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Where not to use a URL shortener and Why?

by MurugappanOctober 13, 2010
URL shorteners

Ever since the introduction of Twitter, the use of URL shortening services have also been increased steeply. The first ever popular URL shortener, to my knowledge, is TinyURL which is now being depopularised by newer URL shorteners like,, and URL shorteners were formally introduced to handle the 140 character limit in Twitter […]

What will be the Future Internet ? [Videos]

by Chethan ThimmappaAugust 8, 2010

Understanding The Future Internet Better with These Videos! [Credits] The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0 The Internet of Things State of The Internet Did You Know 4.0 Via Awaiting for Your Comments on Future Internet! FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Is downloading through BitTorrent safe?

by Sukhjit SinghMarch 14, 2010

In the recent years Bit Torrent is one of the few things that have emerged from the scratch and have spread in the whole world. Millions or maybe more billions of people are downloading and uploading Petabyte(that is lot more that Gigabyte) of stuff from internet. Its is uncommon to find a man who hasn’t […]

BSNL Introduces Fastest Broadband Speed in India

by Sukhjit SinghMarch 6, 2010

Earlier it was Airtel bragging that they brought theĀ  fastest ever broadband service for home users. Speed was not that much for international standards but still it was a record for home and business users owning it. What Airtel Introduced was 16MBPS (which gives a download speed of about 2.5 MBPS). But now what BSNL […]

Speed up Firefox

by SiddhuFebruary 17, 2010
Firefox Speed

Mozilla Firefox has been considered the fastest browser by internet users across the world. Yet, did you know that you could actually speed up firefox even more ? Firefox has set some speed limits so that slow connections will get a good browsing experience, but for users with a fast internet connection, the true potential […]

Safe Browsing with Comodo Dragon browser

by SiddhuFebruary 17, 2010
Be Safe

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a new web browser based on Chromium, the open source project which is also used by Google Chrome. Comodo has been leading in online security with its SSL certification and top level PC security with products such as an anti-virus, firewall, internet security, anti-spam, anti-malware, time machine etc. Recently Comodo […]

Top 83 Extraordinary PC Case Mods for Geeks and Technicians

by SrivathsanNovember 17, 2009

They are simple fun to generic cialis 10mg look at, here is the collection of PC Case Mods from all over the world. Click here to watch the Slide show Make sure you install the newest version of It may be old for some people, but just I wanted to share with you all .. […]

Unlimited GPRS Plans in TATA DOCOMO 15 Rs and 95 Rs Pack.

by Chethan ThimmappaSeptember 21, 2009
docomo gprs plans

Tata Docomo has Just Launched a New GPRS plans which allows you unlimited download at very lower prices. 15 Rs GPRS pack allows you to use Internet facility for 3 days with unlimited access. That is download as You like. 95 Rs Plan also offers you unlimited GPRS for 30 days!

What’s your Internet Speed?

by Chethan ThimmappaSeptember 21, 2009
s1 Calculates the Internet Speed of your ISP based on your Location. Also Has Interesting Features like List of Top Speed ISPs, Country wise and so on..