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INQUILAB 3G – The Social revolution is here! | INQ Mobile in India


Are you INQ? Wondering what I’m talking about?? It’s about the latest product in town, INQ Chat 3G. As the name suggests, the makers of this mobile are trying to create a revolution! INQ is equipped with push email,facebook, twitter and IM seamlessly integrated into the heart of the phone, so that you never miss an email or a tweet or an fb notification. Further, it offers Skype and Windows Live Messenger so you can chat with your buddies live.

But, how is this different from other such 3G phones. you may ask. Very different, I would say. The next time your friend is calling, you get to see his/her current profile pic on facebook, being displayed on the caller id! All your friend requests, status updates and pokes will be delivered to your 3G inbox along with other text msges and tweets. Now, you can click pictures on the go and upload it to Facebook all by pushing one button. Thats not it, INQ provides you with a QWERTY keyboard thus making it easier to send you tweets. Also, you will now receive notifications when you get tweets or replies.

I suppose this is what they mean by seamless integration! 😉

Check out the latest in the series of INQ 3G ads

INQ is Now Promoted Across Media through TV Commercials, Digital Media Ads.With the 3G market opening in India, I think INQ will be a great addition to it and is sure to lure customers.

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