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Top 5 Greatly Obsessed Requirements In Blog Posts That Need Not Be Obsessed

Everyone including probloggers sound a li’l harsh to their guest bloggers suing them that their guest posts are not upto the mark. Here’s the top 5 features that people consider while reviewing a guest post but which actually need not be, as per my view. Read on…

  1. Length of the post: This is something every blog moderator keeps pondering about. Based on my experience of reading and writing blog posts – I’ve seen an article with just 40-60 words being a super hit and, on the other hand I’ve seen articles of 400-500 words with just one comment and three Retweets.
  2. Backlinks: I’ve seen many-a bloggers hesitate when a guest blogger has linked back to his website/blog more than once. What I’d say you is to just see if the backlink is relevant. If it sounds relevant, need not hesitate – let them play a part in your plate. However irrelevant links must be thrown away to maintain the credibility of your blog as well as your PR.
  3. Lack of Perfection: Eh, you’re not to blame this. Being a moderator, you’ve got to give it the final touch.
  4. This might be his FIRST EVER guest post: He might have been reluctant to guest post since a long time due to several reasons that kept them away from guest blogging. First timers never can be as awesome as a Problogger. Give him a second chance, help him out in betterment of his standard and in return you’ll be saluted with thanks and gratitude by him always.
  5. Copied content: This time I’m not going to say the mistake is on the moderator. Just throw this author away from your Blog directory. I reckon this is also a great mistake that blog moderators do – they just request to write originals and trash that post. Rather, sue them, throw them! [Though my suggestion is take this as an exception if the guest bloggger is a newbie.]

Those were my views. Feel free to criticise me or compliment me in the comments. 🙂