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Teams, Schedule and everything else you need to know about IPL4

After two months of exciting International cricket in the World cup 2011, the next cool thing, obvious to every cricket lover, is the Indian Premier League. In IPL4, quite different from the previous years, there are two new teams, so adding up to more number of matches and hence more entertainment. Read on to know more about IPL 2011.


Indian Premier League

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders
  2. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  3. Kings XI Punjab
  4. Delhi Daredevils
  5. Deccan Chargers
  6. Mumbai Indians
  7. Chennai Super Kings
  8. Rajasthan Royals
  9. Pune Warriors
  10. Kochi Tuskers Kerela

ClickΒ here to check out the retained players of each team.


April 8: Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai (8 pm)

April 9: Deccan Chargers v Rajasthan Royals, Hyderabad (4 pm); Kochi v Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kochi (8 pm)

April 10: Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians, Delhi (4 pm); Pune v Kings XI Punjab, Navi Mumbai (8 pm)

April 11: KKR v DC, Kolkata (8 pm)

April 12: RR v DD, Jaipur (4pm); RCB v MI, Bangalore (8 pm)

April 13: Pune v Kochi, Navi Mumbai (4 pm); KXIP v CSK, Mohali (8 pm)

April 14: DC v RCB, Hyderabad (8 pm)

April 15: MI v Kochi, Mumbai (4 pm); DD v KKR, Delhi (8 pm)

April 16: CSK v RCB, Chennai (4 pm); DC v KXIP, Hyderabad (8 pm)

April 17: RR v KKR, Jaipur; Pune v DD, Navi Mumbai (8 pm)

April 18: Kochi v CSK, Kochi (8 pm)

April 19: DD v DC, Delhi (4 pm); RCB v RR, Bangalore (8 pm)

April 20: MI v Pune, Mumbai (4 pm); KKR v Kochi, Kolkata (8 pm)

April 21: KXIP v RR, Mohali (8 pm)

April 22: MI v CSK, Mumbai (8 pm)

April 23: KKR v RCB, Kolkata (4 pm); Delhi v KXIP. Delhi (8 pm)

April 24: DC v MI, Hyderabad (4 pm); RR v Kochi, Jaipur (8 pm).

April 25: CSK v Pune, Chennai (8 pm)

April 26: DD v RCB, Delhi (8 pm)

April 27: Pune v CSK, Navi Mumbai (4 pm); Kochi v DC, Kochi (8 pm)

April 28: KKR v KXIP, Kolkata (4 pm); RR v MI, Jaipur (8 pm)

April 29: RCB v Pune, Bangalore (8 pm)

April 30: Kochi v DD, Kochi (4 pm); MI v KXIP, Mumbai (8 pm)

May 1: RR v Pune, Jaipur (4 pm); CSK v DC, Chennai (8 pm)

May 2: DD v Kochi, Delhi (8 pm)

May 3: DC v KKR, Hyderabad (8 pm)

May 4: CSK v RR, Chennai (4 pm); Pune v MI, Navi Mumbai (8 pm)

May 5: Kochi v KKR, Kochi (4 pm); DC v DD, Hyderabad (8 pm)

May 6: RCB v KXIP, Bangalore (8 pm)

May 7: KKR v CSK, Kolkata (4 pm); MI v DD, Mumbai (8 pm)

May 8: RCB v Kochi, Bangalore (4 pm); KXIP v Pune, Mohali (8 pm)

May 9: RR v CSK, Jaipur (8 pm)

May 10: KXIP v MI, Mohali (4 pm); DC v Pune, Hyderabad (8 pm)

May 11: RR v RCB, Jaipur (8 pm)

May 12: CSK v DD, Chennai (8 pm)

May 13: Kochi v KXIP, Indore (8 pm)

May 14: MI v DC, Mumbai (4 pm); RCB v KKR, Bangalore (8 pm).

