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Download Kaspersky PURE which comes with 10 Exotic Features


As we all know KASPERSKY is the best antivirus out there. It has no updating troubles and has no activation key install failures. The very best advantage is that your PC will be virus free forever as long as it has kaspersky protecting it(my own experience).

Now for the good news, The latest Kaspersky PURE has been released which comes with a lot of new exotic features such as:

1. The best interface you are gonna get in any antivirus. Its so clean, pristine and PURE!!

2. Full antimalware and anti-spam protection.

3. Sandbox technology which adds an extra protective layer to your applications and browser which deals with confidential data.

4. My Control Centre allows centralized management of tasks, reports and updates, etc, from any networked PC.

5. Password Manager can create, encrypt and store logins, auto-complete forms and has an inbuilt virtual keyboard to prevent from keylogging applications.

6. Advanced Parental Control and monitoring of user’s Internet access, PC and application use and communications.

7. File Shredder uses multi-pass technology to make deleted data unrestorable, even with sophisticated software.

8. Data Backup & Restore assures your data’s integrity. Set schedules, restore points and select backup media.

9. Data Encryption maximizes security. Create, store and transfer data in password-protected, encrypted containers.

10. Kaspersky PURE has ALL of KIS 2010’s tried and trusted functionality.

Best of all, you dont have to be an IT expert to work with KPURE. Its functions are very easy to handle and keeps your precious computer running without any glitches.

Download Kaspersky PURE from here