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Steve sells. Even after death.

He’s a genius, he of course is. He’s smart-ass. He’s got millions of people loving him. He founded Apple, he redefined touch, he gave a new meaning to ‘i’. He’s Jobs. Steve Jobs. Nope, I’m not gay.

Reports say Steve Jobs made a sensation in the internet after his death – 10000 tweets per second. No wonder that’s a record.

Apart from that, his biographies have shooted up by a whopping 48,000% in Amazon. I can feel the dropping of your job. Er, jaw, I mean.

Preoders of Steve Jobs' bio shoot up

<image credit: thenextweb>

You don’t need to comment. You don’t need to share this article. Just say “rest in peace” and think of him for a moment. That’s all I’m gonna ask from you. Thank you!


Sad guy with laptop

Did you know: Laptops Damage Male Fertility [Study]

A recent study has shown that laptops when placed on your lap overheats the scrotum causing damage the male futurity system. The study was taken on 29 healthy men who had a laptop on the lap when there legs where peached together. The study showed that the temperature of the male scrotum increased by 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sad guy with laptop
Sad guy with laptop

However semen was not tested for any irregular changes because of the heat. However previous studies have shown if your scrotum is over heated by a certain point damage is taken on by the production of sperm.

The production of sperm can easy be interrupted by having bad health, not eating the food properly, doing much exercise and more. Today we have various types of technology that affect the production of sperm in the male fertility system. But avoiding things that are bad for your health are seen to help assist with the correct production of sperm.

I hope your laptop is at least a feet away from your lap now.

A Message from the Chaaps team

To Scientists: Find a cure for the 29 healthy men whose fertility is vulnerable who were just used for a study

To Technicians and Engineers: Find precautionary modification in the laptops such that the heat is not passed on to the scrotum of men.

To the Common man: Beware!

Do let us know your perspective about this – What does this mean to you?

News as a niche

Why starting a News website is the most difficult niche?

Even if you’ve been to Blogging for less than a month, You’ll surely know about Huge Blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and more.. However, if you are yet to start a blog and have planned to convey news in your Blog, I humbly request you to drop your Idea.

News as a niche
Choosing News as a Niche

Why not a News site?

Time Allotment

Well, If you start updating news in your Blog, your readers start expecting news in real-time. If at all you have to convey news to your readers, you must switch to Full-time Blogging which is not easy to adopt by most of us.

Impact on SEO

Suppose you write some news about Google. That topic trends for only a few time and thus Organic/Search engine traffic will be minimized to a great extent. This time your only go is to drive people by referral traffic from twitter or facebook just like Mashable or TechCrunch does.

High Quality of Content

If you are abuzz to start a news website, people start expecting Quality updates from your right from the scratch. So some experience in other niche would be desired.

Too much of competition

If I were the only student in my grade, I’d secure the first rank for sure. But I know it’s sort of impossible! Similarly, Most of the Blogs are up with conveying news to their readers using a collection of business templates. So first blogs first and it would mean to be a slow process for fresh News websites to attract much loyal traffic.

One-man Army isn’t the right thing here

While every single News blog has got at least tens of people working full time. One single person can’t handle all the pressure and pass on the information by himself.

It’s Boring

Would you like to read the Comparison between a Blog and Newspaper or would you keep your eye wide open to take sight of the New-New news about Docomo’s holiday offer? Preferrably the former one, right?

Will I Fail for Sure if I start a News blog?

No, I did not mean that. Impossible is nothing – But if you opt news as your niche, Well go ahead – Hurdles make journey sweet! 🙂

What next?

You know me well, but I don’t know you as much. So do drop your views about how good an idea starting a news website must be considered. Also, to keep up with the pace we are on – Subscribe to Chaaps.

LINUX Lover? openSUSE 11.3 is here.

Guess what’s the good news? Yep, you guessed it right! openSUSE 11.3 is here.
For all the Beginners here is a gist of what openSUSE is all about:

openSUSE is an Operating System built on the LINUX kernel. It is driven by openSUSE Project community and is sponsored by Novell. The latest version 11.3 was released in July, 2010. The new features of openSUSE is that it has an improved netbook support, a newly added desktop environment and loads of other new features which we are going to discuss.

Why try openSUSE 11.3?

1. First of all, openSUSE is one of those LINUX distributions which gives a choice when installing a desktop environment. It doesn’t treat GNOME or KDE as its primary option.

2. It has a new Base Distribution Upgrade feature, which can easily rebase your appliances on top of a newer distribution version. Upgrading is quick and error-free. Just hit the Upgrade button and openSUSE will all do it for you. Thanks to openSUSE build service there is a large amount of software available for openSUSE than there is for any other distros.

