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Google now plays a game with Bollywood!

No, they haven’t started an Production company but Bollywood music is now ready to lie under their portfolio. This is still in labs edition but Google Music in India was something which many people like me had been Longing for – The only reason being, It’s from Google! 😉

This is how the Google music homepage look’s like:

Google Music India

Google has partnered with In.com and Saavn.com. Google directly streams the songs directly from it’s partner sites.

Google streaming songs from In.com
Google streaming songs from In.com

This is a free service by Google and as you can see in the screenshot above it supports advertising. Currently it plays a game only with Bollywood. Although it lacks many features present on other popular music websites, we can expect it get only better in it’s further versions by adding more languages and features.

Requirements: A web browser with Flash player and a Good mood to listen to good music. 😛

Link: Google Music India

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Tata DOCOMO CREATE gets Musical


Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform has gained momentum in recent times and respects the power of ‘DO’. Through this platform, TATA DOCOMO wishes to felicitate the individual prowess by the way of opening up its brand to people and asking them to co-create it through this platform.

Tata DOCOMO has now extended this platform to establish a groundbreaking association with their consumers through “Music”. This platform invites talented individuals across India to play with the brand signature tune element of Tata DOCOMO and create various renditions. The participants can re-create, re-compose or remix the Tata DOCOMO brand signature tune into a 30-60 second tune. The result has been a true boon to music lovers. The platform has received over-whelming response so far and the spirit of the ‘DO’ers who believe in their music skills and have the confidence to participate in the CREATE Music contest is admirable.

Recently a music band named “Aurko” from Bangalore, impressed the judges with their creative skills and got an opportunity to perform on the popular show “Music ka Maha Muqabla” at Star Plus. Their entry had come through the CREATE Music platform’s association with ArtistAloud.com. This opportunity was a massive encouragement for other aspiring musicians in India, who might be presented with similar opportunities to showcase their talent through this platform. To hear Aurko’s winning performance, visit ‘create.tatadocomo.com/music.aspx’

Very few brands in India engage with consumers actively and in actual allow them to co-create their brand. Tata DOCOMO is proving to be an exception. Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform is India’s first (World’s first too, possibly) to actually employ user-generated creative messaging in their brand communication.

The last day of the CREATE Music Contest for the Online platform is 31st of March, 2010. To participate in the CREATE Music Contest or listen/vote for the numerous entries that have been submitted till date, visit ‘create.tatadocomo.com/music.aspx’. The winners might have the opportunity to have their tunes showcased by Tata DOCOMO through Television, Online platforms and other such public mediums.


WorldSpace India Inc bids Goodbye! :(


As January 1, 2010 dawned, subscribers of WorldSpace India woke up to a shock. Their favorite satellite radio service just became unavailable. In a short last minute email notice to its subscribers & employees, WorldSpace India conveyed that it would be unable to continue its operations in India.
Airtel DTH that offers WorldSpace services in India, will replace this with 10 radio channels of All India Radio(AIR).

WorldSpace renamed as “1WorldSpace” had filed for bankruptcy in October 2008. Yet, its Indian operation remained untouched. Liberty Media, a potential buyer decided to withdraw its plans of buying the bankrupt company and the only option left was to close its worldwide operations. WorldSpace has its presence in 130 countries worldwide and is already in the process of shutting down the units one by one. Interestingly, India has 4.50 lakh subscribers that translates into over 95% of its customer base.

One of the major factors for WorldSpace’s average performance was the growth of FM channels in metros all over India. People found it easier to tune in to an FM channel but the same was not possible with WorldSpace. Moreover, their deal with Airtel DTH did not fetch them good dividends either. So, it seemed like the fate of WorldSpace was sealed earlier.


But the bigger question from the subscribers end is “Will I get my money back??”. Most of the Indian subscribers who have subscribed for one or two years are unlikely to get their money refunded. Ideally, the company has to return the amount for the unused subscription. But this seems unlikely now. In an announcement made by WorldSpace, this message is conveyed loud & clear. So, all we can do now is wait for a miracle, either to make WorldSpace start its operations once again or atleast refund the money to its subscribers


Play and Buy Music in Google Wave by adding AmazonMP3Bot


It’s The Time to Listen to Music in an interesting way.
What’s not possible in Google Wave?? Since Google Wave accepts Bots and Gadgets which can be shared across your Network just embedding whatever you want in a wave, Sharing is now turning out be as easy as Waving with the advent of Google Wave!

amazon MP3

There are Many Ways that you can add AmazonMP3Bot to your Google Wave And listen to High Quality Unlimited Music(Trailers) and even you could purchase the Music as you listen(Amazon). No Matter, You Purchase The Music or Not, I promise you, You are owning a Juke Box which plays entire Playlist related to your Music Search..


Every Method is Easy When it Comes to Google Wave.. I will be Demonstrating The 2 main Methods How you could add AmazonMP3Bot and browse, hear and buy ur favorite song!


Adding AmazonMP3Bot as your Contact:

Once You add the bot as your Contact in wave, and soon after a query, Amazon Mp3 Bot Gadget is automatically installed with a cool interface and you could start your Music Search



as a Contact.

Once You Have added it Successfully. Start a New Wave. The Bot will Greet you and Ask you to Follow the Pattern ‘Music: keywords’
where keywords=your song/ artist name etc just Reply to the Greeting Message,


For Example, I want to Hear the Song “you’re beautiful” so I would type Music: you’re beautiful

Once You do The Query, You are done, Just in a few Seconds, a Gadget will be loaded for you with your Favorite Song Playing there!

amazon mp3 bot gadget

Directly Add the Gadget by URL .. When you Start a Wave, You could see an option Add Gadget by URL which prompts you for XML url

Enter This URL and Click done.

add by url

Once you Have Added, you could see AmazonMP3Bot Gadget and you could Start Searching for Music..


Screenshot Showing Results for slumdog.

There is one More Method of adding AmazonMP3bot as an extension. I would be soon updating same Here..

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