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Nissan Micra – Yet another Small Car


Ok car buffs! Here comes yet another small car! Trendy, Affordable, Efficient – this best describes Nissan’s latest product, “MICRA”

In last week’s 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Nissan gave us glimpses of its much awaited car. Micra seems to be promising, with its catchy metallic look. Small & compact that it is, it sure will threaten the monopoly of Maruthi Suzuki in the Indian market.

It boasts of a 3 cylinder petrol engine and Nissan claims that Micra is 10% more fuel efficient than its rivals. Micra is also available in diesel engine variant. And the other plus point of Micra is its weight. At just 970 kg, it is second only to swift. The European version of this car are touted to have reversing sensors, airbags, satellite navigation and autowipers. But, whether the Indian version will offer the same is something that we have to wait & watch.

“But what about the price?”, you may ask. Nissan Micra is priced between 4-5 lakhs in the Indian market. Reasonable, i should say.

So, are you already thinking of a visit to the nearest Nissan showroom?? Hold on!! You have to wait until July 2010, to lay your hands on this latest beauty!