3. In addition to the classical GNOME, KDE and Xfce the developers have integrated a new lean LXDE desktop. All desktop settings can be managed from the LXDE control center.

4. Since openSUSE is a fully open source distro, it does not contain any non-open source applications or libraries in the repository but a completely new feature in this version is that it has an on-demand package installation for adding missing multimedia codecs. For example, if you click on a Flash video or MP3 audio file, an application Kaffeine starts automatically and offers you to download the required codecs.

5. And yet there is our old YaST (Yet Another Setup Tool) system and administration program. This version has a new integrated interface and a new version of YaST, YaST2. However AutoYaST which is also a part of YaST performs automatic installation without user interaction for Beginners. Many new features in YaST have been integrated such as Bluetooth support and SaX2 which helps users graphics cards, Monitors and Touch Displays.

6. As for you all who didn’t know openSUSE is one of the biggest contributors to KDE. SUSE developers work directly within KDE than any other distribution. For all of you who want a definitive KDE experience, openSUSE is your OS. KDE is smooth and stable and Gtk applications no longer look like foreign objects, thanks to new Oxygen-molecule Gtk theme.

7. openSUSE now includes a new SpiderOak service for backing up your data online. The application has a user-friendly interface and is free for storage upto 2 GB. Although SpiderOak is not open source and hence is only available through the repository.

8. An additional advantage to openSUSE users is that Compiz, one of the compositing window managers for the X Window system comes installed by default with the distro. It comes with Simple CCSM for Beginners too. It takes full advantage of OpenGL acceleration of your Graphics Cards.

9. A special advantage to VirtualBox users is that openSUSE comes with the Guest Additions configured. So now no need of going through the painful process upgrading your LINUX kernel and installing Guest Additions from your VirtualBox GA ISO image.

Summing things up, openSUSE is a good distribution for users who are adept at Windows and want to make a jump to Linux. Newbies might find openSUSE a little daunting but configuring and ease of use might make it a good choice even for them. Overall, it is a good distro to delve into LINUX.

To receive more updates about LINUX, Subscribe to our feed or spot us in Facebook.


Google Suggests Kasab should be Killed

Will Kasab Get Death?

Ajmal Amir Kasab, the Lone Surviving 26/11 terrorist, was on Monday Convicted by a Special court for the audacious Mumbai attacks that left 166 people dead.

The Final decision has to be taken on Intensity of Punishment…. The Nation is waiting to hear from the court what would be the fate of Kasab, who is behind the Cruel Mumbai Terror Attacks… Most of the Tweets across the world say “Ajmal Kasab has to be Hanged” and some say he deserves Lifetime Imprisonment. Some tweets Say he has to be Hanged in front of Public.

Let us Hear what Google has to Say about Ajmal Kasab.. Soon You start typing Kasab’s name in Google Search.. Google Suggests that “Kasab should be Killed”

World’s Most Used Search Engine Google has given it’s Judgement saying “Kasab should be Killed” . We Need to Hear from you… Should Ajmal Kasab be hanged ? Lifetime Imprisonment? What is your take if you were the Judge?


Most significantly, the downregulation of mutant

Ras abolished the colony growth in vitro and tumor formation in vivo, fully demonstrating that the transfected cancer cells had lost their anchorage dependent growth and tumorigenicity. Another study involving the abolition of activated K Ras in two pancreatic cancer cell lines PANC 1 and MIAPACA 2, via mutant specific siRNA, confirmed similar cellular changes consistent with a reduced malignant phenotype. Both cell lines had a decrease in cell proliferation, reduced cell migration,cheap jerseys vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) reduction and colony formation after muted K Ras knockdown, definitely indicating siRNA inhibits pancreatic cancer cells growth in vitro.

If you can see, when you’ve done it right, there’s going to be space at the bottom of the rack. Now, here comes the pressure part. You’ve to take off the rack without moving the balls. Romo is healthy now and he is most definitely the backup.Prescott, only a fourth round draft pick, just keeps producing, pairing with another rookie, running back Ezekiel Elliott, to lead Dallas to a 9 1 record on the strength of the first nine game winning streak within a single season of the storied franchise’s history.Prescott’s latest impressive performance came in a 27 17 victory Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens,cheap nfl jerseys a team that entered the day with the NFL’s No. 1 defense. All Prescott did was shake off punts on Dallas’ opening four possessions to wind up 27 of 36 for 301 yards and a Wholesale Cheap Soccer Jerseys China trio of TD passes.With the outcome in the balance, Prescott completed 14 of 15 throws in the second half, leading Dallas on drives of 92 and 88 yards, capping each with a Cheap Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China scoring toss to Dez Bryant.Clearly, the kid can play.

