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Teams, Schedule and everything else you need to know about IPL4

by MurugappanApril 6, 2011
Indian Premier League

After two months of exciting International cricket in the World cup 2011, the next cool thing, obvious to every cricket lover, is the Indian Premier League. In IPL4, quite different from the previous years, there are two new teams, so adding up to more number of matches and hence more entertainment. Read on to know […]

Why IPL Sucks? Does IPL 3 Deserve the Attention it is Receiving?

by nandiniApril 2, 2010

Lalit Modi must surely be one happy man. The 3rd installment of his brainchild has become a phenomenal success. People simply can’t seem to get enough of shortened version of the game.Marketing is on in full swing. But let’s take a closer look – behind the glittering facade. Does IPL really deserve the attention it […]

Two new IPL teams Kochi and Pune

by RuthMarch 21, 2010

Well we all love the IPL, don’t we. To add to the fun two more IPL teams have been added so we can see more parts of India battle it out. The holy grail of IPL t20 is fun fun fun and exhilarating fun pushing to the edge of your seat and make you bite […]

Zoozoo Reading Jokes Inside Hot Stove – The Tribal Dance [Vodafone Ad]

by Chethan ThimmappaMarch 13, 2010

Hilarious! That’s What I Can Say After Watching This Cute Zoozoo In a Hot Stove.. The Most Funniest Part here is This Stupid Zoozoo is Laughing in hot Stove without any sense or Reaction to the Hotness! Its on Fire! and Its Laughing! Dear Vodafone, You have done Something Out of the Box This Time, […]

Watch IPL at 2Mbps Speed for Free! Only on Airtel!

by nandiniMarch 12, 2010

Are you one of the few unlucky people who cant watch IPL on TV? Aah…I’m one of them. And just when i thought that I can catch up with the action on news channels, the tiff between the cricket board & the news channels ruled out that possibility. But thanks to the Airtel folks, I […]

Tribal Zoozoo with Arrow. The Star of The Match IPL 2010 [Vodafone Ad]

by Chethan ThimmappaMarch 12, 2010
Tribal Zoozoo IPL 2010 Jungle Forset Vodafone ad

We are Celebrating The Grand Festival of IPL here on chaaps! We are Constantly Updating News and Updates on DLF IPL 2010, The Biggest Cricketing Event in India..Check out The IPL 2010 Schedule and Book an DLF IPL Ticket to Watch Live Action on Stadium.. So, What’s New with IPL? Vodafone is The Official Partner […]

Book DLF IPL 2010 Tickets Online: Vodafone||

by Chethan ThimmappaMarch 10, 2010

As The Above Picture Says.. It is as Easy as Anything to Buy a DLF IPL Ticket for Season 3 (IPL 2010) Online. I will be Listing 3 Official (Trusted) Websites where you could book your DLF IPL Tickets Online for the Year 2010. We Already had Posted on Match Schedule of IPL 2010 Which […]

Download IPL 2010 Schedule – IPL 3 Matches [ March 12 to April 25 ]

by nandiniMarch 9, 2010

Finally, everyone’s favorite season is here. In-spite of the blistering heat, power-cuts, dry taps and parched skin, people in India have a reason to cheer. The 3rd season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is due to start in less than a week and this time the combat will take place in our very own […]

Feel the Magic at IPL 2010 | IPL Ads 2010 | Stadium

by nandiniFebruary 14, 2010

IPL season -3 is here in India!! And the organizers are leaving no stone unturned to promote it. And in case you thought that you can sit at home, chew on your popcorn, drink your cola & enjoy the game, you just missed out on some solid fun. The latest in the series of IPL […]