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Forget Passwords. Remember Pictures.



Remembering Passwords! That’s what every Internet User has to do in order to log in to to his account or any of his favourite website.
Is there anyway we could avoid remembering Passwords and still could login to our account?
Yes, You are in The Right Place, It is actually possible!
myvidoop makes it Possible!

Have a Look at This :

Forget Passwords!

Never enter another username and password or answer another challenge question.
Eliminate hassles and frustration.
Use just one click to access all websites.
Simplify and organize your online activities – and your life.
All for free with myVidoop’s password manager.
The average online user manages four passwords; some have 10 or more. If you’re tired of keeping a list of passwords up to date, or can’t remember which password goes with which site, let myVidoop’s password manager take care of you.

myVidoop’s Password Manager

Keeps track of all of your login details.
Automatically fills in your information when you enter a site.
Completes online forms.
All you need to do is register with myVidoop, set up your account, and begin visiting your favorite sites. myVidoop’s password manager does the rest.

With myVidoop’s password manager, you can relax when online. Now you can do your banking, pay your bills, plan your trips, shop and check your order status – without remembering numerous login details, identities, or filling in forms. myVidoop’s password manager is free. Register now to get started.

Instead of Filling Your Passwords, myvidoop tells you to choose some pictures out of many. The Pictures will be reconfirmed during the password setup phase.

Here is a Screenshot:


Next Time When You want to login Just Recall those pictures…
And ofcourse it is easy to remember pictures than any hectic lengthy passwords.. myvidoop asks you to remember just 3 pictures and asks you to remember it’s category. Say, if You choose a Child in picture, the category is People. If you choose the correct pictures of that category you are login is successful! Try it’s Innovative and Fresh!

Link: myvidoop.com
You can Even Integrate your Favourite websites to myvidoop and start forgetting your Passwords! 🙂

Your Face is now your password : Download Luxand Blink


Lenovo was one of the companies which started giving Facial Recognition program in their notebooks. Other brand users may have been jealous of this feature. Maybe the maker of this software were also desperate to get that feature in their PC or notebook so they designed a beautiful software which I am going to introduce to you today.

Luxand Blink is a masterpiece in the history of softwares. It allows you to login to your PC with your face. All you need is a web cam attached to your PC and this sweet software.

Earlier Key lemon also introduced this concept but the bad bad company demanded money. I think there is a free alternative of everything in the IT world. So here comes Blink to rescue. A free 8MB application.


  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32 Bit versions.
  • Free handy application.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Fast Processing of image even if you change your looks 😛
  • Also takes picture of the person who tries to access the PC with wrong password or face.

I could not test this software because I am running a 64 bit version. So It won’t run on mine PC.


Download Luxand Blink: Download

Homepage: Visit

And last of all sorry for not posting for many days as my twitter account and my email id’s were hacked. But I got my email ID back 😀