I would argue that media covered the funeral with the family blessing and this photo was not taken surreptitiously; therefore it was not necessarily an intrusion. If she had asked them not to take or publish this photo (and there no evidence here to suggest that was the case), then that would be a different Cheap NFL Jerseys story the fact I felt compelled to respond shows you have written this well I wanted to engage with your post, which is what we are after.http://www.cheapjerseysstoreusa.com Just make sure you do acknowledge Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys the other side of the argument in your post, and then respond to that..

Q2 Digital non GAAP revenue increased 30% year over year to $216 million. Downloadable content and Free to Play micro transaction content was $85 million in Q2, up 33% versus last year due to the inclusion of PopCap revenue and The Sims Social game which launched midway through Discount Wholesale football Jerseys China the quarter. FIFA was a key contributor, generating more than $20 million of non GAAP Digital revenue for Q2.

Catch The Hottest News in Seconds with Google Fast Flip


It has Been Long Time writing to Chaaps.com.
Today I will be Explaining about Google FastFlip. Last Month, I had Made an Article on Read it As You Like – Google Fast Flip

Refreshing The Same Post I will be Adding Some More Points about Google FastFlip…

A few words about Google FastFlip
Google FastFlip is in Labs.It is a Powerful Online News Reader. All News Under a Same Platform. Visit FastFlip

Why Google FastFlip?
As The Name Suggests. Everything is Fast here.. You can Flip around the Latest News (Trusted News Published by News Giants)

What is Special About Google Fast Flip?
Google takes The Live Screenshots of Latest and Happening Things on Web and Puts on FastFlip. The Advantage is , A User Need not Visit the website Listed in FastFlip, Instead he Could Directly See The Screenshots of Happening Page on Web… Thus Saves a Lot of Time and Delivers Quality.

Who are The Publishers Affiliated to Google FastFlip?
Currently there are 80 Popular Publishers Who serve News To FastFlip in the form of Screenshots. Some of the Popular Publishers Include
BBC News, TechCrunch, NewYork Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, Washington Post, US Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Business Week and Lots More… Check The Full List Here

You Could Even Customize Your Publisher Source and There are Plenty of categories and Sections which Makes You to Navigate Easily with The kind of News You want without actually Visiting The Site Directly…

Some of The Sections are : Politics, Business , U.S. , World Sports, Sci/Tech, Entertainment, Health, Opinion, Travel, Environment

Also There is a Seperate Tab for Popular which is Further Categorized into Recent, Most Viewed, Recommended, Headlines.

Is GoogleFastFlip Available for Mobile?
Yes, GoogleFastFlip is available for Mobile.. And It can be so hassle-free to Read Articles directly just like a screenshot Instead of Visiting and Each and Every Site.. Have a Look at The Mobile Preview

Currently Mobile Version of Google FastFlip Available only for iPhone and Android Phones..

How Different is Google FastFlip from Google News?
To Keep The Answer Simple, Google News Provides Meta Descriptions as Teasers for Every News which it has Indexed and a User Has To Click on These Links to See More about the site by visiting the Source site.

In Google FastFlip, The Currently Active Happening Things are Recorded in the form of Screenshots it serves as a Teaser for Users.. So Google FastFlip is a Win-Win Situation for Readers since Almost 80% of News can be Read from Screenshots of Popular News and Can Flip around the News as simple as That.

What do You Think? If You Like This FastFlip Article donot forget to Subscribe our Posts in Reader

Google FastFlip –Link


Paypal Apologies For Inconvienence


Yesterday Farhad Irani, who leads the Paypal Asia Pacific business posted on the Official Paypal blog that he apologies for the trouble that the Indian Paypal users are facing due to some problems with RBI and Paypal.

He also said that they are doing their best effort to solve the problem and will be seeing forward to solve the issue.

He also mentioned that people who have linked their credit cards to the paypal accounts will not be having any trouble however the check users are still troubled.

He also gave his direct paypal address if a user wants to contact with him : Farhad@paypal.com

We Hope that the dispute is solved soon as their is a huge market in India who is using paypal for their day to day work.


Alan Wake now sleeping on PC


Microsoft kicked off the rumors that started that the hit X-BOX Game Alan Wake will be coming soon to PC.

This was a bad day for gamers who were eagerly waiting for this game.

Microsoft Spokesperson said in his blog.

“Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen. We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience “Alan Wake” was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive. Both Microsoft and Remedy have long histories in PC game development. This decision was about matching this specific game to the right platform.” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Well we have to deal with it! Another reason to hate Microsoft is here!


