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Asana Teamwork app is now available for iPhone & iPad

by Chethan ThimmappaJuly 30, 2014

  You can download the asana teamwork app from here.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+

iPad coming to 9 more countries, 28th May

by Shaquille RayMay 11, 2010

I live in Sydney, Australia. And i have been waiting for this news for a long time, well at least it feels like it. Today Microsoft’s competition Apple has finally declared dates for the rest of the world that will be getting the iPad. Well here we go On May 28th the following countries will get the iPad on […]

Why Apple did not use Flash for the iPad?

by SiddhuApril 30, 2010

Apple, being the second most successful multinational company based on computer technology, has finally released the iPad ! In case you don’t know this already, the iPad was one of Apple’s most successful produces yet. Apple had so many pre-ordered iPad’s to deliver that it had to temporarily shut down the Apple store to rebuild […]

Apple to Delay International Launch of iPad by One Month

by SrivathsanApril 15, 2010

Yesterday, Apple Inc. has annouced the delay of iPad’s global launch. Apple says stronger than expected demand in the US is causing it to delay the international launch of the tablet device by 1 month, till the end of May. Official Statement from Apple added : Although we have delivered more than 500,000 iPads during […]

Opera mini browser for iPhone / iPod touch

by SrivathsanApril 13, 2010

Here is a quick update, finally Apple approved the world’s most popular mobile browser Opera Mini for iphone today, You might have knew that Opera submitted Opera mini for iPhone to the App store for approval and for Apple it took 20 days, 08 hours and 31 minutes exactly for approving. generic levitra united states […]

Best Twitter App for the iPhone Goes Free – Tweetie

by SrivathsanApril 10, 2010

Today morning, I Just went through the twitter blog and found that, Twitter acquired Tweetie. Tweetie is a popular twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Company who owns Tweetie got an agreement with Twitter and now they’re recreating Tweetie and naming it ” Twitter or iPhone ” and making it free! Tweetie which […]

Download Cisco WebEx Meeting Center.A Powerful iPad App for Business

by Chethan ThimmappaApril 2, 2010

Cisco [Welcome to the Human Network] now allows you to attend meetings anywhere and at anytime using Apple iPad. The Webex app is absolutely free and you do not need to have an Webex account to attend a meeting (you need Webex account only if you want to schedule or host a meeting). The Webex […]

Start Building your iPad apps

by SiddhuMarch 27, 2010
SDK apple blue print

Apple will be releasing the iPad somewhat in the next month i.e. April 2010. Are you ready for the release ? No doubt the release will be grand. But its gonna be even more grand if you are going to use your own applications for this release. Here’s a last minute opportunity for developers. If […]

We-pad ,making I-pad run for its money

by RuthMarch 26, 2010

Recently a german based company showcased a new tablet which not surprising runs android 🙂 The only difference between i-pad and we-pad may seem like “i” is replaced by “we”. Well its not. It is a fairly robust machine with an 11.6″ display :), a rather quick 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, a webcam , […]

Was iPad designed to compete with amazon kindle

by RuthJanuary 31, 2010

Was iPad designed to compete with amazon kindle ? if so man-o-man its the perfect thing to own.I’ve seen so many criticize the iPad . I am not a huge apple fan.Thats probably why i don have so much high expectations. I have never found apple products so robust .My  little open source Ubuntu  can do  so much more the the best mac’s out there .