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Orkut Launches ‘Add Photo’ Option. Upload Photos directly to Scrapbook.


Orkut and Indians.

There is a hard core relationship between Indians and Orkut.
It is said That The Most Used Social Networking Site in India is Orkut.
With The existence of Facebook, Orkut seem to have gone little down.
So Orkut is doing a Very Frequent Updates with New and Interesting Features.

orkut logo

demo button add photo

However, Some Die Hard Fans of Orkut, Orkut Geeks and Addicts Started Discovering New Tricks in Orkut Just to Use it as efficient as possible. The People who try to experiment new fonts, or big big Smileys always Preferred Using The AWESOME Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Why Mozilla Firefox??
Mozilla Firefox is Every one’s Favorite and More Over It enables its user to use addons, Extensions. Add-ons, Extensions has made the Interent Surfing Life Very Better. Let’s See How Orkut Users Make Use of Mozilla Firefox.

Many of You Might have heard about a script called GreasMonkey and might be using it(without which they can’t exist :)). Mozilla Firefox has a Add-on called Grease Monkey which enables many Orkut Friendly Features where it enables you to Post animated Smileys, Community forum Management, Add Photos And hell lot of Other Stuff like changing to your customized theme and many more.. All Thanks To Mozilla Firefox and GreaseMonkey.

Now The Wait Is Over!
Before, When You had to post a Image in Friend’s scrapbook You had to rely on some Third Party Service like orkutscraps4u, etc which allowed you to generate some html script for pictures and other stuff. And You Might have seen big big high resolution animated Images in your Scrap book during your Birthday.. A BIG teddy bear wishing you happy birthday, Cakes and Candles So On…
And some People get used to observe the fact that only google hosted images can be previewed in Scrapbook. The Google Hosted Images?? , When i say Google Hosted images, I mean to say Orkut allowed only images form Picasa, blogspot and album pics. where a user had to extract url from their address bar making sure the image url is google hosted!

Now There is a Bit Relief for all those people who love posting photos in Scrapbook. Finally Orkut has come up with a new feature in scrapbook. A Button named add photo right next to preview button. *The Most Demanded Feature by every Orkut User*

This Small Button ‘add photo‘ could now ease your orkut life. I mentioned it before, by Using Grease Monkey Script and Stuff You Could have got this ‘add photo’ button easily! As The Grease Monkey Scripts works only on firefox, only geeks and addicts had an option to explore this!

Orkut’s New Feature Uploading Photo To Scrapbook

The Things Have Changed.
Yes, Now any NORMAL orkut user could post his favorite pictures in any of his Friends Scrapbook! without any grease monkey scripts, with out any browser constraint! Your Browser Need not be Firefox to get This add Photo Feature!


Isn’t This Great??
now you could post n number of photos in scrapbook, not only in albums! photos the scrapbook way!
You have many options to Upload pictures…
-You can Directly Upload Pics from your Hard Disk.
-Pick any Photo from your Picasa Album.
-Mention Any Image URL (not necessarily Google Hosted).

Here is Screenshot showing How it Looks When You Click on The Button ‘Add Photo’ at your Scrapbook editor.

upload from hard disk

With This Option You Could Upload Any Pictures to The Scrapbook directly from your Hard Disk.

upload pics from picasa

This Option Allows you to Upload any Photos Present in your Favorite Picasa Album. Photos which you have stored at Picasa Web Album.

upload from any web url

With This Option, You Can Post Images loacated at any website. Just Copy Paste The Image URL and paste it in The Image URL Box.. That’s it! You could Now See The Image in Seconds! The Image need not not be Google Hosted!

I hope Every Orkut User loves This Brand New Feature of Uploading Pictures to Scrapbook using the ‘Add Photo’ Option!

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