2009 – A look at the Newsmakers


As 2009 is drawing to a close, its time to sit back & recollect all the events that occured in this year. There were highs as well as lows, we had some people reach the pinnacle of fame and we also others who brought us shame. The following is a list of people/ events that grabbed the headlines in 2009.

1) Barack Obama – America’s first African-American President:

From being an America’s first African-American president to winning the 2009 Nobel prize for peace, it was certainly a memorable year for Obama.

2) A R Rahman – Jai Ho! :

The Oscar was just another feather-in-the-cap for this musical genius. He made the world sit up and take notice of Indian cinema. Suddenly, “Jai Ho” became the anthem of the nation. And that’s not all! Later this year he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of London’s Trinity College of Music, one of the most prestigious distinctions that any musician can ask for.

3) Manmohan Singh – Singh is King!

Opinion polls & exit polls had unanimously predicted a hung assembly. But Congress took the entire nation by surprise as it won the General Election 2009 by a convincing margin. And Manmohan Singh became the only PM after Jawarharlal Nehru to assume office for a second term.

4) The Satyam Fiasco – All but the truth!

In what can be termed as one of the worst corporate scandals in history, Chairman Ramalinga Raju confessed that the company’s accounts had been falsified. In a letter to the Stock exchnge, Raju admitted that he had overstated the company’s revenues & profits. After this revelation , Satyam’s shares plummeted to an all time low of 11.50 Rupees along with its reputation.


5) The Death of a rising star in Indian Politics

Y S Rajashekahar Reddy or YSR as he was popularly known, lead the Congress to a thumping victory in the AP assembly elections. He was touted as the next big thing in Indian politics but fate had it otherwise. On Sep 2, YSR’s helicopter lost contact with the air traffic controllers and he was found dead the following morning. His death came as a big shocker to the entire nation.

6) Twitter – Communication Redefined

The answer to one simple question in 140 characters introduced the concept of microblogging. So, we had Priyanka Chopra on one hand tweeting about her upcoming film and Shashi Tharoor on another taking a dig at Indian politics. This year truly belonged to Twitter!

7) Chandrayaan – A lunar leap for India

Amisdst reports of Chandrayaan’s failure, the discovery of presence of water came as a shot -in-the-arm for ISRO. India’s maiden moon mission was declared a huge success & was enough proof of ISRO’s capability & efficiency in space projects.

8 ) K R Chandrashekhar Rao – Battle for the states

Mr Rao strategy for gaining attention was simple. What began as a simple fast quickly gained fervour and soon it seemed like the TRS chief was at his death bed with doctors warning of dire consequences if he did not break his fast. Mr Rao’s fast-until-death literally shook the roots of the Indian government. And Chidambaram’s damage control of granting statehood to Telengana temporarily resolved the issue. But this led to a number of outfits demanding statehood for their territories.

9) Indian Cricket Team – At the pinnacle of glory

2009 was undoubtedly the best year for Indian Cricket. MS Dhoni took the Indian team to never – before heights. Having been ranked as the number 1 team in ODI, they further went on to create history as they also claimed the No 1 spot in Test Rankings. Our very own Sachin Tendulkar added yet another feather to his cap by scoring 30,000 in International cricket – the first by any player in the world.

10) The Silent Heroes

No one acknowledges them. No one appreciates them. Yet, they silently do their duty and protect millions of indians everyday. Im talking about the Indian police & military force. Its been a year after the 26/11 blasts. But we have gone through 2009 without a single terror incident. Thanks to them! They are the silent heroes of this year. Kudos to them!!


NDTV | CNN IBN | TIMES NOW | Top India News Channels on Facebook



Channel Number 15 NDTV
Channel Number 16 CNN IBN
Channel Number 17 TIMES NOW

Wondering What are These Channel Numbers? This is How i have Configured my Television to Keep in touch with these News Channels.

Why I Chose Consecutive Numbers for These Channels?
I Have a a great Curiosity Just To Know Which news Channel will Crack The News First. Keeping These Channels in Consecutive Way, Helps you to keep track the Fresh News. Provides Great Insight too.

Now These TV Channels Have their own Facebook Pages. And Becoming Fan Of These Pages on Facebook is really useful if you are a News Addict. What Ever News Happens, It will be Updated on Page, which in turn is updated on Your NewsFeed!

Here I have Updated These News Channel’s Facebook Pages.


NDTV Facebook Page Preview:

Follow NDTV on Facebook


CNN IBN Facebook Page Preview:
cnn Facebook

Follow CNN IBN on Facebook


Times Now

Times Now Facebook Page Preview
times now FACEBOOK

Follow TimesNow on Facebook


Which is Your Favourite Among These? Let us Know