softwares and post processing

Photography, is just not limited to clicking. The pictures have to be made presentable. And all the photographers decide how to present their pictures. If you cant use a photoshop then dont worry, you can use softwares like picasa, photscape and gimp that are easy to use and free to download and help in improving the photos upto a great extent.

8. Experimenting with the camera settings

There is no harm in experimenting with your camera settings. You never know your digi cam may be loaded with much more features than you expected. As you explore, just try changing settings of your camera to learn what effects do you like.

9. Be regular.

Try to click photos everyday. Make sure you practice regularly, so that you can set a good hand on your camera and develop a new eye. If you cant click regularly, try participate in various online competitions so as to improve your work. Facebook can be of great help here.

10. Just experiment

If you are using a point and shoot camera, dont be afraid to experiment. Just click it. if you like, save it. And if not, delete it. Just go crazy. Do not be shy and you might learn a lot in the process.

The Author, Karan Chadha would like to hear from you, you could comment your views on this Photography tip by commenting here. Stay tuned with chaaps for continuous news and updates.

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