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Where not to use a URL shortener and Why?


Ever since the introduction of Twitter, the use of URL shortening services have also been increased steeply. The first ever popular URL shortener, to my knowledge, is TinyURL which is now being depopularised by newer URL shorteners like bit.ly, goo.gl, and t.co.
URL shorteners were formally introduced to handle the 140 character limit in Twitter but it Gradually started entering Facebook and other social networks tools. Another reason for their increasing popularity is because of the analytics provided by these services. Being much impressed by URL shorteners, people have started sharing them wherever they see an input field.

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URL shorteners
A chain of URL shorteners

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Where not to use a URL shortener and Why?


When someone reads an e-mail which says:

Please check out my blog at: http://goo.gl/XIMd

I’m sure the receiver will have a feeling of “that guy is spamming”. Moreover I found that an e-mail from my friend which had a shortened URL had landed to my Spam folder (in Gmail). Later I asked him to send the same Email with the expanded URL and it landed on my Inbox; Priority inbox, to be precise.


I made a chat with 10 friends of mine and asked them the following:

Hey! Check out my new post – http://bit.ly/amHJ1N


Out of the ten people with whom I made these lines, six of them responded with a lame “why?” message.
Two people gave no response and it was only two who happily read my post!

Link building:

People carry out internal linking in blogs and websites to increase the time people stay on their website and also to keep the bounce rate as low as possible or they may show some backlink love. When you link shortened URLs, this is what happens:

Shortened URLs - more or less Suspicious links
Shortened URLs - more or less Suspicious links


Nowadays, almost every blog has Akismet or a similar plugin to stop spam. Such plugins filter your messages as spam when you link to Shortened URLs.


URL shorteners were meant to be used only in twitter and maybe any other place where you have some kind of character limit. If I am questioned I’d rather say use URL shorteners only in Twitter and Facebook. Even medicine becomes poison when consumed too much and so is the case with URL shorteners. 😛

Those were some lessons drawn through my experience. I hope you found this post interesting. Share your thoughts by adding your comments! 🙂


Is downloading through BitTorrent safe?


In the recent years Bit Torrent is one of the few things that have emerged from the scratch and have spread in the whole world.

Millions or maybe more billions of people are downloading and uploading Petabyte(that is lot more that Gigabyte) of stuff from internet. Its is uncommon to find a man who hasn’t heard of BitTorrent or is familiar with the word torrent.

With the rise of Bittorrent the people have found a way of getting pirated softwares, movies and music… Although BitTorrent was created for sharing of legal stuff but nothing can be safe from piracy.

Few is a number of people who haven’t downloaded a movie or software from the BitTorrent. Even I have downloaded some.

But the thing is with the rise of piracy level through the bit torrent companies are facing loss of Billion Dollars a year.That’s too much.

To keep a check on this many organisations have been set up which are scattered through BitTorrent world and are keeping an eye on the people downloading these things.

The most commonly known organization is M.P.A.A (Motion Pictures Association of America). These guys are tracing the IP’s of  people who are downloading and uploading illegal stuff.

They later trace the IP with the help of your ISP they locate your home and sen you a beautiful letter with Boldly Written alphabets that “You have been found guilty of downloading pirated…..” and demanding thousands of dollars fine.

Many including me are using Peerblock ( Its is a program which blocks the known IP’s of these type of organizations and other people). But they just block the known IP’s. These Organizations are clever that they constantly change their IP.

Now the question is, Is Downloading From bitTorrent Safe?…

The answer is clear that with these companies keeping an eye on us we are nowhere near safe. And if by chance you get to see that notice delivered to your home claiming of huge $$$ sum you wouldn’t even dare to see a tiny BitTorrent client like uTorrent also.


BSNL Introduces Fastest Broadband Speed in India


Earlier it was Airtel bragging that they brought the  fastest ever broadband service for home users. Speed was not that much for international standards but still it was a record for home and business users owning it.

What Airtel Introduced was 16MBPS (which gives a download speed of about 2.5 MBPS). But now what BSNL (Yeah the govt. company, believe me, my friends have it and its service sucks..) introduced 24MBPS (which gives a transfer speed of upto 3.5 MBPS or more…).

Now that’s a remarkable achievement in the Internet History of India. These guys just interduce more faster and faster services but the most of the broadband users in India are having crappy 256 KBPS connection.

That Sucks..

Anyways the Prices are not reliable for Home users (Except the rich ones who like to burn their or their parents money down..) but they are pretty reasonable for business users.

Full Specifications of this Plan

Connection Name: BBG super speed combo 9999

Bandwidth: upto 24MBPS

Monthly Charges(This one is something I don’t like personally..): Just Rs 9999

Free usage : 220GB per month

Charges Beyond free usage: 0.2 Rs per MB

Free Calls: 1000

Charges per Call (Do they Still need money): Rs 1 ( I prefer my cell phone its just 1Paise per second)

And what these guy five free is Installation, free 2 months of web conferencing, Games On Demand (Hell Yeah!) and Video and Music On demand…

I wish ( Again)  I had money so that I could buy this connection. Its not that I don’t but I would be using my laptop on streets of Delhi then… Kinda Stupid that a guy with 24MBPS connection writing a blog post from streets. 🙁


Speed up Firefox


Firefox Speed

Mozilla Firefox has been considered the fastest browser by internet users across the world. Yet, did you know that you could actually speed up firefox even more ? Firefox has set some speed limits so that slow connections will get a good browsing experience, but for users with a fast internet connection, the true potential of Firefox is locked down by default. Here is a simple trick to unlock your maximum potential of firefox.