May 15: KXIP v DD, Dharamsala (4 pm); Kochi v RR, Indore (8 pm)

May 16: KKR v MI, Kolkata (8 pm)

May 17: Pune v DC, Pune (8 pm)

May 18: KXIP v RCB, Dharamsala (4 pm); CSK v Kochi, Chennai (8 pm)

May 19: Pune v KKR, Pune (8 pm)

May 20: MI v RR, Mumbai (8 pm)

May 21: KXIP v DC, Dharamsala (4 pm); DD v Pune, Delhi (8 pm)

May 22: RCB v CSK, Bangalore (4 pm); KKR v RR, Kolkata (8 pm)

May 24: Qualifier 1, Mumbai (8 pm)

May 25: Eliminator, Mumbai (8 pm)

May 27: Qualifier 2, Chennai (8 pm)

May 28: Final, Chennai (8 pm).

Broadcasting rights

In india, The game is broadcasted by Sony/World Sport group.
Are you living elsewhere? Check out cricwave to know who has the broadcasting rights in your region.

Which team are you rooting for in this season? How do you think IPL4 would be different from the previous years? Or do you have any queries? Feel free to let us know your views by dropping by at theΒ comments section.

Why IPL Sucks? Does IPL 3 Deserve the Attention it is Receiving?


Lalit Modi must surely be one happy man. The 3rd installment of his brainchild has become a phenomenal success. People simply can’t seem to get enough of shortened version of the game.Marketing is on in full swing. But let’s take a closer look – behind the glittering facade. Does IPL really deserve the attention it is receiving? My answer would be a humble “No”.

Why IPL sucks?? This is why πŸ™‚

1) As any ardent cricket buff would know, IPL questions the very integrity of the original test match. The introduction of ODI’s eroded the viewership of test matches.And it looks like History would certainly repeat itself with the IPL threatening to destroy ODI’s. And whats worse is that cricket has now been reduced to a 3 hour bollywood movie! You even have cheerleaders who provide the bollywood item number effect.

2) Cricket is no longer the Gentleman’s game. In fact it has turned into a an ugly commercial venture with players being auctioned like objects.
Remember the first installment of IPL when Mr.Vijay Mallya publicly lashed out at his team for their poor performance? Pressure from all sides is bound to take a toll on the players. And with just a break of 5 days after the IPL, they are expected to gear up for the upcoming T-20 World cup! Phew!!

3) The talk of recognizing young talents in India through the IPL is just a myth. Why do we have foreign players in an “Indian” Premier League? Really Mr.Modi, why can’t the IPL have only Indian players??
Give a chance to hundreds of youngsters playing gully cricket, who struggle for fame, for recognition. Give the veterans of the Indian Cricket team a well deserved break. The gross injustice done to players of Indian origin is evident from the “price tag” that is fixed on them. An Indian player gets a meagre salary compared to his foreign counterpart, that too in a tournament hosted by India. Isn’t this unfair?

4) The money that is being generated in IPL-3 has been the highest so far! Experts estimate that the tax from this event will cross 500+ crores! When huge amounts of cash are being traded, I feel that the organizers have a social responsibility to fulfill. Why not invest a portion of the money in funding new talents in the game? Why not lend a helping hand to the forgotten sportsmen who had brought laurels to our country?

Gone are the days when cricket used to be a simple bat-n-ball game. Gone are the days when an occasional century from a stalwart was held with awe. The IPL has transformed cricket into an ugly 3 hr extravaganza! And I’m clearly not enjoying this!


Two new IPL teams Kochi and Pune


Well we all love the IPL, don’t we. To add to the fun two more IPL teams have been added so we can see more parts of India battle it out. The holy grail of IPL t20 is fun fun fun and exhilarating fun pushing to the edge of your seat and make you bite the remaining nails off your fingers.

Pune which is also getting quite some recognition as place for IT,business with promising infrastructure. Sahara Adventure Sport bagged Pune for a Whooping Rs.1,702 crore . Well we can be sure that the returns will be more but that shows how much money is involved in this sports entertainment domain.

