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Celebrate Independence Day of India with Indian Themes by Epic Browser

August 15, The Independence Day of India has almost Arrived! This Year, 2010, We have Some New Things to Try Out in the World of Web. With the Launch of Epic Browser in India, The First Ever Indian Browser by Mozilla, You have loads to try!

India Themes for Independence Day

Over 1500+ Themes Specially Designed which Suits for Indian Users. This Collection includes Different Categories and Sub Categories: People, Culture, Regional, Sports, Religious, Politicians and Many… We Try to List out Few of Indian Themes on Different Categories present in the Newly Launched Epic Browser..

Before we Start, Let us know,

How to Change Themes / Skins in Epic Browser

Just Eye Towards the Epic Browser’s Most Famous Side Bar to Find Out Many Handy Tools… Select ‘Epic Skins’ just below the Indic Icon… To get a List of Available Themes.. (As Shown in ScreenShot)

Choosing The Themes

Click on The Plus Bar for the Options: “Theme”, “Wallpaper” or “Both” to Install Your Themes, Wallpapers or Both Respectively.. The Theme Effects in a Customized Picture Background on Top of Browser (Around the Address bar) while Clicking on Wallpaper fits the Wallpaper into the Entire Body of Browser..

List of Indian Themes and Wallpapers based on Different Categories and Sub-Categories

1. People >> Freedom Fighters.

Themes and WallPapers of Mahatma Gandhi …

Other Freedom Fighters Themes to Try with: Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Jawaharlal Nehru, Jhansi Ki Rani, Sarojini Naidu, Shivaji, Tipu Sultan and More

2. People >> Spiritual Leaders

Mother Teresa, The Winner of Nobel Prize for Peace.. Great Spiritual Leader

Other Spiritual Leaders in The List of Themes(India): Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sathya Sai Baba, Saint Vallabhachaya, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and More…

3. People >> National Figures

Kalpana Chawla, India’s Pride! NASA astronaut from India

Other National Figures Theme on Epic: Field Marshal Cariappa, Bhupinder Singh, S Radha Krishnan

4. People >> Historical Figures


Other Historical Figures: Akbar, Ashoka, ChandraGupta Maurya, Kempe Gowda, Hyder Ali, Shah Jahan and More..

5.People >> Writers

Chetan Bhagat

Other Famous Writers: PoornaChandra Tejaswi, Arundathi Roy, Habib Tanvir, Aravind Adiga and More….

6.Sports >> Cricketers

Sachin Tendulkar, The GOD of Cricket

Other Indian Cricketers Themes: Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, Irfan Pathan, Yuvraj Singh, Sehwag and More….

There are Many Many Vast Categories… Depending on Regions.. Includes all States with Place Monuments, Culture, Famous Personalities, Politics, Parties etc…

Explore More Indian Themes in Epic Browser and Celebrate this Independence day of India with Great Spirits with India’s Very Own Browser : EPIC

Download Epic Browser Here


Diwali Dhamaka from Apple: iPhone 4 to Hit Indian Market in October


What is special about Diwali this year? Crackers? Sweets? Wake up guys! Its the iPhone 4 which is all set to a grand welcome in India. Bharti’s Airtel made an official announcement that it would launch the iPhone in India by the September-October. This is great news for tech geeks in India who are waiting for a chance to lay their hands upon the latest apple product. The news of the launch was confirmed by Bharti Airtel’s COO Sanjay Kapoor.

The predecessor of iPhone 4 i.e iPhone 3GS was launched in late March this year by Airtel as well as Vodafone. With Airtel already having made an official announcement, arch rivals Vodafone are expected to take a plunge too and reveal their launch plans. However, pricing is likely to be an issue of major concern as far as the Indian subcontinent is concerned as customers are likely to stay away from heavy prices.

So, Diwali sure will bring good news to all you geeks out there!


India to Buy C17 Globemaster III Aircrafts from US. $5.8 Billion Deal!


India is all Set to buy 10 C17 Globemaster III Aircraft from US Defence. The Deal is estimated at $5.8 billion. The Deal has not been Finalized yet and Final Negotiations has to Take Place….

US Defence Security has informed US Congress about this deal of C17 Globemaster III under the program ‘Foreign Military Sale‘ (FMS)

Here is the Picture of C17 Globe master III

C17 Globemaster photo
C17 Globemaster III Photos – Credit: US Defence

US ambassador, Timothy J. Roemer talking about this deal Said

“The potential sale of C-17s strengthens the growing partnership between our two countries, and demonstrates our enduring commitment to sharing the world’s best technology with India.”

How C-17 Globemaster III AirCraft benefits India?

