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Min.us – A Simple, Powerful Tool for Photo Sharing

Photos are to Share with your loved ones and friends. Forget about Flickr, Picasa or Facebook Photo Albums.. Lets talk something apart from that.. “Sharing” is great, only when you feel the easiness in doing that.. No one expects to perform N number of clicks and operations to share a single photo. There are times when you need to share a Screenshot, a Picture which you discovered all of a sudden..

Here is a Tool called Min.us which makes your Photo Sharing Life damn easy.. Drag and Share and that’s it! No Need to Sign In and no need to click on browse! Thumbs Up to the User Interface of Min.us.. The second you Drag the Photos to the Browser window of Min.us, it almost instantaneously generates the Web URL, URL for Zip file, edit Label Option, Yes, Share it to Any One!! You have the Flexibility to Share the “Edit URL” where Labels can be edited and just share the plain URL.. (Yes, You also have a Optional SignIn Option to Claim your Photo Gallery)

I always like to keep things simple and so we are.. Who doesn’t love the Google homepage? The Clean and Straight you keep things, the more usable it is… Min.us gives a Google Feel! Get what you want, No Funny Business! No Disturbing Ads!

Just Dive in to the Min.us and experience the simplicity in Sharing Photos..

Link : Min.us – Share Simply.

Impressed by Min.us service, Chaaps is exclusively running Min.us Banner on Chaaps Homepage for a Month.. Good Luck Min.us


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