Kochi not only famous for coconuts and the brains but business minded people who like to make it to top from start to finish in no time. Kochi team was bought by Rendezvous Sports for Rs.1,333 crores though it may be less than the pune team. Do not underestimate them and keep a watch folks. Still Ahmedabad, Nagpur are waiting to be bought πŸ™‚ with a base price of $255 million if u can shell out well u might end up with one team :).With that the next iplt20 will have 94 matches battling it out by 10 teams. Man, is it gonna stretch ? Well we may never know. They might change the match format . Let us wait and watch on that πŸ™‚

Well, Is Lalit modi a happy man Now:)?


Zoozoo Reading Jokes Inside Hot Stove – The Tribal Dance [Vodafone Ad]


Hilarious! That’s What I Can Say After Watching This Cute Zoozoo In a Hot Stove.. The Most Funniest Part here is This Stupid Zoozoo is Laughing in hot Stove without any sense or Reaction to the Hotness! Its on Fire! and Its Laughing!

Dear Vodafone, You have done Something Out of the Box This Time, with the Release of New Vodafone Zoozoos just Yesterday, This is The First Ad which could make a Real Path Breaking Performance in This Season..

3 Reasons Why Vodafone Zoozoos in this Hot Stove Ad Makes you Laugh

Reason 1:
The Zoozoo Tribal Dance

Look at The Way these Zoozoos are dancing πŸ˜› It Makes You laugh and Laugh and Laugh with the Kind of Tribal Dance. The Impressive Song which they Sing.. Chinge Thodee.. Chinge Thodee.. Chinge Thodee Chingunam… The way they step to this the Music, The way these Zoozoos are Dressed up like Tribes, Leaves over its abdomen, and the Kind of Mark on their Faces, The Arrows which they are Holding… I Cannot Stop Laughing

Reason 2:
The Innocent Victim Zoozoo in Hot Stove!

This Picture, As You See Above, Look at the Condition of The Victim zoozoo which is sitting inside a Large Container which is Actually Kept on Hot Fire! Its Burning! and Other Forest Hunter Zoozoos Dancing round it showing arrow and scaring it Further (They are Happy that they gonna have a Nice Feast to Night).. The Desperate Look of that Caught Innocent zoozoo gives me a Kind of Emotional Feeling πŸ˜›

Reason 3:
Laughing inside the Hot Stove?? Hilarious!

The Victim Zoozoo Starts Laughing all of a Sudden! All the Other three zoozoos gets confused with this weird action! By The Way, why did our Innocent Zoozoo laugh so much even sitting on a Hot Stove ? Here lies the Story, The Zoozoo will be Reading JOKES on its Vodafone Mobile!

Vodafone Pops up in Orange Read JOKES 30 Rs/Month…
That is it! The Ad Ends!

Download This Zoozoo Laughing Ad in Forest [Full Video .mp4 Format]

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Watch IPL at 2Mbps Speed for Free! Only on Airtel!


Are you one of the few unlucky people who cant watch IPL on TV? Aah…I’m one of them. And just when i thought that I can catch up with the action on news channels, the tiff between the cricket board & the news channels ruled out that possibility. But thanks to the Airtel folks, I can watch my favorite cricket matches on youtube. Beginning today, Airtel will automatically upgrade the bandwidth of all its customers to 2Mbps, so that people can sit back & enjoy live streaming without any glitches. This perk is available until the end of the IPL season.

Wondering if you have to shell out some extra cash?? No worries! Airtel is offering this upgrade free of cost!! But of course, your data transfer limit will still be governed by your existing plan. So, in case your current plan imposes a download limit, then you might have to pay for the extra data consumed on a per byte basis, which is definitely expensive.

But there is a hitch. The 2MBps is applicable only for live streaming on http://www.youtube.com/IPL. This means that you cannot watch an episode of your favorite soap or a movie at the increased bandwidth. And this offer will be withdrawn after the end of IPL.