  • IAF(Indian Air Force) will replace its older IL- 76 aircrafts with New C17
  • C-17 Globemaster III provides Heavy Cargo and Personnel lift Capability
  • Helps to modernize India’s armed forces with Brand new cargo capabilities

Other Features of C17 Globemaster III and More Details


Feel the Magic at IPL 2010 | IPL Ads 2010 | Stadium


IPL season -3 is here in India!! And the organizers are leaving no stone unturned to promote it. And in case you thought that you can sit at home, chew on your popcorn, drink your cola & enjoy the game, you just missed out on some solid fun.

The latest in the series of IPL ads show two young men dressed up in dolphin costumes attending a cricket match. One of them is complaining to the other that his girlfriend ditched him when he gets a call from her. Sneha, his girlfriend is apparently happy and tells him that he looks adorable in his dolphin costume. And then he realizes that he is on the big screen in the stadium! 🙂 Thank God he decided to watch IPL in the stadium! He managed to patch up with his gf !! And he actually decides to come in a monkey costume the next day inf Sneha makes it too.

IPL promoters seem to have made their point. The best way to enjoy a cricket match is to watch it live, along with the crowd in the stadium. Even though you get a close up view of your fav stars and watch replays ‘n’ number of times on tv, its pure fun to mingle with the crowd, cheer, sway and dance in the stadium. So, if you want to enjoy the full game, rush to get your tickets! 🙂


Save Our Tigers: I’m feeling responsible to save My National Animal. Do you?


Its not too late, I think its time to react to protect our national Animal. The present statistics show that just 1411 tigers remain in our country. Shocking isn’t it!!

“We are roaring for the cause. Are you?”

1411 is average estimate of India’s wild tigers, as per the monitoring exercise by Wildlife Institute of India in association with NTCA, Government of India in 2008.

I feel responsible to save my national animal. At this instant, I want to appreciate Aircel for making us aware by taking the initiative. Aircel has partnered with WWF-India to help “Save Our Tigers”.

The Tiger as the National Animal of India symbolizes the power, strength, elegance, alertness, intelligence and endurance of the nation. Our national Animal is fighting for its life. Previously from around 40,000 tigers at turn of last century, there were just 1411 tigers at present in our country. I think this is the correct time to react to protect our heritage otherwise we could lose it forever.

Over the past years there is a steep fall in the tiger population. Due to illegal smuggling of Tiger Skin and other body parts, there are very few tigers left in the world today.
According to the World Census of Tigers, there are only 5000 -7000 tigers in the world today. Out of which, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar claim to have a population of 3000 to 4500 and India alone claims to have a population of 2500 to 3750. These were according to year 2002 statistics. But Now, the number is just 1411.

So Don’t let our National Heritage extincted.

Join the noble cause the same the big cats from extincting.
Hope This Initiative from Aircel and WWF-India should result in positive growth of Tigers in our Country.
Roar for this cause here @ SaveOurTigers
Our National Animal is Fighting for its Life. Show your support by joining @ Saveourtigers.com
Till now over 96,000 people have joined this community to show their support to save Our Nation Animal from Extinction. So make a difference by joining and ask your friends to join in to support this roar.
You can also know much about this Program @ WWF-India or Saveourtigers


[REVIEW] Phir Mile Sur – A Disappointment


The much hyped “new” version of the old classic “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara…” was finally aired today amidst a lot of high expectations. Did it live up to it? My answer would be a big NO! I was terribly disappointed to see my favourite song being ruptured indignantly 🙁

Mile Sur started on a promising note with A R Rahman playing on his continuum keyboard.Soon Amitabh Bachhan lent his voice to the opening verses of the song. So far…so good. But as the song progressed, I discovered that it was nothing more than a mere showcase of Bollywood’s leading men and ladies. Aishwarya Rai with her hubby, Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Shahrukh Khan,Salman Khan and you have Deepika Padukone in the midst wearing an itsy-bitsy outfit and a plastic expression on her face. Deepika…are you posing for a soap ad???

And thats not all! Aamir Khan still seems to be in his Taare Zameen Par mood and his bit looks like a cross between “Aati Kya Khandala” and “Bum Bum Bole”! Shahrukh gives his typical hand-stretched pose and when Shahid Kapur croons Mile Sur with a mike in his hand, I threw up my hands in despair!! Of course, there are many regional actors who do their bit. The makers must have suddenly realized that there was too much of bollywood and so they have managed to cramp a lot of sportspersons towards the end of the song. Finally India’s armed forces are depicted at the end of the song. Its ironical that the most deserving of them all gets the least screen space! Isn’t it??

I feel that the original purpose of the song has been defeated in the new version. The old one focused more on national integrity and was also showcased the various regions in India and their cultural affinities. You had a coorgi family signing “nanna Dhwani ye ninna Dhwaniya…” , a elephant mahout singing in malayalam, tribals from Nagaland in their traditional attire and so on and so forth. So, the message “Unity in Diversity” was crystal clear.