Fact to know before customizing:

HTTP pipelining is a technique in which multiple HTTP requests are written out to a single socket without waiting for the corresponding responses. The pipelining of requests results in a dramatic improvement in page loading times, especially over high latency connections such as satellite Internet connections.

Allowing HTTP pipelining will allow fast internet connections to reach their maximum potential. For this, a minimum internet speed of 256 kb/sec is recommended. The faster your internet speed, the better will be the performance improvement of Firefox.

If you’re sure you want to allow HTTP pipelining to speed up firefox, then lets start:

Type about:config in your address bar to start customizing firefox

Find the following entries:


Set network.http.pipelining to TRUE
Set network.http.proxy.pipelining to TRUE
Set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to about “30“.

This means your browser can make 30 requests at once. Don’t set it above 30 otherwise some sites may consider you as a spammer.

Splash your web pages faster
In firefox, web pages load quickly, but appear on screen after a certain time. If you have a fast processor with a high RAM and a good graphics memory, then you can let the web pages appear on screen instantly. This will speed your performance but may be frying your processor. If you want to apply this trick, you can by changing the following value:


Change this value to “0” to wait zero milliseconds to wait for splash screen. Mozilla suggests the value to be 250 for average speed computers.

That’s all. Restart Firefox to observe the changes. For a internet speed of 256 kb/sec your Firefox speed will become about 150% and for fast internet connections it can go upto 700%.

Basically Firefox has it disabled by mistake so that users with slow internet connections will also get a good browsing experience. But for high speed internet users, this function can be enabled manually. This makes Firefox even more customizable.

If you are a blogger or developer, you must try this. This will allow many HTML and JavaScript files to load simultaneously, giving faster page load.

Make sure you make note of what you change. You can always undo these changes later.

Try it out and tell us your results…..


Safe Browsing with Comodo Dragon browser


Be Safe

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a new web browser based on Chromium, the open source project which is also used by Google Chrome.

Comodo has been leading in online security with its SSL certification and top level PC security with products such as an anti-virus, firewall, internet security, anti-spam, anti-malware, time machine etc.

Recently Comodo released its new web browser which is a Fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium, infused with Comodo’s unparalleled level of Security!

Features of the Dragon:

  • Chromium interface
  • Improved Security over Chromium
  • Easy SSL Certificate Identification
  • Fast Website Access
  • Greater Stability and Less Memory Usage
  • Incognito Mode Stops Cookies, Improves Privacy

This means, you get all the features of Google Chrome, including Chrome’s blazing fast net speed, with enhanced security from Comodo !!!

Advantage of Dragon over Chrome:
The Dragon is built on the Chromium open source project which means it has exactly all the features of Chrome, but with an additional essential feature. Improved Security.

Here is a screenshot I took of the Comodo Dragon:

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

It feels just like Google Chrome, same looks, same features, same blazing fast speed, only with better security.

If you love using Chrome then this is the browser meant for you.

Visit the Comodo Dragon Homepage to find out more.

Try it out and tell us how you liked it. Give your comments…..


Top 83 Extraordinary PC Case Mods for Geeks and Technicians

They are simple fun to generic cialis 10mg look at, here is the collection of PC Case Mods from all over the world.

Click here to watch the Slide show

Make sure you install the newest version of

It may be old for some people, but just I wanted to share with you all ..

This is the 100th post on chaaps .. cheers 😀

Unlimited GPRS Plans in TATA DOCOMO 15 Rs and 95 Rs Pack.


Tata Docomo has freshly Launched new GPRS EDGE plans offering unlimited Internet Access.

docomo gprs plans

Presently There are 2 plans offering unlimited Data Access
Rs.15 GPRS Pack:
The Rs.15 special GPRS pack allows unlimited internet access for upto 3 days.

How to Activate 15 Rs GPRS Pack?
Select DOCOMO internet APN on your handsets after downloading the GPRS settings from Tata DOCOMO. call Customer Care to get the GPRS Settings.

Rs.95 GPRS Pack:
This special GPRS pack allowing unlimited internet access for up-to 30 days.

How to activate Rs 95 GPRS Pack?
Select DOCOMO Internet APN on your handset after downloading the GPRS settings.

95 GPRS pack in Tata docomo allows you to download unlimited data through out the month, that is upto 30 days! What’s More?

Now Using Internet on your Mobile is More Cheaper Than Ever!

For More Information on Unlimited GPRS plans in Tata docomo and other FAQ’s Visit The Official Website here

15 Rs GPRS plan in Tata docomo More Details>>
95 Rs GPRS plan in Tata docomo More Details>>


What’s your Internet Speed? SpeedTest.net


SpeedTest.net is an Awesome Tool to calculate your Internet Speed.

Begin Test by Selecting a Region.


Calculates Upload and Download Speed Based on Your Connection


Complete Stats on Your IP address, and speeds for various type of Files.


Here is The Link to speedtest.net
Speedtest.net also has interesting features, it lists the top download speeds of ISP across the world, country, region! A Perfect tool to Analyse about ISPs and their Internet Speed on Various Regions.