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The New Close Up Ad. Paas Aao Na. The Revolving Door


Close Up- The Tooth Paste largely saled in India. What’s The Big Deal Here? Mentioning That?? Let The Close Up Company Launch New Excellent Flavors from Mint to Lime to Strawberry! Who cares?? , Whatever, The Lovely Thing About Close Up Ads are There Mind Blowing Stunning Television Advertisements which they deliver.
close up paas aao na 001

The Ad Which Created Waves across the country with it’s unique Music..
Yup, The Air Bubble Ad! What a Music! Paas Aao, Paas Aao Paas Aaoona!
O O O O !
Wait! Wait! I am Not Talking On This Air Bubble Ad!
The Real Purpose of writing This Post is to Say All My Readers that Second Version of Paas Aao Na Advertisement is Available!
Yeah, The Advertisement is More Colorful, Music Being The Primitive Concern, it has delivered The Best!

Here I Have embedded The Youtube Video of This Brand New Close Up Paas Aao na Revolving Door Ad followed by Description!

OfCourse, The Theme of All Close Up ads are Similar, People Falling In Love! The Lady Falling in love with a Handsome guy who just emits The Close Up Magic Waves from His Mouth 🙂

This Time, Using The Same Theme, Close Up has come up with a New Concept, The Revolving Door! A Guy coming out from a big shopping mall Through a Revolving Door! During The course of action, The Guy Just does HAAAAAA(releasing Magic Waves of Close Up) on the That Transparent Revolving Door, Draws a Heart Symbol on it, Reason??? He sees The Beautiful Lady Entering on His Way.

Wow, Next What, The lady sees The Magic Heart on the Door, Wow, She inhales The Magic Close Up Waves left by the Guy, and Just Follows The Guy with the help of Rotating Door, The Door In its Anti Clockwise direction,
She just Draws an Arrow over The heart on That Transparent Door With Lots of Close Up Love… And Guy Stops The Revolving Door, Lol! Next What?????
The End Now Ends!!!

Wonderful ad, is it not??

You Might be interested in Watching The earlier Version of Paas Aaona Ad. So I have embedded The Old Paas Aaona TV ad along with this:

Paas Aao Na!
Download Paas Aaona Advertisement Here:
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