Unfortunately, in the new one, you have Salman & Priyanka singing with physically challenged children and Mahesh Babu comforting the old. I agree that it is a noble cause but what is this doing in a video on National Integration? I’m sure the makers could have made an entirely different video if they wanted to deliver a “Save the girl child” or ” Support the Old and forsaken” message.

Of course, I do agree that the new song has been shot well and choreographed well. The musicians have definitely given their best. But there is a “certain thing” that seems to be missing in the new version.
I really wish that the makers of the song had concentrated more on preserving the beauty of the original. But instead, the final product is all glamour and glitz, Bollywood-ish and evokes little interest in the viewer.


Download New Patriotic Video “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” This Republic Day


“Mile sur mera tumhara….sur bane hamara!”

These lines evoke a a feeling of patriotism and nostalgia in me and I’m literally moved to tears every time I here them. Such is the power of this simple song! Originally released in 1988, this song was first telecasted on DD, the only channel back then. And it instantly struck a chord with the people and enjoyed a cult status.

22 years later, Mile Sur is back in a new avatar! Kailash Surendranath & Aarti have recreated this classic piece and have rechristened it as “Phir Mile Sur”. This new song will be aired on 26th January, 2010 on Zoom television. Amitabh Bachhan has officially released this album today.

The original song Mile Sur Tumhara comprised of various musicians, film stars & personalities including Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Dr. Bala MuraliKrishna, the then Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev, film artistes Amitabh Bachhan, Jeetendra, Sharmila Tagore, ace sportsmen Prakash Padukone and others to mention a few.

Phir mile sur has been shot with 22 stars, 18 musicians, 13 artistes and singers and 15 other personalites.
Among them, Amitabh Bachhan has the unique honour of being the only artiste to feature in both the old as well as the new versions of the song. Apart from being featured in the song, Amitabh has also lent his voice for it! Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachhan, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan & Deepika Padukone are other stars who appear in the song.

Im eagerly waiting to see if this happens to be as good as the original! 🙂

Here is The New Version of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video. Youtube Video and Download Links of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is here. Videos of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra in New Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video!

Priyanka Chopra exclusively in Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video


WorldSpace India Inc bids Goodbye! :(


As January 1, 2010 dawned, subscribers of WorldSpace India woke up to a shock. Their favorite satellite radio service just became unavailable. In a short last minute email notice to its subscribers & employees, WorldSpace India conveyed that it would be unable to continue its operations in India.
Airtel DTH that offers WorldSpace services in India, will replace this with 10 radio channels of All India Radio(AIR).

WorldSpace renamed as “1WorldSpace” had filed for bankruptcy in October 2008. Yet, its Indian operation remained untouched. Liberty Media, a potential buyer decided to withdraw its plans of buying the bankrupt company and the only option left was to close its worldwide operations. WorldSpace has its presence in 130 countries worldwide and is already in the process of shutting down the units one by one. Interestingly, India has 4.50 lakh subscribers that translates into over 95% of its customer base.

One of the major factors for WorldSpace’s average performance was the growth of FM channels in metros all over India. People found it easier to tune in to an FM channel but the same was not possible with WorldSpace. Moreover, their deal with Airtel DTH did not fetch them good dividends either. So, it seemed like the fate of WorldSpace was sealed earlier.


But the bigger question from the subscribers end is “Will I get my money back??”. Most of the Indian subscribers who have subscribed for one or two years are unlikely to get their money refunded. Ideally, the company has to return the amount for the unused subscription. But this seems unlikely now. In an announcement made by WorldSpace, this message is conveyed loud & clear. So, all we can do now is wait for a miracle, either to make WorldSpace start its operations once again or atleast refund the money to its subscribers


2009 – A look at the Newsmakers


As 2009 is drawing to a close, its time to sit back & recollect all the events that occured in this year. There were highs as well as lows, we had some people reach the pinnacle of fame and we also others who brought us shame. The following is a list of people/ events that grabbed the headlines in 2009.

1) Barack Obama – America’s first African-American President:

From being an America’s first African-American president to winning the 2009 Nobel prize for peace, it was certainly a memorable year for Obama.

2) A R Rahman – Jai Ho! :

The Oscar was just another feather-in-the-cap for this musical genius. He made the world sit up and take notice of Indian cinema. Suddenly, “Jai Ho” became the anthem of the nation. And that’s not all! Later this year he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of London’s Trinity College of Music, one of the most prestigious distinctions that any musician can ask for.

3) Manmohan Singh – Singh is King!

