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Armor the best, Forget the rest!

How to squeeze out maximum performance from my PC? How to attain extreme efficiency from my system? These are the questions that revolve round your head when purchasing for a high-end PC. You will be trying out custom parts for your system to run it at peak levels. Although there are many factors that play hand in determining the speed of a system, there is one factor that you almost forget to give a thought to it because it is so damn general. I am talking about CPU cases.

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 5

Yes many of us purchase high-tech parts for their system such as quad Graphic cards, i7 processors, 16GB DDR3 RAMs but whats the use of all these if you dont have ample amount of space to install them in? So today i am going to give you a quick glance to maximize your PC performance and to prevent it all from blowing up!!!


Thermaltake brings to you the all new Armor+. This is a Full Tower LCS (Liquid Cooling System) fitted Chassis which offers extraordinary cooling solution and spacial structure for all your CPU components.  Lets have a look at its special features:

  1. 10 PCI slots to connect your graphic cards, modems, audio cards etc.
  2. Sliding Motherboard tray (If you want to install additional hardware to your MOBO you can easily set ’em up by sliding out the tray)
  3. Supports all Motherboard Form Factors (Micro ATX, ATX, Extend ATX)
  4. 14 Drive bays (7 5.25″ bays and 7 3.5″ bays)
  5. Separate cooling management for CPU, Graphics Card and Hard Disk Drive
  6. Offers both Liquid Cooling and Air Cooling
  7. Cable Management System (Ensures all your wiring are systematically setup to prevent blockage of air flow)
  8. 320 c.c. reservoir for liquid cooling (Liquid cooling is industry standard solution to ensure max. cooling even under worst conditions)
  9. Silent Fans (No noise pollution)
  10. Additional toolbox space on the top


Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 6

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 4

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 2

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 3

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 7

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS Shot 8


The price tag for this baby is $399.99. If you think this was made for you then go for it!