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Linkedin follow button: How to Add it your Site

How To: Add LinkedIn Follow Button to your Website

Just recently LinkedIn released their new Follow button for all the users. The Follow button, according to World’s biggest business networking site, will allow people to stay up to date with the latest news and trends of the companies they are following.

For e.g. if you like a particular biz company you can start getting their updates directly on Linkedin by just clicking the follow button. Follow button sure is a breeze for many multinational companies to keep their users engaged and grow their professional network. According to statistics there are over 135 million users currently registered on Linkedin and what better way to keep them hooked by creating a Follow button.

Linkedin follow button released for companies

According to the official blog post,

Starting today, companies will be adding this button to their websites, making it easier for any consumer on the web to begin following companies of interest, on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, having such a vast database of the millions of companies in the world, we assure you, finding your company name is as easy as looking for hay in a haystack. That’s right. I accidentally came across a company named Hello which has 690 followers, seriously i never knew to this day, that there was such a company!

Coming to the part on how to add the linkedin follow button, please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit this page https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins/follow-company

Step 2: Type your company name in the Enter a Company name field and choose your company.

Step 3: Select a No Count button if you don’t want to display your followers, or leave as it is to boast your followers in a counter box.

Step 4: Finally click the Get Code button to receive the HTML code to be pasted on your website. Place the code wherever you would like the follow button to be displayed.

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Free Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut with Tata DOCOMO BuddyNet


Are you a facebook addict?

Do you love micro-blogging on twitter?

Are you always on orkut??

Do you have a profile on linkedin and Nimbuzz?

If you have answered “yes” to all the questions above, try the next one.
Does your mobile bill burn a huge hole in your pocket??

Yes?? 🙂

Then, jump into the TATA DOCOMO’s Buddynet bandwagon! So, now you can chat endlesslly with your buddies, update your facebook status at the drop of a hat, send out tweets, poke somebody and so on and so forth. All free of cost!! You no longer have to worry about your increasing mobile bills. All you have to do is to register for TATA docomo’s buddynet and you’re done.

How To Register for Tata DOCOMO’s BuddyNet to Use Free Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gtalk on Your Mobile?? (How to Activate BuddyNet Social Network sites Plan [GPRS])

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The Buddynet schemes don’t end here. You can talk to your buddies at 1p/6 sec for local calls & 1p/2s for STD calls. You can also use your balance to gift recharge to other DOCOMO customers and also share your talktime with your buddies!!

Here is The Promotional Video for BuddyNet on Tata DOCOMO (buddynet Ad)

So, get ready to DO a lot lot MORE with TATA DOCOMO!


Hardcore Social Network Addict? Commit Web 2.0 Suicide


These days social networking has become so addictive that a guy wakes up in the morning and updates his twitter account. Mom says “Son your breakfast is ready.” And the reply is “Wait mom let me update my status first!”. Some of the highly addictive networking sites such as Facebook, myspace, twitter and linkedIn have captured the people’s mind and have dragged them  into a virtual world.

I recently found out a website which is gaining popularity as the days pass called a Suicide Machine. The website starts with an amazing tag line of  “Meet Your Real Neighbors again!”. Basically what it does is that It takes your networking ID’s and deletes all of them and its faster than manual.

Suicide Machine

After reading the testimonials you will find that how many people have actually been benefited by it. According to its stats it had unfriended 115,353 friends and 259,248 tweets have been removed since its launch.”   Now that’s a large number for a new site.

After reading this post I wanna ask you! Are you ready for the Ultimate Web 2.0 Suicide. Tell us in the comments. 🙂