I personally feel that this tie-up between Airtel & Youtube is a move in the right direction for both. It marks the beginning of a new era where we can abandon theTV set and depend on our internet connection for everything. This tie-up is also likely to boost the sales of Airtel and also enhance its brand name. Most of the people who have made use of this facility are giving a good feedback about the quality of the video. Also, the bufferring time is considerably less when compared to regular youtube video streaming. Thanks to this unique initiative from Airtel, this is the first time in the history of sports that a cricket match has got extensive viewership.In fact, youtube must be grateful to Airtel for this! πŸ™‚

So folks, If you are an existing Airtel broadband customer, then its the time for you to rejoice!


Tribal Zoozoo with Arrow. The Star of The Match IPL 2010 [Vodafone Ad]


We are Celebrating The Grand Festival of IPL here on chaaps! We are Constantly Updating News and Updates on DLF IPL 2010, The Biggest Cricketing Event in India..Check out The IPL 2010 Schedule and Book an DLF IPL Ticket to Watch Live Action on Stadium..

So, What’s New with IPL?
Vodafone is The Official Partner of DLF IPL 2010 and yesterday they broke the News that they are Airing New Set of Zoozoo(The Cute Egg Faced Characters) Advertisements on TV to Promote IPL Event 2010.

Zoozoos are The revolution Makers… Zoozoos Created a History In Telecom Industry Grabbing The Global Attention of The world with this Cute Little beings. Zoozoo Grabbed Many Honors like Best Creative Character on Television across the world.
Tribal Zoozoo IPL 2010 Jungle Forset Vodafone ad

And Today( March 12) They are Once Again Back here! They are here to Cheer for IPL 2010…. Just Now Vodafone has Aired a Commercial on Television. And Yes, You and The Whole World is Eagerly waiting to see it.. Hope I am The First One here to Review on This Advertisement!

Here we Go! The New Zoozoo Commercial with the Title “Tribal Zoozoo (Hunter) with an Arrow is The Star of Jungle (Star of The Match)”

Advertisement Title: Tribal Zoozoo is The Star of The Match IPL 2010.

Advertisement Length: 22 Seconds

Caption at the End: Be The Star of The Match. Win an Autographed ball. Appear Live on TV.

The Video of Zoozoos in IPL 2010 Ad by Vodafone

Advertisement Description:

Though Advertisement is just 25 Seconds long, The Beauty of Zoozoo is Nicely Captured in a different way. To Surprise Us all, Our New Zoozoo comes with a New Avatar “The Jungle ZooZoo”, “The Tribal Zoozoo” , “The Hunter Zoozoo” whatever You call, it suits! Hunter Zoozoo dressed with Tribal Skin(Mustache) Enters The Jungle Scene with an Arrow in its Hand looking for its Prey attacking Someone…. As the Zoozoo tries to Near, there comes a Group of Zoozoos in Forest who pull its leg, make him fall and makes all attempt to Capture our Warrior Zoozoo. Imagine Finally All these 4 zoozoos Captures him and I almost thought that Story has ended!

Nope It is Not! The Warrior Zoozoo will be Lifted by Everyone out there and Its taken for a Possession all around the Forest honoring with a Special Kind of Music, Drums and Stuff! Would You believe Zoozoo was Awarded as the Star!?? Yup, It is! The Jungle Zoozoo Proves itself to be a Star! (do not know, what happened behind the scenes!)

Finally The Advertisement Ends with a Orange Pop Up, Be The Star of The Match. Win an Autographed ball. Appear Live on TV Call 121 ” Vodafone Power to You!” One Thing I have to Mention is here, They have Nicely used Theme of Trees(forest) and have retained their epic tune of Be the star of Match πŸ™‚

That is it here.. More Sweet Zoozoo ads Coming Up in This Entire IPL 3 Season.. Catch Up right here for Continuous Coverage of all New Zoozoo Ads!