Opinion polls & exit polls had unanimously predicted a hung assembly. But Congress took the entire nation by surprise as it won the General Election 2009 by a convincing margin. And Manmohan Singh became the only PM after Jawarharlal Nehru to assume office for a second term.

4) The Satyam Fiasco – All but the truth!

In what can be termed as one of the worst corporate scandals in history, Chairman Ramalinga Raju confessed that the company’s accounts had been falsified. In a letter to the Stock exchnge, Raju admitted that he had overstated the company’s revenues & profits. After this revelation , Satyam’s shares plummeted to an all time low of 11.50 Rupees along with its reputation.


5) The Death of a rising star in Indian Politics

Y S Rajashekahar Reddy or YSR as he was popularly known, lead the Congress to a thumping victory in the AP assembly elections. He was touted as the next big thing in Indian politics but fate had it otherwise. On Sep 2, YSR’s helicopter lost contact with the air traffic controllers and he was found dead the following morning. His death came as a big shocker to the entire nation.

6) Twitter – Communication Redefined

The answer to one simple question in 140 characters introduced the concept of microblogging. So, we had Priyanka Chopra on one hand tweeting about her upcoming film and Shashi Tharoor on another taking a dig at Indian politics. This year truly belonged to Twitter!

7) Chandrayaan – A lunar leap for India

Amisdst reports of Chandrayaan’s failure, the discovery of presence of water came as a shot -in-the-arm for ISRO. India’s maiden moon mission was declared a huge success & was enough proof of ISRO’s capability & efficiency in space projects.

8 ) K R Chandrashekhar Rao – Battle for the states

Mr Rao strategy for gaining attention was simple. What began as a simple fast quickly gained fervour and soon it seemed like the TRS chief was at his death bed with doctors warning of dire consequences if he did not break his fast. Mr Rao’s fast-until-death literally shook the roots of the Indian government. And Chidambaram’s damage control of granting statehood to Telengana temporarily resolved the issue. But this led to a number of outfits demanding statehood for their territories.

9) Indian Cricket Team – At the pinnacle of glory

2009 was undoubtedly the best year for Indian Cricket. MS Dhoni took the Indian team to never – before heights. Having been ranked as the number 1 team in ODI, they further went on to create history as they also claimed the No 1 spot in Test Rankings. Our very own Sachin Tendulkar added yet another feather to his cap by scoring 30,000 in International cricket – the first by any player in the world.

10) The Silent Heroes

No one acknowledges them. No one appreciates them. Yet, they silently do their duty and protect millions of indians everyday. Im talking about the Indian police & military force. Its been a year after the 26/11 blasts. But we have gone through 2009 without a single terror incident. Thanks to them! They are the silent heroes of this year. Kudos to them!!


‘Incredible India’ Grabs World Travel Award 2009


Incredible India, An Initiative by Government of India to Promote Tourism has won The World Travel Award 2009 for best Campaign of Year 2009.

World Travel Award 2009 Incredible India

Watch The Video of Incredible India as a Campaign to Promote India Tourism. Here is Video of one of the Latest Campaigns by Incredible India

incredible india

Incredible India has Also Been The winner for Following Categories in Geographical Location Asia:

Asia’s Leading Tourist Board

Asia’s Leading Destination

Here is The List of Indian Hotels and Resorts which is Identified by World Travel Awards.

The Leela Palace Kempinski of Bangalore has been named as India’s Leading Business Hotel..

Taj Palace Hotel of New Delhi Grabs the title India’s leading Conference hotel.

Kumarkom Lake Resort has been named as India’s leading Resort.

Check out The List for More Categories

list of hotels world travel awards


Check The List of Winners of World Travel Awards 2009 at http://www.worldtravelawards.com/winners

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Vodafone Zoozoos Celebrate Independence day of India. TV Commercial.


August 15! Independence day of India. On this Occasion Vodafone has Released a Patriotic Advertisement featured by Zoozoos.
Vodafone Zoozoo Independence Day
This 35 second Ad is worth a watch..
Watch This Video Vodafone Zoozoo celebrates Independence Day
Here is The Link for Youtube Video

How to Get FREE Patriotic songs as Your Callertune:
It’s easy, It’ll not fetch you even a single paise to set Independence day song as your callertune if you are a Vodafone Customer.
Just Send FREE as an SMS to 55655 from your Vodafone Mobile.
You’ll be receiving a Message from Vodafone about its status. and everything is totally free including the rental charges. Just Feel Free to get The FREE service Provided by Vodafone on this Indian Freedom Occasion. Your Independence day songs will be automatically Shuffled till August 15.

Share Your Views on This Vodafone Video on Independence day.
Chaaps.com Wishes all its readers a Very Happy Independence Day.
Jai Ho!

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Download This Vodafone Zoozoo Independence day Ad Here