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Kraken- A GSM Cracking Software is Released which Intercepts Calls


A Group headed by Frank Stevenson, developers for A5/1 Security project has released first GSM Cracking Software called “Kraken” which could intercept Voice Calls by breaking A5/1, An Encryption technique that provides communication privacy in GSM.

What does Kraken GSM Cracking Software do?
Kraken Cracks the A5/1 encryption algorithm used by some GSM networks… Kraken makes use of very efficient, encryption cracking tables that allow it to break A5/1.

What is A5/1 ?

A5/1 is a stream cipher used to provide over the air communication privacy in the GSM cellular telephone standard. It was initially kept secret, but became public knowledge through leaks and reverse engineering. A number of serious weaknesses in the cipher have been identified.

Making use of Kraken Software one could secretly listen to the private conversations of yours without even your Notice..As GSM is the backbone for 3G networks.. This Software is aiming at new generation of handsets..

With Over 4 billion GSM Mobile Subscribers across the World… Comprising 80% of total mobile market.. The Softwares like Kraken are Potentially Dangerous which attacks on weak A5/1 used for protecting privacy of calls end-to-end.

We got The Download Instructions to Set-Up Kraken Software:

If you Kraken Software’s Rainbow Tables, Antennas, Specialized software with $30,000 worth of computing hardware you could break the A5/1 Cipher and listen to Calls in Real-time breaking the Privacy!