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Apple ipad 2 up for grabs

Apple iPad 2 in India up for grabs!

According to a latest news from techtree, iPad 2 has been released in India as of April 29. Along with India, it has also been launched for 9 other countries.

Apple ipad 2 launch India

iPad 2 is thinner and faster than its predecessor. For more information and specs check out our complete review of iPad 2 here. As we all know Apple has always been lazy to release its products in Indian markets. Probably because the demand of iPad’s is much greater than the supply, Apple cant manufacture the iPads fast enough. After only a month since its release i.e. March 11, its now available in the Indian markets. This improvement of Apple has sure satisfied our Indian customers and Apple is planning to keep its repute this way.

Many of you will be eagerly waiting for Apple iPad 2 price in India, so here it is. iPad 2 is available from prices ranging from 29,500 to 46,900.
iPad 2 with WiFi:                                                       iPad 2 with WiFi + 3G:
16GB model- Rs.29,500                                        16GB model- Rs.36,900
32GB model- Rs.34,500                                        32GB model- Rs.41,900
64GB model- Rs.39,500                                        64GB model- Rs.46,900

The company has sold 19.5 million units in the latest quarter. According to statistics from IBNLive, Apple’s iPad is continuing to dominate the tablet industry and will be for the next three years. Only time will tell us how it is going to adapt itself from Android based devices.

Now that iPad 2 is here in India, tell us what your opinion about the new iPad is by dropping a comment. Do you find the prices reasonable or expensive, please do share ur views.