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I hear so many mums and dads say

I want to give my kids everything I didn’t have when I was growing up’, but that is one of the worst attitudes you can have as a parent. You need to keep it real. You need to teach children the value of working towards something.

I take one pack of toilet paper (9 rolls) and split it accordingly between the two bathrooms on the main floor, one of which I do not use to do my because I hate cleaning the toilet so I can use it and for the most part I the one that uses the half bath in my master bedroom. I used to nurse or bottle feed while sitting eating dinner, never got anything on baby, soup definitely out of the question during those meals. My kids always come to me for stuff, their dad can be awake downstairs watching TV and I can be asleep in my bed and they will wake me up over walking down to talk to daddy.

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He gave an example of former NFL coach Tony Dungy, who constantly missed out on promotion because of his coaching philosophy. Dungy believed the key to winning was changing players’ habits so they stopped making decisions during a game and instead reacted automatically and habitually. He said: “Champions don’t do extraordinary things, they do ordinary things but they do them without thinking.