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YouTube now has a new look! Experience it!

How to turn on YouTube's new amazing look in 30 seconds


YouTube has been revamped completely from scratch. The new YouTube look is very slick and amazing. I am enjoying it very much. Here is a 30 second guide to all you guys who haven’t yet got the new YouTube look in your region.


Step 1: Fire up your Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

Step 2: Visit http://www.youtube.com

Step 3: Chrome users:

on Windows: press Ctrl+Shift+J to open the developer tools

on MAC: press CMD+Alt+J to open the developer tools

Firefox users:

on Windows: press Ctrl+Shift+K

on MAC: press CMD+Shift+K

Step 4: After opening developer tools on your specific browser switch to the Console tab and copy this line of code where the cursor is blinking:


and now press Enter.

Step 5: Close the developer tools box and reload the page.

Now if you got the new look, please press the Tweet button on this post and share your joy with us. Thanks and please do comment to share your views about the new YouTube look. Do you enjoy it, or regret it? 🙂

[Source: The Verge]


Google Analytics introduces Real time traffic data

Google introduces real time traffic reports in Google Analytics

Google on Thursday introduced a new feature called Real Time Traffic Data on its popular service, Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool for collecting statistical data regarding the visitors on your blog. This new feature in Google Analytics is aimed at measuring real time traffic data on your site.

Google Analytics - The perfect tool for analyzing blog traffic

Here is an excerpt from the official blog post,

Today we’re very excited to bring real time data to Google Analytics with the launch of Google Analytics Real-Time: a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.

As we know real time data is very important to us to see how our site is performing on the internet. To observe how many hits our site is getting in the real world, calculate how much time each visitor spends and what is the bounce rate of our blog. When we have these data at our hand, only then we can proceed to analyze how to improve these numbers.

Google Analytics real time data on review

Understanding your audience mindset is very important. To do that you should launch social media campaigns to promote your blog, and share your blog posts on the social networks immediately after you publish an article. This is when the real time

data comes at hand. It becomes very easy to study how your post is performing after tweeting it and sharing it on the social platform.

John Jersin, the Product Manager at Google Analytics tells us the same,

“One way that I like to use these reports is to measure the immediate impact of social media. Whenever we put out a new blog post, we also send out a tweet. With Real-Time, I can see the immediate impact to my site traffic.”

So what are you waiting for, go to your Google Analytics page and start tracking your blog traffic in real time.

NOTE: Real time reports are only available for administrators who are using the new version of Google Analytics!

Drop a comment to let us know if you love the new real time data feature! Are you seeing the figures you expected for?



Facebook new features 2011

Facebook 3 New Changes 2011: Better Privacy, Unwanted tagging, Past Post Visibility


Facebook has recently rolled out new changes to its interface in 2011. These 3 new changes consists of Better Privacy control when sharing posts, Remove unwanted tags of you, Change the visibility of your post after it has been published.

These changes hit to me just today, perhaps Facebook is going alphabetically in releasing its new changes. So lets get down and review these changes one by one. In addition you can also add location to your posts and tag people who you were with then.

FIRST CHANGE: Post status updates to a specific group of people.

While posting a status on Facebook, you now have the option to choose whom you want it to see. Just press the small gears icon in the lower right corner of the status box. While posting an update, choose from Public (Everybody), Friends (Your Friends only), Custom (Specific People only). Now your status message is seen only by the people who are eligible to see it.

Facebook new feature 2011 better privacy control

No need to worry if you did a mistake in selecting the visible persons. You can change it even after you have published a post. Just select the gears icon and change it back again.

SECOND CHANGE: Get rid of unwanted Photo tags.

This is the feature lot of people were concerned about on Facebook. So how to get rid of them, here’s what you have to do.

Go to Privacy Settings and then click on Custom box.

Facebook new feature 2011 remove tagging

Now click Edit Settings in front of How Tags Work feature.

Facebook new feature 2011 remove tagging 2

Next click on Profile Review and turn it on.

Facebook new feature 2011 remove tagging 3

That’s it. Now whenever any of your Friends tags you in a Photo, you have got to approve them before they start displaying on your profile. As soon as a Friend tags you will receive a notification. After you click it you will be taken to the Wall tab where a sub-tab called Pending Posts will appear which will help you Approve or Disapprove the Photo tags. Easy isn’t it?

THIRD CHANGE: Change the visibility of your older posts.

Many a times we think whether to make this status Public or Private and later go with Public anyway. Facebook has now released a nice feature wherein you can change all of your older posts visibility to only your Friends. Don’t worry you wont need to sit the whole night and change the visibility for every specific post.

Facebook new feature 2011 manage post post visibility

 Just flyover to the Privacy Settings and click Manage Past Post Visibility where it says Limit the Audience for Past Posts. Then click on Confirm. That’s it, you are done.

NOTE: This feature cannot be undone. After you have clicked on Confirm there is no way back!

If you are looking to learn more about these features or see a short video tutorial by Facebook go here.

So these were the new Facebook changes in 2011 which we got to see. Comment if you liked this story and please share your views of how you feel about these new features with us. We would like to hear from each one of you. Do you like em?

via CNET


Twitter Announces ‘Places’ Feature (Integration with Foursquare)


Twitter recently announced that they are rolling out the Much Expected Geo Location “Places” feature with Foursquare integration.
For Those who don’t know Foursquare, it is a location based game where users earn ‘badges’ (like mayor of the place) by Geo Tagging (checking in).

May be Twitter is very much fascinated by Foursquare and they have found the Importance of Geo Tagging..

Mashable Writes…

This feature will highlight tweets around a given location. Starting now, Twitter.com desktop and mobile users can tag their tweets with existing Twitter Places and add new Twitter Places, too.

Twitter Places can be explored and will reveal a list of recent, public tweets from that location. Twitter will also show you nearby locations and points of interest, including restaurants and shops.

Twitter is known for its simplicity.. Being the synonym /Inventor of Powerful Microblogging service, twitter has itself upgraded eventually by introducing features like ‘Hash Tag hyperlink’ , ‘Search Integration’, ‘New RT’ , ‘Lists’ , ‘Local Trends’ ‘Tweet ads’ and has rolled out many features and infact it has succeeded in it..

With New Features getting added one by one don’t you think twitter is doing too much and complicating itself?