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Find out the Fonts used in the Image or Logo : MyFont

Many a times we admire the beautiful fonts used in the images with nice design.

The font used in those picture is really hard to find unless you have the source files. So, if you know the name of the font, it is easy to download and use it. Now how to find out the fonts used in the picture ? This online tool helps us to find out the fonts just by uploading the corresponding image.


MyFont is a simple online tool which helps you to know the fonts used in the image just by uploading the picture. Once you upload the image, it searches a large font database and then gives you the font name as a result.


Even if you searched your font and couldn’t find the font, then you can post the image in WhatTheFont forums to ask help from the community. To get the optimal results ensure these three points –


– Try to get the text as horizontal as possible.
– Letters should be around 100 pixels tall in your image
– Make sure letters aren’t touching each other.


Image formats like GIF, JPG,BMP, TIFF are supported.

What The Font – Homepage

Just try out yourself and leave your comments =)

List of 10 Websites For Resizing and Cropping Your Images Online

There are many desktop tools like justresizeit for resizing your images, but incase if you need to resize or crop your images online, you can use these 10 websites for resizing and cropping images. Many situations you want to shrink a picture for an avatar? or Make any images smaller? Then get into the list below and anyone can resize images and digital pictures online.


List of 10 websites for resizing images online

1. Shrink Pictures


Shrink Pictures tools that are no more difficult than posting in a Forum and now anyone can Resize Images and Digital Pictures. Another common use is to resize photos before sending in an email or posting it to your Blog. To resize your images it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

2. Pic Resize


The Internet’s best picture resizing tool. Easily crop and resize your images online for free at picresize. Start Now !

3. ReShade


On Reshade you can resize images maintaining quality, edges and texture. This means Reshade reduces or eliminates most of the usual side-effects of photo enlargement.

4. Resizr


Resizr is a free online image resize and crop tool with lots of extras! Some Features are Resize Pictures with High quality, Crop to get just what you want, Rotate 90, 180, 270 degrees, Specify the exact size you want, Resize unlimited pictures.

5. Fotosizer


Fotosizer is a freeware batch image resizer tool. It resizes your photos in just 3 easy steps – 1. Photo selection, 2. select resize settings, then 3. Start the resize!


6. Resize Your Image


Resize your image is a magnificent tool to help you maintain your website, to send images via email or to resize large images to print it. Not only does it let you determine its size (in pixels), it also brings down the size of your file.

7. Resize 2 Mail


Resize 2 mail is an online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site.

8. Rsizr


One of my fav cropping tool. The interface is so cool and easy to use. just try out !

9. Resize pic


Sometimes you want an image to be a certain size, for example forum avatars often have size limits. This site lets you resize images (pictures).

10. Online Image Resizer


OIR (online image resizer) is the most comprehensive free image resizer tool online. Not only you can resize images and resize photos, crop images, crop photos but also make a basic image processing such as converting your image to “gray scale” (making it black and white), rotating or mirroring image, controlling image quality and finally paste a text over image (creating a copyright watermarks or simply pasting a date or any other text).

On making the list, I might have missed some online cropping tools, so please feel free to add on the comments section -;)

Drag and Drop Photos on Wave – Google Wave SlideShow


You Have So Many Images on Your PC and You wish to Share these Photos to Your Friends in a Very Easy and Fast Way.
Here is a Quick Solution, Using Google Wave.

Google Wave Account.

I recommend you to Use Google Chrome Browser for Better Way to access Wave. Just Enable Google Gears on Your Web Browser, Enabling Google Gears allows You to Drag the Images on your Desktop to The Browser Just on Mouse Movement.

Dragging Photos

Say No to Traditional way of Uploading Photos. Enabling Google Gears Eliminates These Three Steps:

  • Click on The Add file button
  • Selecting The Required Path
  • Clicking on Upload button.

It’s all about Dragging and Dropping on Google Wave! Thanks to Google Gears.

What Next?  How Could You Play These Images as a SlideShow on Google Wave?

Once You have Finished Dragging and Dropping The Photos on Wave. You Could See a Button on Right Bottom “Files” Click on View  SlideShow

view tab

Once You Click on View Slideshow Button You could See a Full Length Enlarged Screen with a Black  Background Covering The Entire Browser Where Your Photos are Played. You Could Slide on different Pictures. Here is a Screenshot Which Shows Google Wave SlideShow

Google Wave Slide Show


You Can Even Copy This Wave to New Wave . Share This Wave to Your Friends by Adding Contacts in wave!

Simple Isn’t It? Have You Enabled Google Gears on Your Computer?