Liked This Stuff?? | Downloads

Download The Zoozoo Jungle advertisement IPL 2010 Full Video in .mp4 Format

Download The Background Music of “Be Star of The Match ipl 2010” Ad Song in .mp3 format

Download The Wallpaper of Zoozoos featuring in DLF IPL 2010.

More Coming Up in Upcoming Post!

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As The Above Picture Says.. It is as Easy as Anything to Buy a DLF IPL Ticket for Season 3 (IPL 2010) Online. I will be Listing 3 Official (Trusted) Websites where you could book your DLF IPL Tickets Online for the Year 2010.

We Already had Posted on Match Schedule of IPL 2010 Which Starts from March 12.

The 3 Websites where you could buy IPL Ticket

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www.ticketgenie.in is the Official Ticket Website for DLF IPL 2010 where You could Book Tickets Online…
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Booking DLF IPL Tickets from Vodafone Website…

Are You a Vodafone Customer?? If You are, Here is a Very Easy way to Book your IPL Tickets online. Vodafone is the Official Partner for DLF IPL 2010. So you Could Book the Tickets Directly from Vodafone Website and You have a Option to Collect your IPL Ticket at your Nearest Vodafone Store…

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Please Note: Online Booking for IPL 2010 Tickets for the match scheduled on March 13, March 14, March 15 has been closed or Unavailable. If You have have any questions like “How to Book IPL 2010 Tickets Online for Match on March 13, March 14 , March 15” you must try for different schedule or book tickets offline

Download IPL 2010 Schedule – IPL 3 Matches [ March 12 to April 25 ]


Finally, everyone’s favorite season is here. In-spite of the blistering heat, power-cuts, dry taps and parched skin, people in India have a reason to cheer. The 3rd season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is due to start in less than a week and this time the combat will take place in our very own country. Thousands of cricket crazy fans are ready to welcome the DLF IPL cup back to India.

Sports analysts are left divided over which team is the favorite to lift this year’s trophy. The then underdogs surprised everyone in 2008 by winning the first DLF IPL tournament. Deccan Chargers who had finished at the bottom of the table in ’08, captured the top spot in ’09. So, by the same formula, I think the Kolkata Knight Riders might pull off a surprise win this time.. πŸ˜‰ Who knows??

The action begins at Hyderabad on March 12th, where Deccan Chargers will play against KKR. The journey will continue through most of the Indian metropolitan cities & end on the 25th of April. The schedule is exhaustive! I would recommend you to take a print – out of the schedule below & paste it in your wardrobe πŸ™‚


Ticket sales are at a record high and so are the prices. If you hadn’t booked your ticket well in advance – sorry, you will have to wait until next year. Its gonna be 1.5 months of pure, unadulterated cricket! Stay tuned and make the best of this season.


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Feel the Magic at IPL 2010 | IPL Ads 2010 | Stadium


IPL season -3 is here in India!! And the organizers are leaving no stone unturned to promote it. And in case you thought that you can sit at home, chew on your popcorn, drink your cola & enjoy the game, you just missed out on some solid fun.

The latest in the series of IPL ads show two young men dressed up in dolphin costumes attending a cricket match. One of them is complaining to the other that his girlfriend ditched him when he gets a call from her. Sneha, his girlfriend is apparently happy and tells him that he looks adorable in his dolphin costume. And then he realizes that he is on the big screen in the stadium! πŸ™‚ Thank God he decided to watch IPL in the stadium! He managed to patch up with his gf !! And he actually decides to come in a monkey costume the next day inf Sneha makes it too.

IPL promoters seem to have made their point. The best way to enjoy a cricket match is to watch it live, along with the crowd in the stadium. Even though you get a close up view of your fav stars and watch replays ‘n’ number of times on tv, its pure fun to mingle with the crowd, cheer, sway and dance in the stadium. So, if you want to enjoy the full game, rush to get your tickets! πŸ™‚