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Online Gaming Options for Cricketing Lovers


Cricket LoversIPL3 is just ended and now its the turn for International T20 World Cup. I think the cricketing fans are now enjoying the Cricketing Feast. As it is also the summer vacation, it is the best time for the cricket lovers to enjoy the Game.

Not only the real cricket that which comes seasonally, many Gaming Designing Companies like EA sports, Sega, etc were also involved in developing the Game that which should provide the great cricketing experience for the Gaming Lovers also.

Now, Many websites have been evolved which are offering the Online Cricket Game. These games are really making a great impact in the Industry, as millions of Lovers were playing the game daily according to recent analysis.

Here is my list of Websites that are Offering the Online Cricket Games:

  1. SLOGOUT : Experience the rich cricketing interface. It makes you feel as if you are playing the real cricket. You will have 2 options here, Just Slogout, Slogout Classic. You should register in the site in order to play the Full version game.
  2. nPower Cricket Game : Are you vexed with T20’s and 50 over matches and want to play the test match that lasts for long time, this is the best place for you. This provides you a 12 over match with 10 batsmen and the only player who play is you!
  3. Super Sixers : Play the ball as a batsmen bowled by Blower according the pitching mark. Try to hit the ball as far as you can to score more points.
  4. Gully Cricket : A cool little street cricket game. CONTROLS Mouse to move bat. Click to hit.
  5. Body Line Cricket : Here in this game you act as a bowler and your goal is to hurt Batsmen. Keep Pressing Space to point out the pitching of the ball in order to hurt Batsmen.